Course Index

Mathematics: Basic Math 
Adding and Subtracting Decimals11:30
Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Different Denominators23:08
Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Same Denominators05:17
Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers19:44
Adding Integers16:05
Angles of a Triangle13:35
Area of a Circle14:43
Area of a Parallelogram12:44
Area of a Triangle11:29
Box-and-Whisker Plot17:54
Circumference of a Circle15:04
Classifying Triangles15:10
Comparing and Ordering Decimals13:37
Comparing and Ordering Fractions13:10
Connecting Decimals and Fractions15:01
Discount and Sales Tax17:15
Disjoint Events12:13
Distributive Property 11:05
Dividing Decimals17:49
Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers18:00
Dividing Integers06:42
Expressions and Variables05:57
Finding a Percent of a Number28:18
Fraction Concepts and Simplest Form10:03
Greatest Common Factor12:47
Independent and Dependent Events35:19
Integers and Order of Operations11:09
Integers and the Number Line13:24
Intersecting Lines and Angle Measures24:17
Least Common Multiple 14:16
Measures of Central Tendency24:32
Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions12:49
Multiplying Decimals10:30
Multiplying Fractions and Mixed Numbers21:32
Multiplying Integers07:33
Order of Operations08:40
Organizing Possible Outcomes15:35
Percents, Fractions, and Decimals35:05
Prime Factorization07:00
Prisms and Cylinders21:49
Probability of an Event Not Occurring20:05
Rounding Decimals12:31
Scale Drawings13:43
Similar Polygons16:31
Simple Interest27:09
Solving Addition and Subtraction Equations24:53
Solving Division Equation 17:58
Solving Multiplication Equation19:46
Solving Percent Problems32:31
Solving Proportions17:22
Stem-and-Leaf Plots17:42
Subtracting Integers15:25
Surface Area of a Cylinder27:41
Surface Area of a Prism23:28
The Coordinate Plane19:59
Units of Measure16:36
Volume of a Cylinder15:55
Volume of a Rectangular Prism08:59
Volume of a Triangular Prism16:15
Writing Equations18:03
Writing Expressions09:15
Writing Proportions22:01
Mathematics: Pre Algebra
Adding Integers10:20
Adding Rational Numbers15:04
Algebraic Expressions09:11
Application of Rates17:42
Applications of a Percent12:55
Comparing and Ordering Rational Numbers20:21
Dimensional Analysis16:19
Distributive Property09:40
Dividing Integers20:18
Dividing Rational Numbers12:08
Equivalent Forms of Rational Numbers20:47
Equivalent Fractions11:22
Estimating for Reasonableness10:20
Exploring Roots09:39
Finding a Percent of a Number08:39
Fractions, Decimals, and Percents10:13
Graphing in the Coordinate Plane15:13
Graphing Linear Functions16:02
Greatest Common Divisor14:16
Integers and Absolute Value11:35
Length in the Coordinate Plane18:36
Multiplying Integers14:28
Multiplying Rational Numbers11:02
Numerical Expressions13:41
Percent of Change11:27
Percents and Proportions15:38
Positive Exponents20:05
Power Rules11:58
Prime Factorization16:40
Properties of Exponents12:07
Properties of Numbers12:01
Pythagorean Theorem14:49
Simplifying Algebraic Expressions12:43
Slope and Direct Variation13:50
Solving Addition Equations21:47
Solving Equations by Adding or Subtracting13:43
Solving Equations by Multiplying11:10
Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides18:50
Solving Inequalities by Adding or Subtracting09:16
Solving Inequalities by Dividing12:15
Solving Inequalities by Multiplying14:33
Solving Multi-Step Equations18:35
Solving Multiplication and Division Equations26:11
Solving Subtraction Equations19:34
Solving Two-Step Equations19:10
Solving Two-Step Inequalities14:15
Square Roots12:16
Subtracting Integers12:01
Subtracting Rational Numbers14:40
Test Taking Strategy Part 112:55
Test Taking Strategy Part 211:24
Test Taking Strategy Part 311:36
Test Taking Strategy Part 420:13
Using the Pythagorean Theorem16:15
Writing Expressions08:24
Writing Inequalities17:32
Zero and Negative Exponents06:41
Mathematics: Algebra I 
Adding & Subtracting Polynomials18:33
Adding & Subtracting Radicals17:22
Adding & Subtracting Rational Expressions20:24
Applications of Linear Equations28:41
Applications of Linear Equations, Motion & Mixtures24:26
Applications of Rational Expressions20:20
Applications of Systems of Equations24:34
Basic Types of Numbers30:41
Complex Fractions18:23
Complex Numbers29:16
Compound Inequalities16:13
Dividing Polynomials44:56
Equations in Quadratic Form16:47
Factoring Trinomials21:44
Factoring Trinomials Using the AC Method30:09
Graphing Functions16:12
Graphing Inequalities in Two Variables15:33
Graphs of Quadratics26:53
Greatest Common Factor & Factor by Grouping28:27
Inequalities with Absolute Values17:07
Integer Exponents44:51
Introduction to Functions21:24
Linear Equations in Two Variables20:36
Multiply & Divide Radicals19:24
Multiply & Divide Rational Expressions26:41
Multiplying Polynomials25:07
Operations on Numbers19:26
Order of Operations12:06
Polynomial Inequalities21:42
Properties of Real Numbers18:52
Quadratic Formulas & Applications29:04
Rational Exponents14:32
Rational Inequalities18:54
Rectangular Coordinate System22:55
Simplify Rational Exponents15:12
Slope & Graphing27:58
Solving a System Using Elimination19:40
Solving a System Using Substitution20:01
Solving Equations with Absolute Values14:12
Solving Formulas12:02
Solving Linear Equations in One Variable28:52
Solving Linear Inequalities in One Variable17:13
Solving Quadratic Equations29:27
Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring23:38
Solving Radical Equations15:05
Solving Rational Equations16:24
Special Factoring Techniques30:14
Systems of Inequalities21:13
Systems of Linear Equations25:54
The Vocabulary of Linear Equations12:22
Variation & Proportion27:04
Mathematics: Algebra I
Adding and Subtracting Polynomials15:51
Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions with Like Denominators17:38
Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions with Unlike Denominators37:16
Addition & Subtraction Techniques11:34
Addition and Subtraction Techniques15:24
Applications of Percents13:46
Complex Fractions25:38
Compound Inequalities21:32
Direct Variation15:13
Distance Formula26:50
Distributive Property09:50
Dividing Monomials24:02
Dividing Polynomials35:57
Dividing Rational Expressions21:49
Equations with Absolute Value24:16
Factoring General Trinomials46:09
Factoring Perfect Squares18:10
Factoring the Difference of Two Squares24:03
Factoring Trinomials with Leading Coefficient of 127:11
Factoring Using Greatest Common Factor25:21
From Sentences to Equations16:05
Functions and Graphs34:39
Graphing Inequalities with Two Variables24:33
Graphing Quadratic Functions35:45
Graphing Systems of Equations22:45
Graphing Systems of Inequalities24:04
Inequalities with Absolute Values17:37
Inverse Variation24:13
Linear Functions20:15
More Than One Variable20:38
Multiplication & Division Techniques10:49
Multiplication and Division Techniques15:41
Multiplying Monomials22:19
Multiplying Polynomials18:02
Multiplying Polynomials by Monomials18:17
Multiplying Rational Expressions22:58
Operations with Radical Expressions21:52
Order of Operations15:59
Parallel Lines and Perpendicular Lines18:02
Point Slope Form of an Equation09:07
Pythagorean Theorem17:24
Rational Equations38:09
Rational Expressions34:22
Ratios and Proportion16:05
Real Number System17:58
Simplifying Radical Expressions41:30
Slope and Rate of Change19:46
Slope Intercept Form of an Equation11:06
Solving by Addition and Subtraction16:13
Solving by Substituting22:41
Solving Equations by Completing the Square28:13
Solving Equations by Graphing40:42
Solving Equations Using the Quadratic Formula17:17
Solving Radical Equations27:00
Special Product17:51
Special Products17:00
Techniques for Multistep Equations14:31
Techniques for Multistep Inequalities16:56
Variables and Expressions11:22
When the Variable is on Both Sides of the Equation20:17
Mathematics: Algebra II 
Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions55:04
Analyzing Graphs of Polynomial Functions33:29
Analyzing the Graphs of Quadratic Functions30:07
Arithmetic Sequences21:16
Arithmetic Series21:36
Base e and Natural Logarithms21:14
Basic Matrix Concepts11:34
Binomial Theorem48:30
Common Logarithms25:23
Completing the Square27:11
Conic Sections18:43
Cramer's Rule28:25
Direct, Joint, and Inverse Variation20:21
Dividing Polynomials31:11
Exponential Functions35:58
Exponential Growth and Decay24:30
Expressions and Formulas22:23
Geometric Sequences23:03
Geometric Series22:43
Graphing and Solving Quadratic Inequalities27:05
Graphing Inequalities21:42
Graphing Quadratic Functions31:48
Graphing Rational Functions57:13
Identity and Inverse Matrices22:25
Imaginary and Complex Numbers35:45
Infinite Geometric Series18:32
Inverse Functions and Relations22:42
Linear Equations14:46
Logarithms and Logarithmic Functions45:54
Matrix Multiplication29:36
Matrix Operations21:36
Midpoint and Distance Formulas32:42
Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions40:54
nth Roots20:46
Operations on Functions34:30
Operations on Polynomials13:27
Operations with Radical Expressions41:11
Polynomial Functions22:30
Properties of Exponents19:29
Properties of Logarithms28:43
Properties of Real Numbers20:15
Quadratic Formula and the Discriminant22:48
Rational Exponents30:45
Rational Zero Theorem31:16
Recursion and Special Sequences14:34
Relations and Functions32:05
Remainder and Factor Theorems31:21
Roots and Zeros31:27
Solving Absolute Value Equations17:31
Solving Compound and Absolute Value Inequalities25:00
Solving Equations19:10
Solving Inequalities17:14
Solving Polynomial Functions21:10
Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring19:53
Solving Quadratic Equations by Graphing27:03
Solving Quadratic Systems47:04
Solving Radical Equations and Inequalities31:27
Solving Rational Equations and Inequalities55:14
Solving Systems of Equations Algebraically23:53
Solving Systems of Equations by Graphing17:13
Solving Systems of Equations in Three Variables28:53
Solving Systems of Equations Using Matrices22:32
Solving Systems of Inequalities By Graphing27:12
Special Functions31:05
Square Root Functions and Inequalities30:04
Writing Linear Functions23:05
Mathematics: Geometry 
Angles and Arc35:24
Angles and Parallel Lines41:53
Angles of Elevation and Depression21:04
Arcs and Chords21:51
Area of Parallelograms17:46
Area of Regular Polygons & Circles36:43
Area of Triangles Rhombi, & Trapezoids20:31
Classifying Triangles28:43
Conditional Statements42:47
Congruent and Similar Solids16:06
Coordinate Plane16:41
Deductive Reasoning36:03
Equations of Circles27:01
Exploring Congruent Triangles26:46
Geometric Mean40:59
Geometric Probability38:40
Indirect Proofs and Inequalities33:30
Inductive Reasoning19:00
Inequalities for Sides and Angles of a Triangle17:26
Inequalities Involving Two Triangles29:36
Inscribed Angles27:53
Isosceles and Equilateral Triangles27:53
Law of Cosines52:43
Law of Sines35:25
Measuring Angles in Triangles44:43
Measuring Segments31:31
Midpoints and Segment Congruence42:26
Parallel Lines and Proportional Parts24:07
Parallel Lines and Transversals37:35
Parallels and Distance19:48
Parts of Similar Triangles27:06
Perimeter & Area of Similar Figures18:17
Point, Line, and Plane Postulates17:24
Points, Lines and Planes17:17
Proofs in Algebra: Properties of Equality44:31
Proving Angle Relationships33:37
Proving Lines Parallel25:55
Proving Parallelograms42:43
Proving Segment Relationship41:02
Proving Triangles Congruent47:51
Pythagorean Theorem21:14
Ratios in Right Triangles40:37
Right Triangles26:34
Secants, Tangents, & Angle Measures27:50
Segments in a Circle22:43
Similar Polygons27:53
Similar Triangles34:10
Slope of Lines44:06
Special Right Triangles37:57
Special Segments in a Circle23:08
Special Segments in Triangles43:44
Squares and Rhombi39:14
Surface Area and Volume of Spheres14:46
Surface Area of Prisms and Cylinders38:50
Surface Area of Pyramids and Cones26:10
Three-Dimensional Figures23:39
Trapezoids and Kites30:48
Triangle Inequality28:11
Using Proportions and Ratios20:10
Volume of Prisms and Cylinders21:59
Volume of Pyramids and Cones22:02
Mathematics: Trigonometry 
Addition and Subtraction Formulas52:52
Complex Numbers35:59
Computations of Inverse Trigonometric Functions31:08
DeMoivre's Theorem57:37
Double Angle Formulas29:05
Finding the Area of a Triangle27:37
Half-Angle Formulas43:55
Identity Tan(squared)x+1=Sec(squared)x23:16
Inverse Trigonometric Functions32:58
Law of Cosines49:05
Law of Sines56:40
Modified Sine Waves: Asin(Bx+C)+D and Acos(Bx+C)+D52:03
Polar Coordinates07:35
Polar Form of Complex Numbers40:43
Pythagorean Identity19:11
Secant and Cosecant Functions27:18
Sine and Cosine Functions43:16
Sine and Cosine Values of Special Angles33:05
Tangent and Cotangent Functions36:04
Trigonometry in Right Angles25:43
Word Problems and Applications of Trigonometry34:25
Mathematics: Precalculus 
Addition and Subtraction Formulas52:52
Application of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions48:46
Area Under a Curve (Integrals)45:26
Arithmetic Sequences & Series 31:36
Buying a Graphing Calculator 10:41
Completing the Square and the Quadratic Formula39:43
Complex Numbers45:36
Composite Functions33:24
Computations of Inverse Trigonometric Functions31:08
Conic Sections18:43
Continuity & One-Sided Limits32:43
Coordinate Systems35:02
DeMoivre's Theorem57:37
Determinants & Inverses of Matrices 47:12
Dot Product & Cross Product35:20
Double Angle Formulas29:05
Exponential Functions47:04
Finding Limits32:40
Finding Points of Interest09:45
Finding the Area of a Triangle27:37
Formal Definition of a Limit57:11
Function Petting Zoo29:20
Fundamental Theorem of Algebra19:09
Geometric Sequences & Series39:27
Graphing Asymptotes in a Nutshell49:07
Graphing Calculator Basics 10:51
Graphing Functions, Window Settings, & Table of Values10:38
Half-Angle Formulas43:55
Horizontal Asymptotes34:16
Idea of a Function39:54
Idea of a Limit40:22
Identity Tan(squared)x+1=Sec(squared)x23:16
Instantaneous Slope & Tangents (Derivatives)51:13
Intermediate Value Theorem and Polynomial Division46:08
Intro to Polynomials38:41
Introduction to Logarithms40:31
Introduction to Precalculus10:03
Introduction to Sequences57:45
Introduction to Series40:27
Inverse Functions49:37
Inverse Trigonometric Functions32:58
Law of Cosines49:05
Law of Sines56:40
Limits at Infinity & Limits of Sequences32:49
Mathematical Induction 49:53
Midpoints, Distance, the Pythagorean Theorem, & Slope48:43
Modified Sine Waves: Asin(Bx+C)+D and Acos(Bx+C)+D52:03
Nonlinear Systems41:01
Parametric Equations53:33
Parametric & Polar Graphs07:08
Partial Fractions44:56
Permutations & Combinations 44:03
Piecewise Functions51:42
Polar Coordinates48:07
Polar Equations & Functions38:16
Polar Form of Complex Numbers40:43
Properties of Functions48:49
Properties of Logarithms42:33
Properties of Quadratic Functions45:34
Pythagorean Identity19:11
Rational Functions and Vertical Asymptotes33:22
Roots (Zeros) of Polynomials41:07
Secant and Cosecant Functions27:18
Sets, Elements, & Numbers45:11
Sine and Cosine Functions43:16
Sine and Cosine Values of Special Angles33:05
Solving Exponential and Logarithmic Equations34:10
Systems of Linear Equations55:40
Systems of Linear Inequalities01:00
Tangent and Cotangent Functions36:04
The Binomial Theorem01:13
Transformation of Functions48:35
Trigonometry in Right Angles25:43
Understanding Exponents35:17
Using Matrices to Solve Systems of Linear Equations58:34
Variables, Equations, & Algebra35:31
Variation Direct and Inverse28:49
Word Problems56:31
Word Problems and Applications of Trigonometry34:25
Mathematics: Math Analysis 
Application of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions48:46
Area Under a Curve (Integrals)45:26
Arithmetic Sequences & Series 36:22
Buying a Graphing Calculator 10:41
Completing the Square and the Quadratic Formula39:43
Composite Functions33:24
Continuity & One-Sided Limits32:43
Coordinate Systems35:02
Determinants & Inverses of Matrices 47:12
Dot Product & Cross Product35:20
Exponential Functions47:04
Finding Limits32:40
Finding Points of Interest09:45
Formal Definition of a Limit57:11
Function Petting Zoo29:20
Fundamental Theorem of Algebra19:09
Geometric Sequences & Series39:27
Graphing Asymptotes in a Nutshell49:07
Graphing Calculator Basics 10:51
Graphing Functions, Window Settings, & Table of Values10:38
Horizontal Asymptotes34:16
Idea of a Function39:54
Idea of a Limit40:22
Instantaneous Slope & Tangents (Derivatives)51:13
Intermediate Value Theorem and Polynomial Division46:08
Intro to Polynomials38:41
Introduction to Logarithms40:31
Introduction to Math Analysis10:03
Introduction to Sequences57:45
Introduction to Series40:27
Inverse Functions49:37
Limits at Infinity & Limits of Sequences32:49
Mathematical Induction 49:53
Midpoints, Distance, the Pythagorean Theorem, & Slope48:43
Nonlinear Systems41:01
Parametric Equations53:33
Parametric & Polar Graphs07:08
Partial Fractions44:56
Permutations & Combinations 44:03
Piecewise Functions51:42
Polar Coordinates48:07
Polar Equations & Functions38:16
Properties of Functions48:49
Properties of Logarithms42:33
Properties of Quadratic Functions45:34
Rational Functions and Vertical Asymptotes33:22
Roots (Zeros) of Polynomials41:07
Sets, Elements, & Numbers45:11
Solving Exponential and Logarithmic Equations34:10
Systems of Linear Equations55:40
Systems of Linear Inequalities01:13
The Binomial Theorem01:13
Transformation of Functions48:35
Understanding Exponents35:17
Using Matrices to Solve Systems of Linear Equations58:34
Variables, Equations, & Algebra35:31
Variation Direct and Inverse28:49
Word Problems56:31
Mathematics: AP Calculus AB 
AP Practice Exam: Section 1, Part A No Calculator45:29
AP Practice Exam: Section 1, Part A No Calculator, cont.41:55
AP Practice Exam: Section I, Part B Calculator Allowed58:47
AP Practice Exam: Section II, Part A Calculator Allowed25:40
AP Practice Exam: Section II, Part B No Calculator31:20
Areas Between Curves34:56
Calculating Limits as x Goes to Infinity 50:01
Calculating Limits Mathematically53:48
Derivative I40:02
Derivatives II53:45
Derivatives of the Trigonometric Functions41:08
Desmos Tutorial18:43
Differentiation of Polynomials & Exponential Functions47:35
Example Problems for Area Under a Curve33:07
Example Problems for Areas Between Curves42:55
Example Problems for Calculating Limits Mathematically21:22
Example Problems for L'Hospital's Rule38:14
Example Problems for Limits at Infinity36:31
Example Problems for Max & Min40:44
Example Problems for Slopes of Curves59:12
Example Problems for The Definite Integral32:14
Example Problems for the Fundamental Theorem25:21
Example Problems for the Limit of a Function 24:43
Example Problems I49:19
Example Problems III59:01
Implicit Differentiation52:31
Integration by Partial Fractions I55:12
Integration by Partial Fractions II42:57
Integration by Parts50:32
Introduction to Differential Equations46:37
L'Hospital's Rule30:09
Linear Approximations & Differentials47:34
Maximum & Minimum Values of a Function 40:44
More Chain Rule Example Problems25:32
More Example Problems for The Derivative31:38
More Example Problems for Trigonometric Integrals17:22
More Example Problems, Including Net Change Applications34:22
More on Slopes of Curves50:53
More Related Rates Examples37:17
Newton's Method30:22
Optimization Problems I 49:59
Optimization Problems II55:10
Overview & Slopes of Curves42:08
Population Growth: The Standard & Logistic Equations 51:07
Related Rates45:33
Separation of Variables 28:08
Slope Fields24:37
Solving Integrals by Substitution 27:20
The Area Under a Curve51:03
The Average Value of a Function 32:13
The Chain Rule24:56
The Definite Integral43:19
The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus 24:17
The Limit of a Function 51:53
The Mean Value Theorem25:54
The Product, Power & Quotient Rules47:25
Trigonometric Integrals I24:50
Trigonometric Integrals II22:12
Using Derivatives to Graph Functions, Part I25:54
Using Derivatives to Graph Functions, Part II44:58
Volumes I: Slices34:15
Volumes II: Volumes by Washers51:43
Volumes III: Solids That Are Not Solids-of-Revolution49:36
Volumes IV: Volumes By Cylindrical Shells50:02
Mathematics: AP Calculus BC
Absolute Convergence07:13
Alternating Series09:11
AP Calc BC Practice Test Section 1: Free Response Part 109:55
AP Calc BC Practice Test Section 1: Free Response Part 210:08
AP Calc BC Practice Test Section 1: Free Response Part 313:58
AP Calc BC Practice Test Section 1: Multi Choice Part 115:45
AP Calc BC Practice Test Section 1: Multi Choice Part 221:38
AP Calc BC Practice Test Section 1: Multi Choice Part 317:31
AP Calc BC Practice Test Section 1: Multi Choice Part 414:17
AP Calc BC Practice Test Section 1: Multi Choice Part 522:45
Arc Length for Parametric & Polar Curves17:40
Area for Parametric & Polar Curves04:33
Comparison Test07:47
Definition & Convergence07:10
Geometric Series10:59
Harmonic & P Series03:58
Improper Integrals19:01
Integral Test11:31
Integration By Partial Fractions22:04
Integration By Parts19:04
L'Hopital's Rule03:00
Lagrange Error07:09
Limit Comparison Test09:40
Logistic Growth19:16
Parametric Curves10:10
Parametric Differentiation13:15
Polar Coordinates14:54
Polar Differentiation10:14
Power Series Convergence12:52
Power Series Operations16:40
Ratio Test11:20
Taylor Series15:11
Vector Functions12:05
Mathematics: AP Statistics
Combining Independent Random Variables18:56
Confidence Intervals56:37
Constructing & Interpreting Graphs37:14
Correlation & Regression50:16
Discrete Random Variables39:06
Hypothesis Testing01:12
Hypothesis Testing of Least-Squares Regression Line53:49
Hypothesis Tests for Categorical Data (Chi-Squared Tests)01:12
Intro to Probability for Discrete Random Variables31:37
Normal Random Variables59:34
Planning & Conducting Experiments41:31
Planning & Conducting Surveys29:35
Probability Overview01:22
Regression, Part II23:26
Sampling Distributions38:27
Summarizing Distributions of Univariate Data01:07
The T Distribution41:40
Two Samples01:27
Mathematics: Gen. Statistics 
About Samples: Cases, Variables, Measurements32:14
Addition Rule for Disjoint Events20:29
ANOVA with Independent Samples09:25
Bar Graphs22:49
Between and Within Treatment Variability41:31
Binomial Distribution55:15
Central Tendency: Mean, Median, Mode38:50
Chi-Square Goodness-of-Fit Test58:23
Chi-Square Test of Homogeneity51:36
Conditional Probability57:19
Confidence Intervals & Hypothesis Testing for the Difference of Two Paired Means14:11
Confidence Intervals for the Difference of Two Independent Means55:14
Correlation: r vs. r-squared52:52
Descriptive Statistics vs. Inferential Statistics25:31
Dotplots and Histograms in Excel42:42
Effect Size & Power44:41
Expected Value & Variance of Probability Distributions53:41
Five Number Summary & Boxplots57:15
Frequency Distributions and Features25:29
Frequency Distributions in Excel39:10
Hypothesis Testing for the Difference of Two Independent Means50:00
Independent Events24:27
Introduction to Confidence Intervals42:53
Introduction to Excel08:09
Introduction to Hypothesis Testing06:33
Introduction to Probability Distributions56:45
Introduction to Sampling Distributions48:17
Least Squares Regression56:36
Normal Distribution34:33
Normal Distribution: PDF vs. CDF55:44
Overview of Statistics18:11
Repeated Measures ANOVA15:13
Research Design53:54
Sample Spaces37:52
Sampling & Bias54:44
Sampling Distribution of Sample Proportions54:37
Sampling Distribution of the Mean08:48
Sampling Methods14:25
Shape: Calculating Skewness & Kurtosis41:51
Standard Normal Distributions & Z-Scores41:44
t Distributions02:06
Transformations of Data27:08
Type I and Type II Errors31:27
Mathematics: Gen. Statistics
Applications of the Normal Distribution12:20
Applications of the Sampling Distribution of the Sample Mean14:50
Applications of the Sampling Distribution of the Sample Proportion10:45
Basic Ideas17:34
Bayes' Rule16:59
Binomial Probability Distribution21:38
Calculating Probability14:13
Chi-Square Tests: One Way and Two Way24:33
Combining Independent Random Variables20:26
Comparing Distributions of Univariate Data24:19
Confidence Intervals for a Difference in Means27:58
Confidence Intervals for the Slope of a Least Squares Regression Line18:47
Continuous Probability Distribution06:19
Estimation of a Population Mean: Standard Deviation Known17:03
Estimation of Population Mean: Sigma Not Known19:25
Estimation of Population Proportion: Large Sample17:26
Experiment, Outcomes, and Sample Space14:54
Exploring Bivariate Data: Scatterplots13:45
Exploring Categorical Data17:00
Factorials, Combinations, Permutations15:43
Finding Values When the Probability is Known12:44
Geometric and Hypergeometric Probability Distributions19:08
Histograms, Cumulative Frequency Plots10:21
Hypothesis Testing for the Slope of a Least Squares Regression Line17:48
Intersection of Events and the Multiplication Rule19:58
Introduction to Estimation12:52
Introduction: Hypothesis Tests14:09
Large Sample Confidence Intervals for Difference in Population Proportion16:16
Large Sample Test for a Difference in Two Proportions19:14
Large Sample Test for a Proportion14:30
Least Squares Regression17:32
Mean and Standard Deviation of a Discrete Random Variable17:37
Mean, Standard Deviation, and the Shape of the Sampling Distribution of the Samp04:57
Mean, Standard Deviation, and the Shape of the Sampling Distribution of the Samp03:58
Measuring Position: Quartiles, Percentiles, Standardized Scores16:28
Measuring Spread: Range, IQR, Standard Deviation18:04
Methods of Data Collection12:04
Normal Distribution06:42
Planning and Conducting Experiments19:32
Planning and Conducting Surveys13:51
Poisson Probability Distribution13:40
Population and Sampling Distributions12:02
Probability and Events22:08
Probability Distribution of a Discrete Random Variable15:55
Random Variables07:52
Raw Data, Dotplots, Stemplots27:24
Sample Size for Estimation of a Population Mean10:39
Standard Normal Distribution13:25
Standardizing a Normal Distribution12:22
Summarizing Distributions, Measuring Center16:43
Test for a Difference Between Two Means23:13
Test for a Mean14:57
Union of Events and the Addition Rule18:28
Mathematics: Probability 
Bayes' Rule01:02
Beta Distribution 52:45
Binomial Distribution (Bernoulli Trials)52:36
Bivariate Density & Distribution Functions50:52
Choices: Combinations & Permutations 56:03
Combining Events: Multiplication & Addition 01:02
Conditional Probability & Conditional Expectation 01:02
Covariance, Correlation & Linear Functions59:50
Density & Cumulative Distribution Functions57:17
Distribution Functions 01:07
Expected Value (Mean)46:14
Expected Value of a Function of Random Variables37:07
Experiments, Outcomes, Samples, Spaces, Events 59:30
Gamma Distribution (with Exponential & Chi-square)01:08
Geometric Distribution 52:50
Hypergeometric Distribution 36:27
Inclusion & Exclusion43:40
Independence 46:09
Independent Random Variables 51:39
Marginal Probability 42:38
Markov's Inequality 26:45
Mean & Variance for Continuous Distributions 36:18
Moment-Generating Functions 51:58
Moment-Generating Functions 01:18
Negative Binomial Distribution 51:39
Normal (Gaussian) Distribution 01:03
Order Statistics01:04
Poisson Distribution 52:19
Random Variables & Probability Distribution 38:21
Sampling from a Normal Distribution 01:00
Tchebysheff's Inequality42:11
The Central Limit Theorem 01:09
Uniform Distribution 32:49
Variance & Standard Deviation 47:23
Mathematics: College Calculus: Level I
Absolute Minima and Maxima18:57
Algebraic Evaluation of Limits28:19
Applications of Rates of Change17:43
Applied Optimization25:37
Approximating Areas and Distances36:50
Area Between Curves19:59
Average and Instantaneous Rates of Change20:59
Average Value of a Function16:31
Compositions of Functions12:29
Continuity and the Intermediate Value Theorem19:09
Curve Sketching40:16
Equation of a Tangent Line15:52
First Derivative Test, Second Derivative Test27:11
Formal Definition of a Limit23:39
Graphs of f, f', f''23:58
Higher Derivatives13:16
Hyperbolic Trigonometric Function Derivatives14:30
Implicit Differentiation30:05
Inverse Trigonometric Functions27:05
L'Hopital's Rule23:09
Limit Definition of the Derivative22:52
Limit Investigations22:37
Linear Approximation23:52
Logarithmic and Exponential Function Derivatives17:42
Mean Value Theorem and Rolle's Theorem20:00
Newton's Method25:13
Related Rates29:05
Review of Functions26:29
Riemann Sums, Definite Integrals, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus22:02
Separable Differential Equations17:04
Slope Fields for Differential Equations18:32
Substitution Method for Integration23:19
The Chain Rule23:47
The Power Rule26:01
The Product Rule14:54
The Quotient Rule19:17
Trigonometric Derivatives26:58
Volume by Method of Cylindrical Shells30:29
Volume by Method of Disks and Washers24:22
Mathematics: College Calculus: Level II 
Alternating Series25:26
Center of Mass25:39
Comparison Test22:44
Hydrostatic Pressure24:37
Improper Integration44:18
Integral Test23:26
Integration by Parts24:52
Integration of Trigonometric Functions25:30
Integration Tables20:00
Parametric Curves22:26
Partial Fractions41:22
Polar Coordinates30:59
Power Series38:36
Ratio Test and Root Test33:27
Simpson's Rule21:08
Surface Area of Revolution28:53
Taylor Polynomial Applications50:50
Taylor Series and Maclaurin Series30:18
Trapezoidal Rule, Midpoint Rule, Left/Right Endpoint Rule22:36
Trigonometric Substitutions30:09
Mathematics: Multivariable Calculus 
A Unified View of Derivatives for Mappings39:41
Cylindrical & Spherical Coordinates35:33
Differentiation of Vectors39:40
Directional Derivative41:22
Divergence Theorem in 3-Space34:12
Divergence & Curl in 3-Space23:40
Divergence & Curl of a Vector Field37:16
Divergence & Curl, Continued33:07
Double Integrals29:46
Final Comments on Divergence & Curl16:49
Functions of Several Variable29:31
Further Examples with Extrema32:48
Further Examples with Gradients & Tangents47:11
Green's Theorem38:01
Higher and Mixed Partial Derivatives30:48
Inequalities & Parametric Lines33:19
Lagrange Multipliers32:32
Lagrange Multipliers, Continued31:47
Line Integrals36:08
Line Integrals, Part 329:30
Maps, Curves & Parameterizations29:48
Maxima & Minima36:41
More Lagrange Multiplier Examples27:42
More on Line Integrals28:04
More on Planes34:18
More on Vectors & Norms38:18
Parameterizing Surfaces & Cross Product41:29
Partial Derivatives23:31
Points & Vectors28:23
Polar Coordinates36:17
Potential Functions40:19
Potential Functions, Conclusion & Summary28:22
Potential Functions, Continued31:45
Scalar Product & Norm30:25
Stokes' Theorem, Part 122:01
Stokes' Theorem, Part 220:32
Surface Area32:48
Surface Integrals46:52
Tangent Plane42:25
Tangent Plane & Normal Vector to a Surface37:06
The Chain Rule28:03
Triple Integrals27:24
Mathematics: Linear Algebra 
Basis & Dimension31:20
Change of Basis & Transition Matrices27:03
Cofactor Expansions59:31
Coordinates of a Vector33:47
Diagonalization of Symmetric Matrices30:14
Dot Product & Matrix Multiplication41:42
Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors38:11
Homogeneous Systems24:45
Inverse of a Matrix28:54
Kernel and Range of a Linear Map, Part I24:05
Kernel and Range of a Linear Map, Part II25:54
Linear Independence17:20
Linear Mappings Revisited24:05
Linear Systems39:03
Linear Transformation48:53
Linear Transformations, Part II34:08
Lines and Planes37:54
Matrix of a Linear Map33:21
Orthogonal Complements, Part I21:27
Orthogonal Complements, Part II33:49
Orthonormal Bases in n-Space32:53
Properties of Matrix Operation43:17
Rank of a Matrix, Part I35:03
Rank of a Matrix, Part II29:26
Similar Matrices & Diagonalization29:55
Solutions of Linear Systems, Part 138:14
Solutions of Linear Systems, Part II28:54
Spanning Set for a Vector Space33:15
Vector Spaces42:19
Vectors in the Plane46:54
Mathematics: Differential Equations 
Laplace Transform Initial Value Problems45:15
Applications, Modeling, & Word Problems of First-Order Equations01:05
Autonomous Equations & Phase Plane Analysis01:01
Complex Eigenvalues01:03
Complex Roots of Second Order Equations31:49
Distinct Real Eigenvalues59:26
Distinct Roots of Second Order Equations28:44
Euler Equations24:42
Euler's Method45:30
Fourier Series01:24
Inhomogeneous Equations: Variation of Parameters49:22
Inverse Laplace Transforms47:05
Laplace Transforms41:52
Linear Equations01:07
Repeated Eigenvalues45:17
Repeated Roots & Reduction of Order43:02
Review of Linear Algebra57:30
Review of Partial Derivatives38:22
Review of Power Series57:38
Runge-Kutta & The Improved Euler Method41:04
Separable Equations35:11
Separation of Variables57:44
Series Solutions01:20
Series Solutions Near an Ordinary Point01:20
Slope & Direction Fields01:11
Solution of the Heat Equation47:41
The Heat Equation44:40
Undetermined Coefficients for Inhomogeneous Systems43:37
Undetermined Coefficients of Inhomogeneous Equations50:01
Variation of Parameters for Inhomogeneous Systems01:08
Biology: Life Science (Middle School)
Animal Behavior19:28
Animal Classification16:27
Cell Division & Mitosis22:45
Cell Structure and Functions26:33
Cellular Transport25:31
Characteristics of Life16:39
Classifying Living Things23:05
History of the Cells15:54
Photosynthesis & Respiration26:20
Plant Classification24:09
Plant Reproduction40:40
Plant Responses17:05
Seed Plants23:30
Seedless Plants25:37
Biology: Regular Biology
Biology: Anatomy & Physiology 
Alcohol: Effects & Dangers27:47
Appendicular Skeleton13:53
Articulations (Joints)26:37
Axial Skeleton35:02
Blood Vessels39:58
Digestive System59:28
Embryological & Fetal Development49:15
Endocrine System44:37
Female Reproductive System47:19
Integumentary System (Skin)51:15
Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology25:34
Lymphatic System44:23
Male Reproductive System36:35
Metabolism & Nutrition01:17
Muscular System53:07
Nervous System Part 2: Brain01:07
Nervous System Part 3: Spinal Cord & Nerves32:06
Nervous System Part I: Neurons40:07
Respiratory System01:02
Skeletal System19:30
Smell, Taste & Touch36:41
The Heart45:20
Urinary System35:08
Biology: General Biology 
Animal Behavior29:55
Animals, Part I35:28
Animals, Part II48:42
Animals, Part III35:45
Cell Division01:09
Cells: Parts & Characteristics01:12
Cellular Energy, Part I52:11
Cellular Energy, Part II40:50
Cellular Transport32:01
Ecology, Part I01:07
Ecology, Part II50:50
Genetics, Part I01:15
Genetics, Part II53:22
Human Evolution47:31
Laboratory Investigation I: Microscope Lab24:51
Laboratory Investigation II: Egg Lab11:26
Laboratory Investigation III: Carbon Dioxide Production14:34
Laboratory Investigation IV: DNA Extraction Lab10:38
Laboratory Investigation V: Onion Root Tip Mitosis Lab13:12
Laboratory Investigation VI: Inheritance Lab13:55
Laboratory Investigation VII: Allele Frequencies14:11
Laboratory Investigation VIII: Genetic Transformation16:42
Molecular Basis of Biology46:22
Origins of Life40:58
Plants, Part I46:01
Plants, Part II44:40
Scientific Method26:23
Biology: AP Biology 
Aerobic Respiration51:06
Animal Behavior47:48
Bacterial Genetics and Gene Regulation49:45
Cell Membranes and Transport53:10
Cell Types (Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic)45:50
Cellular Communication57:09
DNA Synthesis38:45
Elements, Compounds, and Chemical Bonds56:18
Energy and Ecosystems57:42
Eukaryotic Gene Regulation and Mobile Genetic Elements54:26
Glycolysis and Anaerobic Respiration38:01
Gymnosperms and Angiosperms01:51
Laboratory Review 04:30
Linked Genes and Non-Mendelian Modes of Inheritance39:38
Mendelian Genetics32:08
Musculoskeletal System39:29
Natural Selection03:28
Nucleic Acids and Proteins37:23
Organic Compounds53:54
Plant Hormones and Tropisms48:10
Plant Structure01:21
Population Genetic and Evolution53:22
Properties of Water50:23
Seedless Plants34:31
Sex-Linked Traits and Pedigree Analysis43:39
Speciation and Patterns of Evolution51:02
Subcellular Structure59:38
The Cell Cycle37:49
The Circulatory System 20:21
The Digestive System56:11
The Endocrine System51:12
The Excretory System12:14
The Immune System24:28
The Nervous System10:38
The Respiratory System48:14
Transcription and Translation12:29
Transport of Nutrients and Water in Plants40:30
Viral Structure and Genetics43:12
Biology: AP Environmental Science
Agriculture & Aquaculture01:09
Air Pollution01:27
Alternative Energy41:46
AP Practice Exam: Free Response01:01
AP Practice Exam: Math Problems37:14
AP Practice Exam: Multiple Choice41:50
Atmosphere & Climate Change01:16
Biological Diversity49:57
Earth Cycles42:55
Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Other Disasters01:08
Ecological Restoration26:01
Forests, Parks, & the Wilderness52:12
Fossil Fuels01:02
Lichens: A Closer Look40:06
Major Themes in AP Environmental Science36:44
Materials Management01:14
Nuclear Energy31:59
Pollution & Environmental Health52:47
Scientific Method35:00
The Big Picture of Environmental Science27:22
The Dynamic Human Population47:15
The Economics of Environmental Issues35:19
The Future of the Environment29:09
The Urban Environment51:05
Water Pollution & Treatment46:39
Water Resources & Use01:05
Wildlife & Endangered Species39:18
Biology: Microbiology
Adaptive Immunity31:10
Antibody & Antigen Interactions41:22
Antibody & Antigen Recognition15:50
Antigenic Composition of Bacteria33:08
Bacteria with Other Cell Walls24:06
Bacterial Adaptation to Environment20:50
Bacterial Cell Wall18:38
Bacterial Infection Patterns41:12
Bacterial Metabolic Behavior23:50
Bacterial Morphology & Shape15:04
Biology of the Prototype Cell10:02
Cell Mediated Immunity57:13
Difference Measures of Disease39:23
DNA & RNA11:46
Epidemiology of Infectious Disease15:43
Eukaryotes: Fungi, Part I19:45
Eukaryotes: Fungi, Part II31:55
Eukaryotes: Helminths32:53
Eukaryotes: Protozoa24:59
Eukaryotic Microbes20:53
Gram Negative Bacteria44:38
Gram Positive Bacteria46:35
Helminths & Immunity32:50
History of Microbiology40:36
Human Host & Disease Transmission56:19
Laboratory Testing & Visualization44:19
Malaria, a Protozoan Disease29:59
Medically Important Viruses24:41
Microbial Genetics39:49
Microbial Metabolism21:44
Overall Classification of Microbes15:51
Plasma Membrane16:11
Present Day Importance of Microbiology43:48
Prokaryotes: Bacteria & Archaea12:14
Structures in Common & Structures That Are Unique08:40
The Complement System16:53
The Immune System20:18
Tumor Immunology33:16
Viral Entry Into a Cell & Transmission12:31
Viral Structure, Genome, & Replication16:50
Biology: Molecular Biology 
Basic Molecular Biology Research Techniques01:08
Biochemistry Review: Importance of Chemical Bonds53:29
DNA Mutations & Repairs01:13
DNA Replication01:09
Gene Regulation in Eukaryotes01:06
Gene Regulation in Prokaryotes45:40
Genome Editing, Synthetic Biology, & the Ethics of Modern Science45:06
Genome Organization: Chromatin & Nucleosomes57:02
Homologous Recombination & Site-Specific Recombination of DNA01:14
Mendelian Genetics & Foundational Experiments01:09
Structure of Nucleic Acids01:02
Structure of Proteins49:44
Chemistry: General Chemistry 
Acid-Base Chemistry43:44
Advanced Bonding Theories11:41
Applications of Aqueous Equilibria55:26
Atoms, Molecules, and Ions52:18
Basic Concepts of Chemistry16:26
Bonding & Molecular Structure52:39
Chemical Kinetics37:45
Chemical Reactions43:24
Chemical Reactions II55:40
Energy & Chemical Reactions55:28
Entropy & Free Energy36:13
Intermolecular Forces & Liquids33:47
Nuclear Chemistry16:39
Periodic Trends38:50
Principles of Chemical Equilibrium34:09
Solutions & Their Behavior38:06
Stoichiometry I42:10
Stoichiometry II42:38
Structure of Atoms42:33
The Chemistry of Solids25:13
The Chemistry of The Transition Metals39:03
Tools in Quantitative Chemistry29:22
Chemistry: Gen. Chemistry
Acids and Bases: Strong and Weak, pH00:41
Atomic Theory and Measurement02:38
Balancing Equations, Limiting Reagents, Percentage Yield58:17
Balancing Redox Reactions, Half Reactions07:26
Carbon Allotropes, Band Theory of Solids52:34
Chemistry and the Environment50:13
Classifying Chemical Reactions42:43
Colligative Properties, Colloids, Surfactants10:42
Covalent Bond, Lewis Structures, Molecular Orbitals17:27
Electrochemical Cells, Half-Cell Potentials07:52
Electromagnetic Radiation Quantum Theory03:35
Empirical and Molecular Formulas01:11
Energy in Chemical Reactions03:47
Enthalpy, Entropy, Second Law of Thermodynamics53:51
Gibbs' Function, Equilibrium01:10
Introduction to Chemistry47:38
Kinetics, Rate Laws, Reaction Mechanism08:48
Organic Structures, Isomers, Functional Groups08:32
Partial Pressure, Real Gases, Atmospheric Pollution01:12
Periodic Table, Electronic Configurations, Ionic Bond13:12
pH Calculations, Polyprotic Acids00:09
Physical and Chemical Equilibrium, Equilibrium Law, Le Chatelier's Principle10:47
Practical Batteries, Electrolysis02:06
Radioactive Decay, Half-Life, Nuclear Reactions56:12
Radioactivity, Nuclear Equations, Mass Energy Equivalence40:35
Shapes of Molecules and Hybridization11:19
Significant Figures and the Mole51:06
Solubility Product Constant, Precipitation59:36
Solutions, Henry's Law, Concentration Equations05:40
States of Matter, Intermolecular Forces, Gases and Gas laws01:12
Temperature Effects, Reaction Rate Theory, Catalysis02:56
The Chemist's Atom22:20
Titrations, Indicators, Buffers06:19
Types of Solids, X-Ray Diffraction, Unit Cells57:30
Vapor Pressure, Boiling Point, Phase Diagrams56:58
Chemistry: AP Chemistry 
Acid-Base Reactions43:21
Acids and Bases50:11
Activation Energy & Arrhenius Equation40:59
AP Practice Exam: Free response Part I47:22
AP Practice Exam: Free Response Part II43:05
AP Practice Exam: Free Response Part III28:36
AP Practice Exam: Multiple Choice, Part I52:34
AP Practice Exam: Multiple Choice, Part II32:15
AP Practice Exam: Multiple Choice, Part III32:50
AP Practice for Gases25:34
AP Practice for Kinetics29:08
Bonding & Lewis Structure48:39
Buffers, Part II40:06
Buffers, Part III38:43
Cell Potential48:41
Cell Potential & Concentration34:19
Colligatives Properties34:11
Common Ion Effect & Buffers41:58
Complex Ion Equilibria43:38
Complex Ions & Stability31:30
Electron Configurations & Diagrams34:04
Energy, Heat, and Work37:32
Enthalpy & Hess's Law32:34
Equilibrium, Part 146:00
Equilibrium, Part 240:53
Equilibrium: Examples31:51
Equilibrium: Reaction Quotient45:53
Galvanic Cells43:09
Hybrid Orbitals40:17
Integrated Rate Law & Reaction Half-Life32:17
Kinetic Molecular Theory and Real Gases31:58
Le Chatelier's principle & Equilibrium40:52
Method of Initial Rates30:48
Naming Compounds41:24
Oxidation Reduction Reactions47:58
Oxidation-Reduction & Balancing39:23
Partial Pressure, Mol Fraction, & Vapor Pressure32:00
Percent Dissociation: Strong & Weak Bases43:04
pH of Weak Acid Solutions43:52
Phase Diagrams & Solutions31:17
Polyprotic Acids35:34
Potential, Work, & Free Energy41:23
Precipitation Reactions31:14
Pressure, Gas Laws, & The Ideal Gas Equation49:40
Quantum Mechanics & Electron Orbitals54:00
Reaction Rates and Rate Laws36:24
Resonance & Formal Charge36:59
Salts and Their Acid-Base Properties41:14
Second Order & Zero-Order Rate Laws26:40
Shapes of Molecules41:21
Solubility Equilibria36:25
Solubility Equilibria, Part II42:06
Solubility Equilibria, Part III43:09
Spontaneity, Entropy, & Free Energy, Part I56:28
Spontaneity, Entropy, & Free Energy, Part II39:55
Spontaneity, Entropy, & Free Energy, Part III30:10
Spontaneity, Entropy, & Free Energy, Part IV30:07
Spontaneity, Entropy, & Free Energy, Part V44:56
Standard Enthalpies of Formation23:09
Stoichiometry Examples31:50
Titration Examples & Acid-Base Indicators52:03
Titrations: Strong Acid and Strong Base42:42
Titrations: Weak Acid and Strong Base42:03
Vapor Pressure of Solutions37:23
Vapor Pressure & Changes of State52:43
Chemistry: Biochemistry 
Acid/Base Behavior of Amino Acids48:28
Acids & Bases39:11
Alpha Helix & Beta Conformation50:52
Amino Acid Catabolism47:58
Amino Acid Sequencing of a Peptide Chain42:47
Amino Acids38:19
Amino Acids, Continued27:14
Aqueous Solutions & Concentration39:57
ATP & Other High-Energy Compounds44:32
Citric Acid Cycle I36:10
Citric Acid Cycle II49:20
Citric Acid Cycle III44:11
Dilution & Osmotic Pressure38:53
Enzymes I 41:38
Enzymes II44:02
Enzymes III: Kinetics56:40
Enzymes IV: Lineweaver-Burk Plots20:37
Enzymes V: Enzyme Inhibition51:37
Enzymes VI: Regulatory Enzymes51:23
Enzymes VII: Km & Kcat54:49
Example Problems For Bioenergetics42:12
Example Problems with Acids, Bases & Buffers44:19
Fatty Acid Catabolism I48:11
Fatty Acid Catabolism II45:58
Fatty Acid Catabolism III33:18
Fatty Acids & Triacylglycerols54:55
Gluconeogenesis I41:34
Gluconeogenesis II34:18
Glutamine & Alanine: The Urea Cycle I39:18
Glutamine & Alanine: The Urea Cycle II36:21
Glycolysis II01:47
Glycolysis III59:17
Glycolysis IV39:47
Hexose Derivatives & Reducing Sugars37:06
Hydrolysis & Condensation Reactions18:45
Membrane Lipids38:51
Membrane Lipids, Part 238:20
More Example Problems with Carbohydrates40:22
More Examples with Amino Acids & Peptides54:31
More on Osmosis29:01
More On Oxidation-Reduction Reactions56:34
More on Thermodynamics & Free Energy37:06
Overview of Glycolysis I43:32
Overview & The Aminotransferase Reaction 40:59
Oxidation-Reduction Reactions49:46
Oxidative Phosphorylation I41:11
Oxidative Phosphorylation II36:27
Peptide Synthesis (Merrifield Process)49:12
Peptides & Proteins45:18
Phosphoryl Group Transfers30:08
Polysaccharides, Part 244:15
Protein Function I: Ligand Binding & Myoglobin 51:36
Protein Function II: Hemoglobin03:36
Protein Function III: More on Hemoglobin 07:16
Sequencing Larger Peptides & Proteins02:33
The Biologically Active Lipids48:36
The Pentose Phosphate Pathway42:52
Thermodynamics, Free Energy & Equilibrium45:51
Titrations and Buffers41:33
Chemistry: Organic Chemistry 
Acid-Base Reactions01:07
Alcohols, Part I59:52
Alcohols, Part II45:35
Alkane Structures01:13
Analysis of Stereochemistry01:02
Aromatic Compounds: Reactions, Part 101:24
Aromatic Compounds: Reactions, Part 259:10
Aromatic Compounds: Structure01:00
C-13 DEPT NMR Experiments23:10
Carboxylic Acid Derivatives01:21
Carboxylic Acids01:17
Chemical Reactions51:01
Completing the Reagent Table for Prelab21:09
Conjugated Dienes01:09
Distillation Lab24:13
Elimination Reactions01:11
Enols and Enolates, Part 101:26
Enols and Enolates, Part 250:57
Extraction Lab14:49
Free Radical Halogenation26:23
Infrared Spectroscopy, Part I01:04
Infrared Spectroscopy, Part II48:34
Introduction and Drawing Structures49:51
Introduction to Distillation 25:54
Introduction to Extractions34:25
Introduction to Melting Points16:10
Introduction to Recrystallization 22:00
Introduction to TLC (Thin-Layer Chromatography)28:51
Lewis Structures & Resonance44:25
Mass Spectrometry 01:28
Melting Point Lab08:17
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy, Part I01:32
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy, Part II02:03
Organic Analysis: Classical & Modern Methods46:46
Organic Synthesis Strategies02:20
Pericyclic Reactions and Molecular Orbital (MO) Theory01:21
Reactions of Alkenes02:08
Recrystallization Lab19:07
Structures and Properties of Organic Molecules01:23
Substitution Reactions01:48
Thiols and Thioethers16:50
TLC Analysis Lab20:50
Transformation Practice Problems38:58
Two-Dimensional NMR Techniques: COSY33:39
Two-Dimensional NMR Techniques: HETCOR & HMBC15:05
Chemistry: Organic Chemistry Lab 
Completing the Reagent Table for Prelab21:09
Distillation Lab24:13
Extraction Lab14:49
Infrared Spectroscopy, Part I01:04
Infrared Spectroscopy, Part II48:34
Introduction to Distillation 25:54
Introduction to Extractions34:25
Introduction to Melting Points16:10
Introduction to Recrystallization 22:00
Introduction to TLC (Thin-Layer Chromatography)28:51
Mass Spectrometry 01:28
Melting Point Lab08:17
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy, Part I01:32
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy, Part II02:03
Recrystallization Lab19:07
TLC Analysis Lab20:50
Chemistry: Physical Chemistry 
1st Law Example Problems I42:40
1st Law Example Problems II01:00
1st Law Example Problems III44:34
Adiabatic Changes of State35:52
Changes in Energy & State: Constant Pressure 43:40
Changes in Energy & State: Constant Volume 01:04
Complex Numbers34:25
Electronic Transitions01:01
Energy & the First Law I01:06
Energy & the First Law II01:06
Energy & the First Law III01:02
Entropy as a Function of Temperature & Pressure 31:18
Entropy As a Function of Temperature & Volume54:37
Entropy Changes for an Ideal Gas25:42
Entropy Example Problems I43:39
Entropy Example Problems II56:44
Entropy Example Problems III57:06
Entropy & Probability I54:35
Entropy & Probability II35:05
Example Problems I33:47
Example Problems I54:25
Example Problems I48:32
Example Problems I33:48
Example Problems I01:01
Example Problems II57:30
Example Problems II01:01
Example Problems II56:34
Example Problems II46:58
Example Problems II46:43
Example Problems III44:11
Example Problems III33:31
Free Energy Example Problems I 54:16
Free Energy Example Problems II 31:17
Free Energy Example Problems III 45:00
Hydrogen Atom Example Problems I43:49
Joule's Experiment16:50
Looking Back Over Everything: All the Equations in One Place 25:20
Math Lesson 1: Partial Differentiation 46:02
Math Lesson II33:59
Probability & Statistics 59:57
Properties of the Helmholtz & Gibbs Energies 39:18
Quantum Mechanics: All the Equations in One Place18:24
Schrödinger Equation as an Eigenvalue Problem30:26
Schrödinger Equation & Operators 42:05
Spectroscopic Overview: Which Equation Do I Use & Why50:02
Spin Quantum Number: Term Symbols I59:18
Spin Quantum Number: Term Symbols II34:54
Spin Quantum Number: Term Symbols III38:03
Spontaneity & Equilibrium I 28:42
Spontaneity & Equilibrium II34:38
Statistical Thermodynamics: The Big Picture01:01
Statistical Thermodynamics: The Various Partition Functions I47:23
Statistical Thermodynamics: The Various Partition Functions II54:09
Summary of Entropy So Far23:06
Term Symbols & Atomic Spectra57:49
The Anharmonic Oscillator30:53
The Entropy of the Universe & the Surroundings 19:40
The Fundamental Equations of Thermodynamics30:50
The General Thermodynamic Equations of State34:06
The Harmonic Oscillator I35:33
The Harmonic Oscillator II43:04
The Harmonic Oscillator III26:30
The Hydrogen Atom Example Problems II01:01
The Hydrogen Atom Example Problems III48:33
The Hydrogen Atom Example Problems IV48:33
The Hydrogen Atom Example Problems V48:33
The Hydrogen Atom I40:00
The Hydrogen Atom II35:58
The Hydrogen Atom III36:18
The Hydrogen Atom IV33:55
The Hydrogen Atom V: Where We Are51:53
The Hydrogen Atom VI51:53
The Hydrogen Atom VII34:29
The Ideal Gas Law46:05
The Joule Thompson Experiment39:15
The Non-Rigid Rotator29:24
The Particle in a Box Part I56:22
The Particle in a Box Part II45:24
The Particle in a Box Part III48:43
The Plausibility of the Schrödinger Equation21:34
The Postulates & Principles of Quantum Mechanics, Part I46:18
The Postulates & Principles of Quantum Mechanics, Part II39:28
The Postulates & Principles of Quantum Mechanics, Part III35:32
The Postulates & Principles of Quantum Mechanics, Part IV29:55
The Relationship Between Cp & Cv32:23
The Rigid Rotator I41:10
The Rigid Rotator II30:32
The Rigid Rotator III35:19
Thermochemistry Example Problems 59:07
Three Miscellaneous Example Problems 58:05
Vibration-Rotation Interaction46:22
Physics: Physics – High School (Theory & Application) 
Center of Mass36:55
Change Due to Heat44:03
Collisions & Linear Momentum40:55
Electric Circuits52:02
Electric Current29:12
Electric Fields & Potential34:44
Electric Force & Charge41:35
Energy: Elastic Potential44:16
Energy: Gravitational Potential28:10
Energy: Kinetic39:07
Force & Uniform Circular Motion26:45
Frames of Reference18:36
Gravity & Orbits34:53
Intro to Temperature & Heat34:06
Intro to Waves35:35
Linear Momentum22:50
Math Review16:49
Multi-Dimensional Kinematics29:59
Newton's 1st Law12:37
Newton's 2nd Law: Advanced Examples42:05
Newton's 2nd Law: Introduction27:05
Newton's 2nd Law: Multiple Dimensions25:30
Newton's Third Law16:47
One Dimensional Kinematics26:02
Power & Simple Machines29:19
Uniform Circular Motion16:34
Waves, Cont.52:57
Physics: AP Physics 1 & 2 
AP Practice Exam: Free Response, Part 116:53
AP Practice Exam: Free Response, Part 209:20
AP Practice Exam: Free Response, Part 318:12
AP Practice Exam: Multiple Choice, Part 138:01
AP Practice Exam: Multiple Choice, Part 237:49
Atomic Energy Levels14:21
Bernoulli's Principle20:00
Centripetal Acceleration & Force26:37
Circuit Analysis06:36
Circuit Analysis48:58
Circuits & Electrical Meters08:44
Circular Motion05:17
Conservation of Energy23:20
Conservation of Momentum09:33
Continuity Equation for Fluids07:00
Coulomb's Law04:13
Current & Resistance21:14
Current-Carrying Wires21:29
Defining Motion07:06
Defining & Graphing Motion30:11
Density & Buoyancy19:48
Describing Circular Motion07:18
Dynamics Applications35:27
Electric Charge07:06
Electric Fields & Forces04:11
Electric Fields & Forces38:24
Electric Potential05:12
Electric Potential Difference35:58
Electrical Current06:54
Electromagnetic Spectrum07:06
Energy Levels08:13
Energy & Energy Conservation08:47
Free Fall07:56
Horizontal Kinematics08:16
Ideal Gases24:15
Impulse & Momentum26:06
Intro to Electromagnetic Induction17:26
Kinematic Equations36:13
Light As a Wave11:35
Magnetic Fields & Properties19:48
Mass-Energy Equivalence08:15
Math Review24:12
Metric Estimation03:53
Momentum & Impulse09:29
Motion Graphs06:48
Newton's 1st Law04:34
Newton's 1st Law of Motion10:16
Newton's 2nd Law05:40
Newton's 2nd Law of Motion34:55
Newton's 3rd Law03:44
Newton's 3rd Law of Motion05:58
Nuclear Physics15:47
Ohm's Law04:27
Ohm's Law & Power10:35
Pressure & Pascal's Principle18:07
Projectile Motion04:17
Ramps and Inclines06:13
RC Circuits24:47
Reflection & Mirrors24:32
Refraction & Lenses39:42
Relative Motion10:52
Rotational Dynamics36:06
Rotational Kinematics15:33
Simple Harmonic Motion58:30
Temperature, Heat, & Thermal Expansion24:17
Vectors & Scalars25:05
Wave Basics04:21
Wave Behaviors03:52
Wave Characteristics26:41
Wave Characteristics05:33
Wave Interference20:45
Wave Phenomena19:02
Wave-Particle Duality23:47
Wave-Particle Duality05:30
What is Physics?07:38
Work & Power06:02
Work & Power31:20
Physics: AP Physics C: Mechanics 
1998 AP Practice Exam: Free Response Questions (FRQ)28:11
1998 AP Practice Exam: Multiple Choice 28:11
Angular Momentum 33:02
Atwood Machines24:58
Center of Mass28:26
Circular & Relative Motion 30:24
Conservation of Energy54:56
Conservation of Linear Momentum 46:30
Describing Motion I23:47
Describing Motion II36:47
Energy & Conservative Forces28:04
Gravity & Orbits34:59
Math Review01:00
Moment of Inertia24:00
Momentum & Impulse13:09
Newton's First Law & Free Body Diagrams23:57
Newton's Second & Third Laws of Motion 23:57
Projectile Motion 30:34
Ramps & Inclines20:31
Retarding & Drag Forces 32:10
Rotational Dynamics56:58
Rotational Kinematics32:52
Uniform Circular Motion 21:36
What is Physics?07:12
Physics: AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism 
1998 AP Practice Exam: Free Response Questions29:55
1998 AP Practice Exam: Multiple Choice Questions32:33
Ampere's Law26:31
Circuits I: Series Circuits29:08
Circuits II: Parallel Circuits39:09
Current & Resistance17:59
Electric Charge & Coulomb's Law30:48
Electric Fields01:19
Electric Potential Due to Continuous Charge Distributions01:01
Electric Potential & Electric Potential Energy01:14
Faraday's Law & Lenz's Law01:04
Forces on Current-Carrying Wires17:52
Gauss's Law52:53
LC Circuits09:47
Magnetic Fields Due to Current-Carrying Wires24:43
Magnetic Flux07:24
Maxwell's Equations03:38
Moving Charges In Magnetic Fields29:07
RC Circuits: Steady State34:03
RC Circuits: Transient Analysis01:01
RL Circuits42:17
The Biot-Savart Law21:50
Physics: AP Physics B
Accelerating Frames13:28
Applications of Newton's Laws, Part 1: Inclines24:35
Applications of Newton's Laws, Part 2: Strings and Pulleys10:03
Carnot Engine36:57
Circular Motion, Part 101:15
Circular Motion, Part 250:29
Collisions, Part 131:19
Collisions, Part 218:48
Combination of Capacitors03:23
Conservation of Energy, Part 124:49
Conservation of Energy, Part 202:52
Convex Mirror06:47
Coulomb's Law27:18
Doppler Effect33:51
Dual Nature of Light19:02
Electric Current19:17
Electric Field37:24
Electric Force56:18
Electric Potential17:09
Electromagnetic Induction34:15
Entropy and Second Law of Thermodynamics53:32
Faraday's Law30:49
First Law of Thermodynamics31:27
Fluids in Motion08:43
Fluids: Statics41:00
Force on a Current in a Magnetic Field16:03
Freely Falling Objects28:59
Heat Engines and Second Law of Thermodynamics03:37
Hydrogen Atom25:50
Images Formed by Lenses25:20
Interference of Light Waves27:02
Introduction to Physics (Basic Math)17:37
Kinematics Equation Of Calculus59:00
Kinetic Theory of Gases14:37
Kirchhoff's Rules42:02
Magnetic Field38:19
Magnetic Field Produced by Currents16:19
Matter Waves30:10
Motion in One Dimension19:35
Motion in Two Dimensions, Part 108:38
Motion in Two Dimensions, Part 2: Circular Dimension01:54
Newton's Laws of Motion29:51
Nuclear Physics30:30
Reflection of Light12:22
Refraction of Light, Part 130:58
Refraction of Light, Part 221:37
Rotation of a Rigid Body About a Fixed Axis13:20
Simple Harmonic Motion33:39
Spherical Mirror30:39
Standing Waves34:34
Static Equilibrium38:57
Thermal Process in an Ideal Gas47:16
Thin Film Interference04:58
Traveling Waves21:27
Universal Gravitation09:20
Vector Addition10:31
Physics: AP Physics C: Mechanics
Accelerating Frames13:28
Angular Momentum03:48
Applications of Newton's Laws, Part 1: Inclines24:35
Applications of Newton's Laws, Part 2: Strings and Pulleys10:03
Center of Mass, Part 133:46
Center of Mass, Part 219:15
Circular Motion, Part 101:15
Circular Motion, Part 250:29
Collisions, Part 131:19
Collisions, Part 218:48
Conservation of Angular Momentum06:57
Conservation of Energy, Part 132:50
Conservation of Energy, Part 207:48
Conservation of Energy, Part 3 (Examples)11:58
Damped and Forced Oscillation53:35
Dot Product and Cross Product06:17
Energy and Gravitation35:04
Energy Consideration by Rotational Motion10:28
Freely Falling Objects28:59
Introduction to Physics (Basic Math)17:37
Kepler's Laws12:25
Kinematics Equation From Calculus47:45
Moment of Inertia32:22
Motion in One Dimension19:35
Motion in Two Dimensions, Part 108:38
Motion in Two Dimensions, Part 2: Circular Dimension01:54
Newton's Laws of Motion29:51
Rolling Motion36:09
Rotation of a Rigid Body About a Fixed Axis13:20
Rotational Dynamics19:59
Simple Harmonic System Spring Block System02:35
Static Equilibrium38:57
The Pendulum01:55
Universal Gravitation09:20
Vector Addition10:31
Work and Energy, Part 124:46
Work and Energy, Part 212:53
Physics: AP Physics C: Electricity Magnetism
Application of Gauss's Law, Part 106:48
Application of Gauss's Law, Part 219:19
Calculating Capacitance55:14
Circuit Oscillation22:26
Combination of Capacitors03:23
Coulomb's Law27:18
Electric Current19:17
Electric Field37:24
Electric Field of a Continuous Charge Distribution40:12
Electric Force56:18
Electric Potential, Part 126:57
Electric Potential, Part 231:50
Electric Potential, Part 309:12
Electric Potential, Part 411:16
Faraday's Law10:38
Gauss's Law27:00
Induced Electric Field05:19
Kirchhoff's Law42:02
Magnetic Field38:19
Magnetic Field Produced By Current, Part 157:58
Magnetic Field Produced By Current, Part 219:29
Magnetic Field Produced By Current, Part 350:37
Magnetic Force on a Current Carrying Conductor04:43
Maxwell's Equations12:35
More on Filled Capacitors17:13
Motional EMF00:17
RC Circuits20:35
RL Circuits25:19
Torque on a Current Carrying Loop09:06
Psychology: Intro to Psychology
Anxiety Disorders21:53
Biomedical Therapies29:17
Cognitive & Moral Development Through the Lifespan27:36
Data Collection & Analysis32:15
Dissociative, Somatic, and Personality Disorders29:23
Forms of Learning: Classical Conditioning29:16
Forms of Learning: Observational Learning13:49
Forms of Learning: Operant Conditioning35:01
Memory-Encoding Information19:36
Memory: Storage & Retrieval of Information16:45
Memory: Why Do We Forget?21:48
Mood Disorders12:28
Neurons, the Source of Internal Communication14:06
Personality: The Behaviorist, Humanistic & Social-Cognitive Perspectives19:07
Personality: The Psychoanalytic Approach29:30
Personality: Trait Theory & Projective Personality Tests25:04
Psychological Disorders: Definition & Classification22:37
Psychological Perspectives & Subfields24:07
Psychological Therapies36:56
Psychology as a Science12:44
Social Development Through the Lifespan39:06
Social Psychology: Attitudes & Behavior15:22
Social Psychology: Conformity & Obedience18:45
Social Psychology: Group Influence17:48
Social Relations: Altruism, Attraction, & the Bystander Effect31:15
Social Relations: Prejudice & Aggression24:24
The Brain29:04
The Nervous System15:06
The Three Stages of Memory26:39
What is Psychology & Where Did It Come From?11:53
Psychology: AP Psychology
Abnormal Psychology, Part I49:59
Abnormal Psychology, Part II23:26
Abnormal Psychology, Part III37:10
Abnormal Psychology, Part IV33:45
Abnormal Psychology, Part V28:56
AP Practice Exam: Free Response40:06
AP Practice Exam: Multiple Choice, Part I49:40
AP Practice Exam: Multiple Choice, Part II38:02
AP Psychology Exam22:47
Behavioral Genetics, Evolutionary Psychology, & Behavior36:10
Biological Bases of Behavior23:37
Biological Bases of Behavior: Neuroanatomy & Organization of the Nervous System56:59
Biomedical Treatment of Disorders20:22
Classical Conditioning, Part II21:57
Cognition Memory51:03
Cognitive Aspect of Learning34:01
Development, Part 134:36
Development, Part II29:30
Development, Part III28:31
Development, Part IV28:20
Development, Part V43:17
Early History20:55
Emotions, Stress & Health28:08
Emotions: Non-Verbal Communication28:28
History and Approaches23:18
Learning: Intro & Classical Conditioning34:54
Memory, Part II27:44
Motivation, Part I27:01
Motivation, Part II16:36
Motivation, Part III25:52
Neurons, Neurotransmitters, and Neural Communication40:38
Operant Conditioning, Part I31:01
Operant Conditioning, Part II31:22
Perception, Part 123:59
Perception, Part 228:07
Personality, Part I29:06
Personality, Part II21:39
Personality, Part III38:08
Personality, Part IV34:01
Personality, Part V48:51
Perspectives & Approaches38:16
Research Methods: Correlation12:38
Research Methods: Statistics37:16
Social Psychology, Part I52:59
Social Psychology, Part II43:45
Social Psychology, Part III36:05
Social Psychology, Part IV53:05
Social Psychology, Part V50:53
States of Consciousness48:07
States of Consciousness: Drugs36:21
Stress & Coping47:10
Subfields in Psychology20:16
Testing and Individual Differences, Part I44:48
Testing and Individual Differences, Part II25:00
Testing & Individual Differences, Part III30:23
The Experimental Process & Ethical Guidelines36:20
The Other Senses38:51
The Science of Psychology49:16
Thresholds & Signal Detection Theory54:03
Treatment of Abnormal Behavior, Part I27:13
Treatment of Abnormal Behavior, Part II34:38
Treatment of Abnormal Behavior, Part III31:53
Treatment of Abnormal Behavior, Part IV35:08
Visual Processes52:22
What is Psychology?16:30
Programming: HTML Training 
Content Models29:08
Embedded Content46:05
Embedding Flash and Other Objects15:07
Essential Tags Part 141:42
Essential Tags Part 224:20
Heading and Sectioning23:39
HTML Elements and Attributes21:50
Markup Language29:38
Offline Cache19:53
Page Structure and Meta-data Elements32:50
Text-Level Semantics30:13
The Canvas Element19:25
The DOM13:10
Web Basics and Web History32:23
Web Development Principles26:47
Web Development Tools26:28
Your First Web Page17:01
Programming: HTML 5
Additional Form Elements06:23
Careers in Web Development23:25
Character Codes10:58
Creation of the Internet25:35
Elements, Attributes and Tags12:12
Finishing Up08:49
Form Action06:20
Header Tags43:14
Information Tags11:44
Overview of HTML 505:14
Phrase Tags05:32
Planning A Web Site14:56
Simple Java Script15:15
Starting the Project06:20
Tags Used to Arrange Text17:10
Tags Used to Emphasize Words08:02
Text Styling15:59
The Form Tag08:29
The Impact in Our Lives15:11
Tools for Use11:45
Types of Websites07:46
What is HTML?06:09
Programming: Intro to Ruby Programming 
Basic Tools for Using Ruby27:44
Classes: Part I26:51
Classes: Part II26:42
Classes: Part III53:36
Dates and Times26:01
Intro to Ruby22:20
Math Operations, Part 128:47
Math Operations, Part 228:51
Methods: Part 131:24
Methods: Part 220:11
Regular Expressions33:27
Ruby Data Types (Part 1)29:37
Ruby Data Types (Part 2)40:24
Ruby Gems25:50
Ruby Specifics20:45
Setting Up Your Environment22:08
Programming: Web Design & E-Commerce
Adding E-Commerce Functionality13:11
Cartweaver 3 PHP setup32:45
Color Theory21:31
Content Management System21:31
Editing Cartweaver's CSS File12:10
Going Live11:31
Logo Types25:43
Putting the Idea Together, Part 134:34
Putting the Idea Together, Part 247:32
Setting Up Files15:39
Setting Up Image Files06:37
Setting Up Presentation Files, Part 145:01
Setting Up Presentation Files, Part 215:29
Setting Up the Server22:45
Testing Websites18:13
The Idea12:08
Web Design22:38
Web Layout37:54
Programming: Introduction to C++
Arrays & Pointers40:44
C++ Standard Library27:53
Data Storage10:08
Functions, Part 114:44
Functions, Part 216:56
Getting Started44:24
Handling Strings33:01
Input/ Output (IO)43:36
Object Oriented Programming22:45
Operators & Expression32:24
Review Using Real Code48:26
Source Files & OO Samples35:58
Programming: Intermediate Level C++
A Look at Some Code57:58
A Look Code at Some Code57:58
Containers, List33:40
Containers, Set, Map35:35
Containers, Vector40:14
Exception Handling57:51
Input/ Output42:46
Macros & Compilation51:23
More Types39:10
More With Functions42:52
Object Oriented Programming, Part 104:48
Object Oriented Programming, Part 244:16
Operator Overloading12:54
Overview of Intermediate C++39:28
Programming: CSS Intro
Advanced CSS and CSS340:03
Advanced CSS Properties45:24
Applying Styles to Forms12:44
Basic CSS Syntax25:25
Basic CSS Syntax 223:03
Browser Considerations18:48
Cascading Style Sheets13:59
CSS Backgrounds24:17
CSS for Alternative Display Method14:44
CSS Typography46:37
CSS Units16:10
Float Basics23:00
Images in CSS33:25
The Box Model23:21
The Display Property23:29
Programming: Java
Classes, Objects, and Methods29:34
Exception Handling22:45
If Logic34:20
Introduction to Java31:13
Working with Java31:57
Programming: AP CompSci: Intro to Java
About the AP Computer Science Exam17:11
Algorithms: Iteration25:43
Algorithms: Recursion27:30
Algorithms: Searching32:37
Algorithms: Sorting29:42
Classes & Objects47:33
Conditional Statements28:00
Equality, Relational, & Logical Operators22:34
Final Tips for Taking the Exam27:38
Free Response Question Tips & Practice40:55
Free Response Questions About GridWorld39:31
Glossary of Terms to Know36:31
Inheritance & Polymorphism31:30
Input, Output, & Errors24:07
Multiple Choice Question Tips & Practice55:47
Multiple Choice Questions About GridWorld41:00
Numeric Wrapper Classes & Mathematical Functions23:14
Program Design & Development29:29
Standard Classes & Interfaces32:53
The GridWorld Study54:18
Types, Variables, & Arithmetic Operators23:20
Programming: JavaScript
Arrays 18:19
Error Handling21:25
If Logic35:39
Introduction to JavaScript22:43
Objects 26:15
Working With JavaScript27:05
Programming: Introduction to PHP 
Accessing Form Data in PHP32:01
Basic PHP Syntax40:24
Boolean & Null Data Types20:11
Conditional Control Structures18:58
Conditional Loop Wrap-Up23:12
Course Introduction12:13
Error Handling19:08
Expression & Operators31:56
For & Foreach Loops29:28
How PHP & The Web Work15:32
Include Files & Web Application Introduction38:43
Introduction to Conditional Loops57:20
Introduction to Functions52:20
Logical & Ternary Operators23:22
Miscellaneous Topics31:49
More Conditional Control Structure20:49
More on Conditional Loops35:50
Nested Conditional Control Structures24:49
Optional Parameters19:35
Script Input & The GET Method30:18
Sending Email Using PHP43:50
Setting Up Your Development Environment33:11
String Data Type18:06
Type Casting22:41
User-Defined Functions56:00
Variable Scope31:37
Variable-Length Parameter Lists22:16
Variables & Numeric Data Types16:38
Web Application Development28:27
Web Application Development20:20
Web Application Development27:38
Web Application Development26:29
Web Application Development25:58
Web Application Development23:07
Web Application Development28:20
Web Application Development38:36
Web Application Development22:07
Web Application Development20:51
Web Application Development19:27
Your First PHP Script12:41
Programming: Advanced PHP Training w/ mySQL 
Advanced Course Development Environment18:46
Classes vs. Objects37:49
Course Introduction 13:36
Creating Databases & Tables23:01
Destroying Sessions29:59
HTTP & the POST Method34:36
HTTP POST: File Uploads22:51
Introduction to Databases21:24
Introduction to File I/O35:37
Introduction to MySQL28:11
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming32:44
Introduction to Sessions46:08
Linking Tables24:32
More Magic Methods53:37
Object Constructors22:20
Object Methods39:57
SQL Command: DELETE10:33
SQL Command: INSERT27:11
SQL Command: SELECT24:57
SQL Command: UPDATE32:14
SQL: Joins42:16
User Authentication26:13
Using PHP from MySQL32:43
Web Application Development39:11
Web Application Development29:34
Web Application Development17:30
Web Application Development12:33
Web Application Development22:00
Web Application Development31:12
Web Application Development15:30
Web Application Development19:14
Web Application Development24:00
Web Application Development21:07
Web Application Development17:47
Web Application Development16:19
Web Application Development17:06
Web Application Development11:00
Web Application Development16:02
Web Application Development14:11
Web Application Development36:36
Web Application Development30:30
Web Application Development28:14
Web Application Development14:36
Writing to Files17:38
Programming: C#
Accepting Input13:17
All About Forms40:07
Arrays, Stacks, Queues & Dictionaries 41:29
Command Controls36:23
Command Line Arguments10:43
Commenting & Documenting Code08:48
Creating a Data Type29:21
Creating a Database from Scratch 44:54
Date Setting Controls15:53
Dates & Times12:22
Declaring Variables47:26
Dialog Controls22:21
Enumerations & Structures08:39
Environment Variables08:21
Formatting Strings for Output16:24
Generic Lists & Collections14:24
Graphic Display Controls35:37
Grouping Controls26:44
Handling Exceptions14:45
Handling Form Events15:22
Helper Methods28:40
Informational Controls27:44
INSERT Statement 11:48
Introduction Hello World15:05
Introduction to Databases34:07
Introduction to GUI Programming39:19
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming01:02
Iterations & Looping24:43
List Selection Controls 37:45
Operators, Expressions and Statements40:08
Other Controls17:33
Our CD Inventory Program Upgraded with a Database10:50
Our CD Inventory Program Upgraded with Forms15:16
Program Flow Control31:44
Querying Lists with LINQ20:42
Random Numbers05:29
Reading & Understanding Code35:49
Reading & Writing Files25:10
SELECT Statement 31:24
Sending Email25:16
Setting Options Controls21:20
Some Sample Programs38:31
SQL Server Management Studio & Northwind Database 08:11
Static vs. Instance Members16:24
Text Editing Controls25:07
The CD Inventory Program So Far34:16
The CD Inventory Program Upgraded with Classes20:33
Understanding Delegates22:00
Understanding Inheritance32:59
Understanding Interfaces & Abstract Classes 20:12
Understanding Polymorphism 14:58
Understanding & Creating Classes26:06
Unified Modeling Language & Class Diagrams23:05
UPDATE & DELETE Statements16:56
Using Databound Controls14:22
Using the Clipboard07:28
Variable Scope10:38
Where to Go from Here19:48
Working with Strings53:06
Programming: Visual Basic
Accepting Input14:11
All About Forms43:36
Arrays, Stacks, Queues & Dictionaries 34:16
CD Inventory Program Updated with a Database15:29
CD Inventory Program Upgraded with Forms14:44
Command Controls38:06
Command Line Arguments13:04
Commenting & Documenting Code06:46
Creating a Data Type40:42
Creating a Database from Scratch 44:54
Date Setting Controls18:29
Dates & Times14:37
Declaring Variables50:05
Dialog Controls24:41
Enumerations & Structures17:26
Environment Variables08:17
Formatting Strings for Output23:15
Generic Lists & Collections16:30
Graphic Display Controls32:45
Grouping Controls01:09
Handling Exceptions22:19
Handling Form Events17:00
Helper Methods23:57
Informational Controls30:36
InputBox & Message Box11:04
INSERT Statement 11:48
Introduction Hello World46:09
Introduction to Databases34:07
Introduction to GUI Programming38:58
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming56:56
Iterations & Looping19:04
List Selection Controls42:23
Operators, Expressions & Statements35:05
Other Controls13:28
Program Flow Control36:35
Querying Lists with LINQ15:07
Random Numbers07:00
Reading & Understanding Code37:23
Reading & Writing Files23:10
SELECT Statement 31:24
Sending Email22:30
Setting Options Controls25:58
Some Sample Programs, Part 123:02
Some Sample Programs, Part 214:09
SQL Server Management Studio & Northwind Database 08:11
Static vs. Instance Members12:45
Text Editing Controls35:23
The CD Inventory Program So Far31:57
The My Namespace18:49
Understanding Delegates26:09
Understanding Inheritance34:55
Understanding Interfaces & Abstract Classes 18:22
Understanding Polymorphism 13:39
Understanding & Creating Classes33:17
Unified Modeling Language & Class Diagrams22:24
UPDATE & DELETE Statements16:56
Upgraded CD Inventory Program22:15
Using Databound Controls17:29
Using the Clipboard09:31
Variable Scope09:06
Where to Go from Here17:50
Working with Strings49:40
Programming: XML Training
Formal Structure of XML Document20:38
Google Earth & KML Files17:15
History of XML20:19
Introduction to XML07:44
Issues When Using XML19:12
Office Open XML10:55
Relationship Between HTML and XML09:46
RSS and Atom08:47
Semantic Web14:41
XML and CSS12:31
XML and XSLT21:09
XML as Document12:42
XML Schema11:37
Art & Music: AP Studio Art 2-D
Choose Your Own Adventure10:31
Expressive Portraits16:58
Intro to AP Studio Art: 2-D Design13:24
Locks, Chains, & Metals11:06
Negative Space09:28
Pet Portraits10:56
Photo Documentary11:08
Seven Guidelines to Better Composition: The 5030:08
Still Life14:08
The Breadth16:18
The Concentration Section24:34
The Quality Section 24:18
Turning In Your Portfolio12:30
Music Theory: Music Composition
AABA in 50s/60s Song Form18:49
Building Phrases & Form28:31
Circle of Fifths20:26
Consonance & Dissonance33:23
Creating Melody24:32
Exploring Famous Melodies35:50
Exploring Intervals19:17
Form in Modern Pop27:43
Further Form in Modern Pop27:16
Further Intervallic Exploration28:44
Further Roman Numeral Analysis46:28
Introduction to Composition27:49
Orchestra Percussion27:29
Orchestral Brass24:28
Orchestration: String20:05
Orchestration: Woodwind Family44:29
Rock Song Form24:44
Roman Numeral Analysis28:27
Score Reading40:37
Voiceleading Principles22:32
Music Theory: Music Theory
3/4, Simple & Compound Meter15:46
Augmented Chords21:08
Bar Lines & Measures18:05
C Major Scale Whole & Half Steps19:19
Chord Inversions22:51
Circle of Fifths24:55
Diminished Chords19:05
Double Sharps & Flats13:40
Finding D E F G A B on the Keyboard24:46
Identifying Black Keys27:22
Introduction of Keyboard19:11
Key Signatures32:43
Major Triads27:19
Major, Minor, Perfect & Numbered Intervals27:50
Minor Scales34:12
Minor Triads32:03
Music Theory32:43
Rhythmic Notation18:44
Rhythmic Notation, Continued27:57
Roman Numeral Notation in Major & Minor28:53
Scale Degrees25:55
Seventh Chords16:52
Staff, Treble Clef & Bass Clef09:30
The Major Scale in 12 Different Keys37:10
Time Signature18:49
Music Theory: Music History & Appreciation
Concert/Solo Instrumental Works14:08
Dance Forms13:33
Dixieland, Blues, Jazz18:43
Form Variation15:58
Impressionism & Expressionism13:55
Instrumental Music08:17
Instrumentation & Orchestration15:53
Later 20th Century15:06
Lieder & Miniatures16:27
Melody, Harmony, Form, Texture13:16
Programmatic Music18:51
Rhythm, Meter, Dynamics, Tone11:04
Solo Keyboard Works19:46
Symphonic Poem11:50
The Madrigal18:51
The Mass20:34
Why Study Music History?09:19
Music Production: Learn Piano for Beatmakers and Producers
Music Production: FL Studio Beginners Course
Music Production: Essential Gear Needed to Make Beats
Music Production: Advanced Music Production Secrets
Music Production: FL Studio Intermediate Course
Music Production: Song Structure and Arrangement Music Course
Music Production: Foundational Drum Loop Basics
Music Production: Sample Your Own Music
Music Production: A Specific Music Production Folder
Music Production: Creating Organic Beats
Music Production: How to Use EQ Effectively In Your Songs
Music Production: Why Do We Producers Use Audio Compression
Music Production: How to Release a Professional Beat Tape
Music Production: Music Theory and Chords for Beatmakers
Music Production: FL Studio Mixer Workflow
Music Production: Safe Spots: Create Amazing Drum Loops
Music Production: Musical Rhythms
Language: English Grammar
Active vs. Passive Voice09:54
Basic Verb Forms11:41
Commonly Confused Words11:29
Conditional Tenses & Subjunctive Mood10:28
Consistent Tense, Mood & Voice15:09
Helping Verbs08:42
Infinitives & Gerunds12:50
Modifiers & Their Placement19:13
Perfect Tenses11:21
Progressive Tenses12:00
Pronoun Agreement and Reference19:09
Pronoun Case & Relative Pronouns14:48
Run-On Sentences12:13
Sentence Fragments15:43
Sentence Types09:18
Simple Tenses12:12
Subject-Verb Agreement18:11
Troublesome Verbs10:28
Language: Advanced English Grammar
Apostrophes & Quotation Marks23:45
Clumsy Sentences & Double Negatives06:29
Colons & Semicolons13:49
Concrete Language10:39
Dashes, Hyphens, Ellipses, & Parentheses21:47
End Punctuation11:28
Final Consonants and Final Es08:38
Forming Contractions16:31
Forming Plurals09:23
I Before E06:52
Latin Terms & Abbreviations13:10
Parallel Structure & Flow12:12
Problematic Words (A-B)14:06
Problematic Words (C-E)10:20
Problematic Words (F-J)09:34
Problematic Words (K-P)16:10
Problematic Words (Q-U)10:43
Problematic Words (V-Z)13:00
Problems With Adjectives and Adverbs11:09
Problems With Prepositions07:00
Problems With Pronouns15:36
Problems With Subjects and Verbs14:32
Spelling Basics10:56
The Essential Sentence13:22
Tips to Improve Your Spelling08:41
Writing Numbers17:25
Language: English Composition
Brainstorming, Topics & Thesis15:06
Chronological & Compare Contrast12:26
How to Write a Great Research Paper31:07
How to Write a Summary18:20
Intro to Books12:09
Intro to Creative Writing30:47
Introduction to Rhetoric18:38
Issues, Reasons & Conclusions23:05
Laws of Persuasion24:21
Listing & Classification15:49
Major & Minor Details14:30
Making a Plot18:54
Making Story People19:33
Mixing Patterns Together12:05
MLA Format & Citation21:48
Organizing an Argumentative Paper22:58
Process & Cause & Effect16:25
Proofreading & Editing29:17
Showing, Not Telling17:17
Story Check-In: Characters22:13
Story Check-In: Symbols18:45
The Destination, The Path, The Thesis17:54
Things to Read19:50
Writing a Book Response17:17
Writing Introductions22:39
Writing Your Way Into College26:59
Language: Application Essays
After You've Written12:00
Choosing a Topic13:00
Competitive Schools14:00
Specific Fields14:00
The Prompt18:00
Writing Part One: The Beginning18:00
Writing Part Two: The Middle & End14:00
Language: AP English Language & Composition
AP Essay Section09:02
AP Essay Section Scoring10:58
Argumentative Practice13:01
Argumentative Walkthrough11:29
Basic Rhetorical Modes11:18
Complex Rhetorical Modes14:22
How to Read & Interpret a Passage10:18
Multiple Choice Overview07:34
Multiple Choice Practice13:33
Multiple Choice Walkthrough, Part 124:26
Multiple Choice Walkthrough, Part 219:06
Rhetoric Crash Course: Claims14:18
Rhetoric Crash Course: Logical Fallacies19:17
Rhetoric Crash Course: Support14:26
Rhetoric Crash Course: Warrants10:29
Rhetorical Analysis Practice12:08
Rhetorical Analysis Walkthrough12:11
Strategies to Raise Your Essay Score09:28
Synthesis Practice10:23
Synthesis Walkthrough11:33
The Argumentative Essay10:22
The Argumentative Prompt08:19
The Rhetorical Analysis Essay06:17
The Rhetorical Analysis Prompt07:31
The Synthesis Essay09:19
The Synthesis Prompt08:30
Tips for the Test16:26
Language: AP English Literature & Composition
A Midsummer Night's Dream30:12
Henry V29:12
How This Course Will Work04:18
How to Use Hamlet For Everything21:15
Intro to The Essay Section21:54
Introduction to William Shakespeare22:20
Julius Caesar23:55
King Lear30:59
Literary Criticism 11:23
Literary Movements at Lightspeed27:10
Much Ado About Nothing30:34
Multiple-Choice Introduction14:22
Multiple-Choice Question Types09:17
Multiple-Choice Walkthrough, Part 115:24
Multiple-Choice Walkthrough, Part 219:25
Open Essay Walkthrough14:43
Poetry Essay Walkthrough07:24
Poetry Passages09:48
Prose Essay Walkthrough10:07
Prose Passages11:41
Reading List09:40
Richard III23:42
Romeo and Juliet26:51
The Merchant of Venice30:55
The Open Essay17:28
The Poetry Essay11:08
The Prose Essay11:03
The Sonnets21:09
The Tempest 19:38
The Winter's Tale20:46
Twelfth Night19:08
Language: Shakespeare: Plays & Sonnets
A Midsummer Night's Dream30:12
Henry V29:12
How This Course Will Work04:18
Introduction to William Shakespeare22:20
Julius Caesar23:55
King Lear30:59
Much Ado About Nothing30:34
Richard III23:42
Romeo and Juliet26:51
The Merchant of Venice30:55
The Sonnets21:09
The Tempest 19:38
The Winter's Tale20:46
Twelfth Night19:08
Language: Reading Comprehension
Addendum: For A Few Readings More08:34
Finding the Thesis11:49
Greek Root Words09:23
In The Beginning: The Big Words13:23
Kill Your TV11:30
Latin Root Words11:08
POO - Cause and Effect, & Process17:41
POO - Compare, Contrast & Chronological08:42
POO - Listing / Definition11:29
Reading a Short Story11:50
Reading Non-Fiction: Introduction17:08
Scientific & Technical Terms18:50
Settings & Themes16:26
Short Story Recap: The Most Dangerous Game18:58
Short Story Recap: The Veldt12:04
Standardized Tests: Don't Panic14:58
Standardized Tests: Word Games19:32
Terms with an Author13:08
Language: AP Spanish
AP Practice Exam: Free Response Questions II, Part A25:32
AP Practice Exam: Multiple Choice Section I, Part A01:07
AP Practice Exam: Multiple Choice Section I, Part B01:00
How to Take Advantage of the Listening Comprehension20:46
Interpersonal Speaking22:58
Points to Identify18:13
Preparing for the Exam, Part I29:14
Preparing for the Exam, Part II20:55
Presentational Speaking26:37
Reading Comprehension: How to Embrace It23:43
Scoring the Exam01:06
Section I, Part B: Print & Audio Texts28:47
Speaking Skills: What to Know36:20
Writing Skills: How to Embrace It25:41
Writing Skills: Interpersonal Writing, Part I18:14
Writing Skills: Interpersonal Writing, Part II24:29
Writing Skills: Presentational Writing Part II26:31
Writing Skills: Presentational Writing, Part I16:00
Software Training: QuickBooks (How-To Guide) 
Analyzing Financial Data, Part 111:42
Analyzing Financial Data: Create & Customize Preset Reports29:26
Analyzing Financial Data: Printing, Exporting, and Quickinsight Graphs30:12
Bookkeeping Basics10:25
Customizing Forms and Writing QuickBooks Letters13:43
Entering Sales Information, Part 124:23
Entering Sales Information, Part 212:33
Entering Sales Information, Part 322:33
Entering & Paying Bills22:01
Estimating & Progress Invoicing14:29
Getting Started16:34
Inventory: Tracking Finished Goods22:10
Inventory: Units of Measure13:14
Payroll Basics17:56
Receiving Payments & Making Deposits, Part 112:40
Receiving Payments & Making Deposits, Part 215:08
Setting Up Inventory23:51
Setting Up QuickBooks20:51
Time Tracking17:16
Tracking and Paying Sales Tax21:41
Using Other Accounts in QuickBooks13:25
Using Other Accounts: Assets & Liabilities30:16
Working With Bank Accounts29:11
Working With Lists, Part 131:24
Working With Lists, Part 246:01
Software Training: MATLAB
While 17:01
Arrays & Matrices 07:06
Decisions, Part 1 14:35
Decisions, Part 2 08:53
Dynamical Systems 12:45
Examples of Simulation 10:45
Function M-Files, Part 112:55
Function M-Files, Part 214:14
Function M-Files, Part 311:54
Graphical User Interface, Part 1 07:25
Graphical User Interface, Part 2 09:33
Graphics, Part 109:14
Graphics, Part 217:20
Graphics, Part 318:37
Introduction to Programs06:42
Last Notes on MATLAB Introduction 09:47
Logical Vectors, Part 1 11:23
Logical Vectors, Part 2 11:40
Loops 10:38
MATLAB Essentials, Part 108:36
MATLAB Essentials, Part 207:39
More on Graphics 11:13
Numerical Methods 22:20
Operator, Expression & Statements13:26
Program Design & Algorithm Development 19:36
Projectile Problem16:33
Repeating With For14:21
Simulink 09:37
Software Training: Excel Power Query
Software Training: Excel VLOOKUP Fundamentals
Software Training: Microsoft Excel Formulas
Software Training: Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts
Software Training: Microsoft OneNote
Software Training: Microsoft Outlook Fundamentals
Software Training: Microsoft Power BI
Software Training: Microsoft PowerPoint Fundamentals
Software Training: Microsoft Teams
Software Training: Microsoft Word Fundamentals
Software Training: SQL - Master SQL Database Queries
Software Training: Zoom - Master Video Conferencing
Software Training: Adobe Dreamweaver CC
Modifying the Navigation Area to Accommodate Mobile Devices11:56
Absolute Positioning15:14
Adding a Larger Image Pop Up Window 08:21
Adding a Multi Line Text Area05:24
Adding a Swap Image Behavior 07:30
Adding an HTML Date Picker06:22
Adding Column and Moving Tables04:32
Adding Content to the Page 09:25
Adding Fonts from Fontsquirrel 14:51
Adding Paragraphs & Line Breaks 09:42
Adding Radio Buttons09:55
Adding Styles for Hovering on a Link06:08
Adding Styles for Unvisited & Visited Links13:08
Adding Styles to the Composition05:45
Adding Styles to the Header & Navigation Area09:57
Adding Text to a Web Page 19:22
Adjusting Screen Sizes Using Media Queries14:48
Adobe Edge Products Available in Creative Cloud07:52
Aligning Images Using Floats10:02
Applying a Template08:33
Attaching a Style Sheet 11:15
Behind the Scenes06:46
Bold & Italics 07:17
Building a jQuery Mobile Page08:35
Building the Header Area11:12
Centering Page Content09:01
Changing the Page Background Color 10:27
Checkboxes & Submit Button09:28
Code View Tools07:15
Completing the Template Corrections 08:32
Converting A Page into a Template06:11
Copyright in the Online Environment08:49
Correcting CSS Issues on Pages Based on the Template13:25
Creating a Custom Font Stack07:11
Creating a jQuery Image Gallery Using EasyRotator07:13
Creating a Library Item07:51
Creating a Pre-defined CSS Layout Page 08:44
Creating a Responsive Image14:28
Creating a Table 07:16
Creating an HTML Form10:19
Creating Drop Shadows08:16
Creating Editable Regions08:06
Creating Lists09:04
Creating the Content & Footer Areas12:26
Creating the Header and Navigation Areas07:53
Creating the Navigation Bar09:18
Creating Untitled Documents & Alt Text06:25
Creating & Using a Class Selector 12:46
Creative Cloud Versioning 02:58
CSS Designer Panel05:48
CSS Selector Options09:17
CSS Style Rule Locations10:31
Customizing the Hyperlinks15:54
Customizing the Interface10:04
Customizing the Navigation Area 07:25
Defining a Site in Dreamweaver05:33
Downloading from the Web Server04:31
Dreamweaver Interface Overview09:11
Dreamweaver Style Tools 06:24
Dreamweaver Web Widgets03:46
Email Links 10:42
Entering Web Server Information07:17
Exploring Floats10:01
Extending Dreamweaver Using the Adobe Exchange Panel07:57
Find & Replace for Text or Coding12:56
Fine Tuning the Page Layout14:23
Fixed Positioning 07:03
Formatting Content Within a Table10:46
Helpful Browser Extensions06:46
Horizontal Navigation Bar10:05
How are Browsers Different?06:40
How Can I Create Web Designs?05:33
How to Use CSS for Page Layout11:08
HTML Doctypes07:50
HTML File Naming08:23
HTML Headings 08:24
Image Maps or Hotspots16:13
Image Scaling Using the Properties Panel 07:39
Importing a Word Document03:21
Importing Spreadsheet Data07:36
Incorporating Photoshop Smart Objects09:01
Inserting a HTML5 Video12:18
Inserting Edge Animate Compositions into Web Pages11:56
Inserting Flash Files 10:02
Inserting Flash Video 09:31
Inserting Images & Adding Alternate Text08:51
Installing Additional Browsers 09:13
Installing the Easy Rotator Extension07:08
jQuery Mobile Pages08:05
jQuery Mobile Versions02:51
Linking to an ID Selector 11:41
Linking to Files Outside Your Website08:37
Linking to Website Files13:06
Media Queries for Responsive Design08:41
Merging and Splitting Table Cells09:23
Methods for Expanding Transition Code 09:46
Modify a Library Item04:26
Modifying Code Using the Quick Tag Editor 08:26
Modifying HTML Table Properties11:05
Modifying Media Queries within the Media Panel16:17
Modifying the Footer Area 08:19
Modifying the Navigation Column08:06
Page Titles are Important 05:42
Planning for Multiple Screen Sizes07:55
Required Fields in HTML512:24
Rounded Corners 08:31
Saving Code Content Using the Snippets Panel07:59
Select Lists09:05
Setting Dreamweaver Preferences06:52
Setting Separate Styles for Screen & Print08:42
Setting the Default Editors for Dreamweaver07:51
Setting Up Edge Inspect to Preview in Multiple Devices06:32
Styling Valid, Invalid & Required Fields12:34
Template & Library Overview06:26
Text Field Elements08:54
The Assets Panel07:47
The Benefits of Using an External CSS File 10:49
The Difference Between Alternate Text & Title 05:08
The Importance of Accessibility09:48
The Importance of Entity Names 09:36
The Importance of the Files Panel 09:19
The Syntax for a CSS Rule 10:03
The Web Server Environment06:12
Tips for Web Image Creation04:10
Understanding the Box Model09:16
Uploading Files to the Web Server08:13
Using CSS3 & Proprietary Prefixes07:25
Using Edge Inspect to Preview Pages on Other Devices08:11
Using Fonts on the Web05:52
Using Google Fonts 16:48
Using Inline Styles08:23
Using the Course Files02:40
Validating Email & Phone Fields06:26
Web Image File Formats 13:54
Web Tools Within the Browser09:23
What Does CSS Do?07:17
What is a Browser07:00
What is a Clear?12:18
What is a Definition List? 03:13
What is a Responsive Image?04:23
What is Dreamweaver?01:56
What is jQuery Mobile? 08:21
What is Responsive Design?07:05
Working with Adobe Edge Fonts 11:55
Working with CSS Transitions Panel12:37
Working with Edge Web Fonts & Typekit04:27
Working with Gradients 10:08
Working with jQuery Mobile Themes05:47
Working with Multiple Background Images 08:32
Working With New Pages 05:16
Working with Rules on the Page13:38
Software Training: Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 
A Definition List04:27
Absolute Positioning14:51
Adding a Swap Image Behavior12:08
Adding a Widget to My Widget06:41
Adding Content to the Page09:42
Adding Fonts from Fontsquirrel18:02
Adding Styles for Hyperlinks13:20
Additional Browser Tools07:36
Aligning Table Content04:46
Applying a Template08:48
Attaching a Style Sheet06:34
Browser Developer Tools06:11
Browser Differences08:28
Building a jQuery Mobile Page08:48
Building the Header Area15:39
Centering a Page in the Browser14:09
Changing the Page Background Color04:41
Checkboxes & Submit Button08:09
Client Server Environment06:39
Controlling Content Boxes Using CSS14:53
Converting a Page into a Template11:23
Copyright on the Web03:30
Creating a Bulleted List10:31
Creating a Class Selector12:29
Creating a Custom Font Stack08:58
Creating a Library Item08:30
Creating a New Page04:34
Creating a Numbered List04:21
Creating a Pre-Defined CSS Layout Page07:18
Creating a Table09:48
Creating an HTML Form09:22
Creating an Inline Style Rule09:54
Creating an Internal or Embedded Rule10:32
Creating Boxes on the Page11:56
Creating Drop Shadows08:12
Creating Editable Regions09:21
Creating Media Queries10:02
Creating the Navigation Bar05:47
Creating the Page Designs05:44
CSS Media Types10:09
CSS Rule Locations09:03
Customizing the FlexSlider Widget14:05
Customizing & Modifying Table Properties13:09
Defining a Site in Dreamweaver11:18
Discovering Paste Special11:01
Downloading from the Web Server03:15
Dreamweaver Extensions07:13
Dreamweaver Interface Overview06:29
Dreamweaver Preferences04:10
Dreamweaver Style Tools11:14
Email Links10:20
Entering Web Server Information03:31
Exploring Floats10:50
Fade and Appear Effects09:44
Find & Replace 07:11
Fixed Positioning10:48
How to Use CSS for Page Layout07:51
How to Use the Project Files for this Course03:42
HTML Naming Conventions06:46
HTML Page Code05:58
HTML Versions & DOCTYPE08:25
Image Maps/Hotspots11:45
Importing a Word Document03:52
Importing Spreadsheet Data onto a Page12:04
Incorporating Photoshop Smart Objects06:44
Insert Bar & Insert Menu04:26
Inserting an Image & Alternate Text09:07
Inserting Flash Files08:57
Inserting Flash Video10:19
Inserting HTML5 Video14:43
Inserting Special Characters07:23
Installing Additional Browsers in Dreamweaver05:50
Installing an Extension15:35
Installing the Widget Browser08:46
jQuery Mobile Pages08:06
Linking to Files Outside Your Website07:37
Linking to Website Files13:46
Merging & Splitting Table Cells10:05
Modify a Library Item05:33
Modifying Rows & Columns05:12
Modifying Styles within Media Queries17:53
Modifying the Footer Area07:38
Modifying the Navigation Column, Part 109:01
Modifying the Navigation Column, Part 210:36
Named Anchors10:06
Navigating the Interface08:14
Obtaining the FlexSlider Widget Files07:23
Opening a New Window Behavior09:37
Paragraphs & Line Breaks08:25
Planning for Multiple Screen Sizes07:16
Planning the Website Development Process05:08
Pre-Defined CSS Layout Options08:21
Project Planning Documents05:08
Radio Buttons & Select Lists12:23
Rounded Corners07:34
Separation of Content & Presentation06:35
Server-Side Validation Languages04:10
Setting Bold & Italics06:12
Setting Headings06:17
Setting the Default Editors for Dreamweaver06:09
Site Reports06:02
Static vs. Dynamic Pages04:56
Template & Library Overview06:22
Text Field Elements08:37
The Assets Panel07:32
The Difference between Alternate Text & Title06:22
The Importance of a Title04:43
The Importance of the Files Panel07:02
The Syntax for a CSS Rule09:24
The Workspace Switcher05:31
Types of CSS Selectors09:51
Understanding the Box Model08:33
Uploading Files to the Web Server03:43
URL Basics05:53
Using CSS for Formatting Tables11:13
Using CSS307:07
Using Firebug for CSS/JS05:50
Using Google Fonts13:32
Validating Form Data20:58
Web Image File Formats16:44
Website Accessibility & the 508 Standard06:04
What is a Clear?10:34
What is CSS?06:03
What is Dreamweaver?03:15
What is jQuery Mobile?06:45
What is Responsive Design?07:06
What We Accomplished in the Course04:27
Working in Code View07:00
Working with an External CSS File09:27
Working With Gradients10:17
Working with jQuery Mobile Themes06:20
Working with Web Fonts05:36
Software Training: Adobe Photoshop CS6 
Adobe Bridge Overview18:13
Adobe Bridge Summary11:18
Alpha Channels & Calculations20:07
Basic Filters & Blend Modes18:26
Basic Retouching: Tools & Techniques28:56
Blur Filters25:12
Camera RAW11:44
Camera RAW, Part 222:40
Colorize and Black & White Conversion13:16
Composites Part 224:06
Content Aware Functions23:10
Course Summary06:38
Creating PDF's and Web Photo Galleries08:49
Creating & Editing Video26:19
Cropping & Straightening13:59
Exposure & Color, Part 118:43
Exposure & Color, Part 226:00
Exposure & Color, Part 321:04
File Formats09:37
Getting Organized13:09
Image Size, Canvas Size, & Resolution20:54
Importing, Sorting, and Rating22:22
Introduction To Photoshop14:46
Introduction to Selections24:41
Layer Composites, Part 126:04
Layers & Adjustment Layers22:10
Layers & Adjustment Layers, Part 221:24
Layers & Masks Examples16:29
Light & Color15:27
Manipulating Text13:58
More Text Effects 16:31
Pen Tool, Part 125:33
Pen Tool, Part 226:08
Photo Frame Effect21:27
Refining Selection Edges31:28
Retouching People: Part 121:33
Retouching People: Part 224:25
Retouching People: Part 320:28
Saving Your Images17:18
Selection, Part 119:32
Selection, Part 231:29
Setting Preferences18:36
Sharpening Methods18:03
The Importance of Quality17:46
The Liquify Filter16:17
The Menu Bar17:00
The Tool Bar & Essential Shortcuts14:16
The Transform Tools20:05
The Workspace20:17
Using Text In Photoshop31:49
Vanishing Point Filter18:45
White Balance and Monitor Calibration17:34
Software Training: Photoshop Designs to Code
Adding Column Separators05:24
Adding Drop-Shadows06:57
Adding Images Within DIV Tags06:48
Adding Text to the Page08:34
Adjusting Box Positioning11:18
Building the Boxes11:25
Correcting Background Colors06:51
Correcting Box Placement09:37
Creating a Style Guide04:33
Creating a Web Page06:46
Creating Columns on the Page10:52
Creating Curved Boxes05:51
Creating DIV Tags with IDs09:02
Creating Gradients07:50
Creating the Root Folder07:32
Creating Wireframes04:19
Customizing Box Backgrounds07:38
Customizing Text with CSS06:14
Defining a Local Site04:17
Defining CSS03:44
Defining Font Stacks10:21
Documenting Decisions05:57
Exploring the Interface05:08
Finalizing the Web Page for Chrome04:27
Finalizing the Web Page for Firefox11:05
Finishing Font Definitions08:45
Fixing Page Content Alignment06:26
Formatting Text with CSS09:20
Getting to Know Wireframes04:03
Image Formats for the Web10:19
Inserting an Image06:30
Issues with Floats08:30
Nudging Content Areas10:22
Optimizing Images in Photoshop08:04
Optimizing Images in Photoshop Elements10:21
Planning the Design Layout06:07
Planning Your Conversion06:23
Positioning Lower Columns08:49
Positioning the Photos04:19
Positioning Upper Content12:08
Previewing Pages in Browsers03:07
Reviewing the Design02:46
Setting Up the Export with Photoshop Elements10:12
Setting Up the Export with Photoshop, Part 111:27
Setting Up the Export with Photoshop, Part 212:22
Slicing with Photoshop10:40
Slicing with Photoshop Elements05:28
Testing CSS Properties04:40
Understanding Optimization04:44
Using CSS Background Images08:32
Using CSS Classes10:07
Using the Box Model07:03
Using Tracing Images08:05
Web Typography07:53
What Is a Slice?04:50
Software Training: Edge Animate CC
Actions Panel: Creating a Trigger and Action07:43
Add Easing for Realistic Motion06:22
Adding Links to Text04:48
Adding More than One Animate Composition to a Page04:11
Adding Text with the IME Box04:13
Adding Triggers for Smart Phones and Tablets09:59
Applying Shadows and Filters to Elements04:49
Arranging, Aligning and Distributing Elements on the Stage03:49
Auto-Orienting Elements to the Motion Path01:11
Building a Drop-Down Menu with Symbols04:49
Building an Animation06:53
Building Buttons with Symbols09:48
Centering an Animation on the Web Page03:31
Changing Position and Size Properties05:24
Changing Properties over Time with Keyframes04:56
Changing Text Properties: font-family, font-size, font-style, color04:10
Choosing Colors and Gradients08:01
Controlling a Symbol's Independent Timeline08:18
Controlling the Timeline Inside of a Symbol06:58
Creating a Poster Image for Your Composition03:07
Creating a Preloader05:27
Creating a Text Callout for a Symbol05:01
Creating Elements with Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle an Ellipse Tools10:46
Creating Responsive Designs07:35
Examine Files07:40
Exploring Animate12:30
Exploring the Timeline, Elements, Properties, Playhead and Transitions10:23
How HTML, CSS and JavaScript/jQuery Build Web Pages07:34
Importing Elements from Photoshop, Illustrator and Fireworks15:08
Inserting Timeline Triggers03:04
Keyboard Shortcuts for the Timeline02:43
Moving and Transforming a Headline14:11
Moving and Transforming Elements05:19
Moving Symbols between Animate Projects02:03
Nesting One Symbols inside of Another07:34
Opening a Project from a Template04:51
Publishing Your Animation06:56
Saving a Project as a Template04:14
Selecting Elements with jQuery11:30
Showing and Hiding with jQuery07:17
Swapping Images in a Transition02:55
Timeline Controls: Setting the Playhead and Pin09:47
Understanding X,Y Motion08:21
Using an if() Conditional08:44
Using and Modifying a Motion Path06:22
Using Dreamweaver to Add Animate Compositions10:24
Using jQuery to Swap Images04:40
Using Keyframes to Build an Automated Slideshow11:54
Using Switch to Handle Multiple Conditions05:29
Using the Ruler and Guidelines on the Stage03:23
Using Timeline Labels to Animate a Filmstrip06:25
Using Web Fonts04:57
Why Do You Use Animate Symbols?10:04
Working in the Code Window06:37
Software Training: jQuery Mobile
Adding a Feed Page08:02
Adding a Page06:03
Adding a Twitter Widget10:23
Adding Count Bubbles04:52
Adding Footer Navigation Buttons09:33
Adding Footer Navigation on All Pages03:56
Adding Gallery Navigation Buttons07:50
Adding Images and Icons09:10
Adding the Back Button12:15
Adding the Final Touches08:01
Adding the Gallery Pages07:41
Adding the PhotoSwipe Coding09:59
Attaching an Additional Style Sheet04:19
Categorizing Lists Using Dividers09:20
Changing Content Themes07:41
Completing the Website Styling06:29
Correcting for Photoswipe Images09:19
Correcting the PhotoSwipe Structure04:39
Creating a jQuery Mobile Page03:38
Creating the Gallery Page08:08
Downloading the PhotoSwipe Plug-In06:12
Dreamweaver jQuery Mobile Starters08:11
Exploring the Travel Adventures Mobile Site: iPad 205:19
Exploring the Travel Adventures Mobile Site: Mobile Phone04:42
Final Testing on a Tablet02:59
Final Testing on a Windows Phone03:38
Final Testing on an iPhone02:31
Fine-Tuning the Photo Gallery08:44
HTML Editor Setup04:08
HTML Pages vs. jQuery Mobile Pages06:55
jQuery Mobile Built-In Themes05:36
jQuery Mobile Files and Versioning09:08
jQuery Mobile Support in Dreamweaver CS604:59
jQuery vs. jQuery Mobile04:54
Loading and Transitioning Mobile Pages05:02
Planning Your Site04:22
Previewing on a Phone02:43
Previewing on a Tablet02:42
Setting Up a Local Site10:27
Setting Up Pages06:06
Setting Up the Course Files for Dreamweaver03:18
Setting Up the Course Files Without Dreamweaver05:55
Setting up the Page Sections09:43
Testing on an iPad 206:11
The Elements of a jQuery Mobile Page05:25
The Supported Platform Grading System04:38
Understanding Page Code05:27
Viewing on the iPod Touch03:24
What Is a Mobile Website?06:11
What Is a Plug-In?03:54
What Is jQuery Mobile?04:27
Working with List Views05:28
Software Training: Adobe Illustrator CS6
Appearances, Part 124:36
Appearances, Part 223:42
Color, Part 119:27
Color, Part 216:43
Drawing, Part 120:20
Drawing, Part 232:39
Effects, Part 117:38
Effects, Part 222:57
Type, Part 124:31
Type, Part 214:21
Software Training: Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
Adobe Encore: Exporting Your Projects17:45
Adobe Encore: Menus28:35
Adobe Encore: Setting Up Navigation 25:14
Adobe Prelude Workflow40:25
Advanced Audio Control33:15
Advanced Editing Techniques54:34
Audio & Video Transitions41:50
Compositing and Green Screen 20:56
Default Fixed Effects, Part 142:49
Default Fixed Effects, Part 217:30
Editing & Mixing Audio22:03
Essentials of Video Editing21:39
Expanding the Workflow13:57
Exporting Your Video29:47
Fixing Color39:12
Importing Media27:05
Introduction to Adobe Encore44:12
Introduction to Premiere Pro CS633:01
Multicamera Editing17:06
Organizing for Efficiency39:41
Practice Projects18:13
Projects & Sequences44:55
Some Term Definitions46:04
The Source & Program Monitors38:56
The Standard Digital Video Workflow20:27
The Timeline Panel35:33
The Toolbox32:07
Using Adobe Media Encoder31:06
Working with Titles27:26
Software Training: Adobe Premiere Elements 11
All About Transitions12:56
Audio Adjustments16:56
Creating DVDs, Blu-rays & Web DVDs30:53
Editing Your Videos, Part 128:34
Editing Your Videos, Part 229:44
Exporting Your Movies11:58
Getting Started in Premiere Elements 1139:56
New Project Settings38:29
Organizing Your Content29:54
The Tools Menu28:44
The Wedding Video Project24:35
Titles & Lower Third15:54
Video Capture & Import25:24
Video Effects, Part 125:35
Video Effects, Part 236:32
Software Training: ColdFusion 9
Adding ColdFusion Validation06:12
Benefits of ColdFusion Forms02:17
Bringing It All Together04:52
Building a Template05:00
Building an Action Page12:37
ColdFusion Validation Options08:17
Completing the Tours Process, Part 108:09
Completing the Tours Process, Part 208:55
Converting Fields to ColdFusion Fields03:35
Course Overview02:02
Creating Include Files07:09
Displaying Query Data08:12
Form Basics05:09
Form Validation06:52
Getting Data from the Database06:40
Installing ColdFusion10:33
Installing ColdFusion Builder07:16
Installing the Course Files04:34
Modifying the ColdFusion Administrator05:15
Passing Data Between Pages09:35
Redirecting the User04:48
Setting and Displaying Variables07:58
Setting Up ColdFusion Builder07:36
Setting Up the Datasource, Part 107:28
Setting Up the Datasource, Part 206:11
Setting Up the Tours Process08:32
Static vs. Dynamic Requests05:40
Testing for Variables08:42
The Course Environment02:23
Understanding Page Processing05:03
Understanding Query Properties 06:53
Updating a Form07:20
URL Variables04:02
Using ColdFusion Templates07:16
Using the CFDUMP Tag06:15
Using the CFMAIL Tag08:04
Variable Scoping06:55
Software Training: ColdFusion 9: Application Framework
Adding Application Methods11:37
Adding Request Methods08:58
Application Level03:02
Avoiding Race Conditions08:46
Building a Site-Wide Error Handler07:04
CFC Basics10:52
CFC Placement07:50
Course Environment02:09
Course Overview02:10
Creating Error Templates05:10
Creating the Application Framework04:47
Defining Site-Wide Needs04:01
Error Examples06:24
Error Handling Levels07:52
Error Structures12:04
Higher-Scope Variables05:04
Installing ColdFusion Builder06:41
Installing the Course Files02:51
Installing the Database, Part 105:16
Installing the Database, Part 208:19
Lock Attributes06:22
Locking Recommendations04:04
Modifying Administrator Settings03:41
Other Methods Available06:39
Planning for Errors09:37
Planning Method Code04:12
Previous Versions of ColdFusion06:13
Project Setup09:33
Session Methods11:14
Static vs. Dynamic Requests03:22
The Tag11:34
The Tag08:21
The Tag07:37
The and Tags09:42
The ColdFusion Install08:21
The onError() Method, Part 107:19
The onError() Method, Part 208:44
The onMissingTemplate() Method, Part 109:06
The onMissingTemplate() Method, Part 206:34
The onRequest() Method10:52
Software Training: Fireworks CS6: Web Workflow
Adding Additional Popup Menus05:19
Adding Background Gradients using CSS07:56
Adding Drop Shadows using CSS08:32
Adding Slices to the Design05:54
Adjusting and Previewing Our Final File07:11
Becoming Familiar With the Dreamweaver Interface07:54
Browser Support for CSS3 Properties04:07
Copying the Coding Part 106:59
Copying the Coding Part 206:47
Correcting the Export Issues08:06
Correcting the Image Location02:08
Creating a Master Page05:31
Creating a Popup Menu08:22
Creating Pages from a Master Page07:13
Defining a Local Site in Dreamweaver05:56
Exploring How to Optimize an Image08:49
Exploring the Fireworks: Web Workflow Project02:00
Exploring the Pages Panel04:24
Exporting an Optimized Image03:59
Exporting as HTML and Images06:12
Exporting Individual Pages from a PNG File05:02
Exporting Popup Menus04:29
Exporting the PNG File06:02
Fine Tuning the Layout06:54
Fireworks CS6 New Features05:20
Fixing Final Code07:58
Getting to Know the Fireworks Interface05:26
Learning About The Slice Tool05:52
Optimizing Design Slices08:36
Preparing a PNG File for Export08:28
Setting up the Navigation Bar04:59
Slicing Techniques06:01
Using Image Formats for the Web06:10
Web Typography04:46
What Does CSS Do?02:49
What is a Popup Menu?03:24
What is a Wireframe?06:00
What is Optimization?07:00
What is Slicing?05:04
Why Do I Need an HTML Editor?07:01
Working with Curved Corners05:00
Working with the Common Library13:13
Software Training: Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 
Basic Retouching: Tools & Techniques27:18
Basic Selections23:28
Camera RAW, Part 110:00
Camera RAW, Part 221:00
Creating a 3D Photo Frame23:26
Creating a Photo Book, Part 112:24
Creating a Photo Book, Part 217:24
Creating a Photo Calendar23:26
Creating Black & White Photo and Using the Colorize Option21:16
Creating Photo Composites22:42
Creating Type22:42
Crop, Straighten, Correct Perspective & Distortion18:21
Exposure & Color Corrections, Part 127:54
Exposure & Color Corrections, Part 222:26
File Formats10:57
Filters & Effects 24:20
Gradients & the Paint Bucket Tools31:19
Image Enhancement: Quick Edit & Guided Edit Mode11:27
Image Sharpening 18:17
Image Size, Canvas Size, & Resolution23:59
Introduction to Photoshop Elements19:03
Introduction to Selections24:47
Layer Masks25:26
Layers & Adjustment Layers20:57
Lesson Summary 09:40
Light & Color13:11
Making Efficient & Flawless Selections26:20
Organizer, Part 2: Sorting, Rating & Refining Images22:12
Organizer, Part 3: Keywords, People & Places12:43
Organizer, Part1: Import & Sort25:43
Overview & Tour14:59
Refine Edge, Part 116:28
Refine Edge, Part 220:04
Retouching People, Part 131:42
Retouching People, Part 212:49
Retouching People, Part 324:47
Saving Your Images18:29
Selection Brush Tool18:33
The Importance of Quality19:06
The Menu Bar & Options Bar18:57
The Photo Editor Workspace29:05
The Photomerge Feature25:54
The Task Bar, Photo Bin, & Panel Bin17:07
The Tool Bar & Important Tool Shortcuts15:37
Value of Using Shortcuts11:56
White Balance & Monitor Calibration17:21
SAT I: SAT: Overview
Answer Guide: Test 1, Section 3 (Math)28:40
Answer Guide: Test 1, Section 7 (Math)25:35
Answer Guide: Test 1, Section 8 (Math)21:31
Answer Guide: Test 2, Section 2 (Math)33:34
Answer Guide: Test 2, Section 5 (Math)37:21
Answer Guide: Test 2, Section 8 (Math)28:46
Critical Reading: Passage-Based Reading30:37
Critical Reading: Reading Strategies36:34
Critical Reading: Sentence Completion38:43
General SAT Strategy, Part 1: Taking the Test22:54
General SAT Strategy, Part 2: Equipment24:47
General SAT Strategy, Part 3: You & the SAT31:47
Grammar Mistake Petting Zoo32:03
Introduction to Critical Reading14:17
Introduction to the Writing Section26:37
Math Concept Petting Zoo: Part 133:02
Math Concept Petting Zoo: Part 229:30
Math Introduction & Strategy27:38
Math: Common Issues43:49
Meet the SAT13:20
Multiple-Choice Grammar23:31
Studying for the SAT36:06
Tests in General15:14
Watch the Day Before the Test10:39
Writing: The Essay10:10
SAT I: SAT: Critical Reading
Answer Guide: Section 3 (Critical Reading)16:11
Answer Guide: Section 7 (Critical Reading)14:43
Answer Guide: Section 9 (Critical Reading)10:45
Essential SAT Vocab: Part 111:33
Essential SAT Vocab: Part 1009:30
Essential SAT Vocab: Part 208:19
Essential SAT Vocab: Part 307:41
Essential SAT Vocab: Part 407:10
Essential SAT Vocab: Part 506:50
Essential SAT Vocab: Part 607:58
Essential SAT Vocab: Part 707:20
Essential SAT Vocab: Part 809:09
Essential SAT Vocab: Part 912:06
Passage-Based Question Types17:46
Sentence Completion Question Types12:29
What to Read For the SAT37:42
SAT I: SAT: Mathematics
Absolute Value on the SAT12:36
Angles on the SAT12:11
Area and Perimeter on the SAT16:59
Averages on the SAT10:20
Circles on the SAT16:40
Combinations and Permutations on the SAT10:10
Data Analysis on the SAT18:00
Exponents on the SAT09:32
Expressions on the SAT10:20
Fractions on the SAT08:50
Inequalities on the SAT13:08
Line Slope on the SAT10:46
Lines on the SAT06:15
Logical Reasoning on the SAT09:18
Median and Mode on the SAT08:31
Number Lines on the SAT08:31
Percent on the SAT22:16
Probability on the SAT09:37
Proportions on the SAT11:15
Quadrilaterals on the SAT13:34
Rates on the SAT12:39
SAT Coordinate Geometry14:38
SAT Properties of Integers06:40
SAT Quadratic Equations06:46
SAT Translation10:06
Special Functions on the SAT08:16
Systems of Equations28:57
Triangles on the SAT15:25
Variations on the SAT07:59
SAT I: SAT: Writing
Answer Guide: Section 1 (Essay)27:48
Answer Guide: Section 10 (Writing)08:36
Answer Guide: Section 5 (Writing)17:23
Essay Basics14:46
Grammar Errors: Part 119:49
Grammar Errors: Part 211:02
Grammar Errors: Part 312:19
Outlining Your Essay12:20
The Essay Prompt08:06
SAT I: Standardized Math: GRE, ACT, PSAT
Algebraic Expression17:39
Combinations and Permutations07:22
Distance Between Two Points11:55
Exponents and Roots24:44
Function Evaluation10:50
Geometric Terms and Notation08:36
Median, Mode and Range10:08
Powers of 1008:56
Prime Factorization10:01
Signed Numbers18:58
Systems of Equations28:57
Volume and Surface Area10:53

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