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Lecture Comments (6)

0 answers

Post by Angela Qian on November 2, 2017

for the sentence "Matthew is a celebrated attorney", couldn't it also be an interogative sentence if you didn't think he was one?

0 answers

Post by Angela Qian on May 18, 2017

for the practice, don't some of the examples have more than one answer?

0 answers

Post by Javier Seminario on February 21, 2017


2 answers

Last reply by: Aman Singh
Fri Feb 14, 2014 11:35 AM

Post by Rizak Mohamud on October 7, 2013

Hi Prof. Rebekah,
Thanks for the collecting this lectures they are amazing and i am enjoying. But i would like to as you if you organize a lecture of how to modifier and referring with out repeating it and how to use intensifiers with some list of them.

Finally, I had this question for long time but didn't say load this (when the action is past and using two verbs or verb and helping verb. is it correct to use both in past?  

End Punctuation

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  1. Intro
    • Lesson Overview
      • What is End Punctuation?
      • Kinds of Sentences
      • Declarative Sentences
      • Interrogative Sentences
      • Exclamatory Sentences
      • Imperative Sentences
      • Subjunctive Sentences
      • Periods
      • Question Marks
      • Exclamation Points
      • Choose the End Punctuation
        • Choose the End Punctuation Answers
          • Intro 0:00
          • Lesson Overview 0:08
          • What is End Punctuation? 0:44
            • End Punctuation Contributes to Tone or Meaning of Sentence
            • Period, Question Mark, and Exclamation Point
          • Kinds of Sentences 1:28
            • Three Kinds of Sentences: Declarative, Interrogative, Exclamatory
            • Imperative and Subjunctive Sentences Don't Have Single Kind of Punctuation
          • Declarative Sentences 2:05
            • Declarative Sentences State a Fact
            • Examples of Declarative Sentences
          • Interrogative Sentences 2:42
            • Interrogative Sentences Ask a Question
            • May Have Inverted Subject-Verb Order
            • May be Constructed Like Declarative Sentences
            • Can be One Word Long
            • Examples of Interrogative Sentences
          • Exclamatory Sentences 4:25
            • Exclamatory Sentences Express Strong Emotion
            • May be Constructed Like Declarative Sentences
            • May be Grammatically Incomplete
            • Can be One Word Long
            • Examples of Exclamatory Sentences
          • Imperative Sentences 5:05
            • Imperative Sentences Give a Command
            • Have No Grammatical Subject, Implied Subject is 'You'
            • Examples of Imperative Sentences
          • Subjunctive Sentences 5:52
            • Subjunctive Sentences Describe Events Contrary to Fact
            • More on the Subjunctive Mood in Basic Grammar Course
            • Examples of Subjunctive Sentences
          • Periods 6:47
            • Period is Used for Declarative, Some Imperative, and Some Subjunctive Sentences
            • Examples of Using Periods
          • Question Marks 7:16
            • Question Mark is Used for Interrogative Sentences and Fragments
            • Speak Questions with a Rising Inflection at the End
            • Examples of Using Question Marks
          • Exclamation Points 8:21
            • Exclamation Point is Used for Exclamatory, Some Subjunctive, and Some Imperative Sentences for Emphasis
            • Examples of Using Exclamation Points
          • Choose the End Punctuation 9:04
          • Choose the End Punctuation Answers 9:41