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Lecture Comments (4)

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Last reply by: John Snape
Sat Jan 24, 2015 3:22 PM

Post by Thuy Nguyen on September 11, 2014

I hope with all my heart you do an Advanced C# course Professor Snape, thanks to your course I truly begin to see the building looks of computer programming.  

0 answers

Post by Thuy Nguyen on September 11, 2014

Hi, to format a number that's comma separated I typed:  "#,0.00"
With only one # sign followed by a comma.  This works as well.

Formatting Strings for Output

  • {n} where n is a number, is used as a placeholder inside the formatting string
  • {n, x} where x is added for padding, with negative x is left-aligned, positive x is right-aligned
  • .ToString is the default string formatter
  • Formatting numbers uses the form: number.ToString(“xn”) where
    • n is the number of decimal places
    • x is one of the following:
      • C for Currency
      • P for Percentage
      • N for Generic Number
      • F for Floating Point