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The Workspace Switcher

  • A workspace is a specific layout of the panels within Dreamweaver
  • There are pre-built panel layouts you access using the workspace switcher
  • Designer is the default layout when you first install Dreamweaver
  • We will switch to Classic view moves the insert bar to the top
  • This insert bar allows you to easily locate items to insert into your web pages
  • On a Mac the insert is to the right hand side of the workspace switcher
  • You can save your panel layout as a custom workspace to easily access it whenever you want

The Workspace Switcher

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Workspace Templates 0:28
  • Reset Workspace 1:47
  • Classic Workspace 2:25
  • Workspace Switcher 3:06
  • Manage Workspaces 3:35
    • New Workspace

Transcription: The Workspace Switcher

Welcome back, what we are going to do now is start moving into the Dreamweaver interface.0000

When you first install Dreamweaver, it may not be set up exactly as you like, but I want to do is allow you to navigate through the program.0006

And one of the first ways you do that is using workspaces.0017

We are going to take a look at the various workspaces available in Dreamweaver CS6.0022

So, I have this set up and my files are not exactly looking the way the default view would be for the workspace I am in.0029

What do I mean by a workspace?0040

Let us take a look at how you access them and how you can change them.0042

So, up in the upper right here and on the Mac side this is little bit more in the middle, if you are viewing Dreamweaver on a Mac.0047

This little dropdown arrow gives you quite a few different options for working in workspaces, each one of these is a different workspace.0055

If I switch into Coder view, you will see Dreamweaver looks a bit different.0065

If I move into Business catalyst it is going to open up different panels.0071

If I move into Designer compact.0077

So you can see there are quite few differences, and what is doing is changing the layout of the panels within Dreamweaver.0081

That is all it is doing is opening certain ones, closing certain ones and positioning them within the interface.0090

When you first install Dreamweaver it defaults to Designer view, which is this one right here.0098

And if you ever get in a situation where you want to get back to the very beginning on any of these workspaces, if you click on the name of the workspace there is a Reset for that workspace.0106

What I am going to do is click Reset Designer, you can see nothing changed, so, I was in the default view for Designer.0119

Now, the idea behind Designer is you have various panels open or closed.0130

And as far as I am concerned working with Dreamweaver the way we are going throughout this course, these are not the panels I necessarily want to have open.0136

What I am going to do is switch from the Designer workspace up to the Classic workspace.0145

If you have ever worked in prior versions of Dreamweaver that is what type of view you would have been working in.0155

So, Classic puts this bar up across the top and we will take a look at that in a just a minute.0161

Now, even my Classic view is not default.0168

Let me click on Classic, Reset Classic and you will see this is what the default view for Classic looks like, and this is much more compatible with I want to do.0172

This is known as the workspace switcher, it allows you to set your panels exactly the way you want.0185

Now, it is possible to create a new workspace.0194

If you completely change these around and you want to save it you can add your own workspaces to the list.0198

I tend to find, I switch it around quite often, so there really is not one set workspace I tend to use, because of that I do not usually customize these.0204

But if you wish to there is this Manage workspaces and you can see I do not have any to manage because I have not added any.0215

If I wanted to add any, what I would do is set my panels exactly how I want them.0224

I would click New workspace, I gave it a name and it would show up within this area.0230

So, I will go ahead even though I have not changed my panels, I will go ahead and create a new workspace.0237

You can see it moved me to that workspace and if I click on it, it is up to the top of the entire list.0243

I can always switch back to Classic, but now that I have my own if I go down to Manage workspaces, there it is, now it is not any different than Classic, so what I am going to do is just delete it.0251

I will go ahead and click Yes and deleting it and now you can see any customized workspaces I have are gone.0266

But that is the workspace feature within Dreamweaver.0273

What I am going to do is click on Classic and once I am in Classic, I am going to do a Reset because it saved how I was using Classic previously.0277

And I am going to go ahead and need to customize these panels, but we will do that in another lesson.0290

But this feature within Dreamweaver is called a workspace you can customize as you like.0297

If you find yourself using Dreamweaver in a few different types of ways, pure coding for one project, you are using a lot of different panels for another.0304

Just create a work space for those particular tasks and then you will have access to those panels without having to modify consistently.0314

So, that is the workspace switcher and the various workspaces pre-built in Dreamweaver.0326