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Introduction to Extractions

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Extraction Purify, Separate Mixtures 0:07
    • Adding a Second Solvent
    • Mixing Two Layers
    • Layers Settle
    • Separate Layers
  • Extraction Uses 1:20
    • To Separate Based on Difference in Solubility/Polarity
    • To Separate Based on Differences in Reactivity
    • Separate & Isolate
  • Theory of Extraction 3:03
    • Aqueous & Organic Phases
    • Solubility: 'Like Dissolves Like'
    • Separation of Layers
    • Partitioning
  • Distribution Coefficient, K 5:03
    • Solutes Partition Between Phases
    • Distribution Coefficient, K at Equilibrium
  • Acid-Base Extractions 8:09
    • Organic Layer
    • Adding Aqueous HCl & Mixing Two Layers
    • Neutralize (Adding Aqueous NaOH)
    • Adding Organic Solvent Mix Two Layers 'Back Extract'
    • Final Results
  • Planning an Acid-Base Extraction, Part 1 11:01
    • Solute Type: Neutral
    • Aqueous Solution: Water
    • Solute Type: Basic
    • Solute Type: Weakly Acidic
    • Solute Type: Acidic
  • Planning an Acid-Base Extraction, Part 2 17:34
    • Planning an Acid-Base Extraction
  • Performing an Extraction 19:34
    • Pour Solution into Sep Funnel
    • Add Second Liquid
    • Add Stopper, Cover with Hand, Remove from Ring
    • Tip Upside Down, Open Stopcock to Vent Pressure
    • Shake to Mix Two Layers
    • Remove Stopper & Drain Bottom Layer
  • Reaction Work-up: Purify, Isolate Product 22:03
    • Typical Reaction is Run in Organic Solvent
    • Starting a Reaction Work-up
    • Extracting the Product with Organic Solvent
    • Combined Extracts are Washed
    • Organic Layer is 'Dried'
  • Finding the Product 26:38
    • Which Layer is Which?
    • Where is My Product?
  • Tips, Tricks and Warnings 29:29
    • Leaking Sep Funnel
    • Caution When Mixing Layers & Using Ether
    • If an Emulsion Forms