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Retouching People: Part 2

  • Retouching People: There are many ways to do this, and many custom techniques. The key in all cases is not to overdo it.
  • Make sure that you are working on a duplicate layer in case you mess it up and need to go back a long ways.
  • Work gradually - the one thing to avoid is to try and go too far. If you take too much age away, or alter parts too much, you will ruin the original integrity of the photo.
  • PRACTICE - it takes a lot of practice to learn to very subtly and flawlessly alter portraits. The techniques are not hard, but learning to subtly build and match takes time. Be patient, and practice!
  • That said, once you prefect the techniques, you will be able to do wonderful things to people.

Retouching People: Part 2

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Lesson Overview 0:07
  • Retouching People: Part 2 1:29
    • Retouching The Lips
    • Retouching The Teeth
    • More On Retouching The Lips
    • Body Contouring: Face
    • Advanced Techniques For Retouching Skin

Transcription: Retouching People: Part 2

Hi guys, Mike Brown here with you again, welcome back to's Adobe Photoshop CS6 course.0000

In the last lesson, we--in the last two lessons actually--we've been talking about the retouching tools and retouching but predominantly in the last lesson, we closed out dealing with retouching people, and I showed you how to work under eyes, clean up under the eyes using the Patch tools and the Spot Healing tool to clean out blemishes.0007

Both of these tools working on skin, also an alternative way; by using the Clone Stamp tool at a lower opacity to gradually take away blemishes.0033

In this lesson, we're going to expand a little more on retouching people because it's a very important thing--most people take pictures of people--I think that's probably more than 50% of photos that are taken in the world, so let's delve a little further into it.0045

In this lesson, I'm going to show you some advanced techniques for retouching skin, I'm going to deal more on fixing eyes, teeth and lips.0064

Another method which happens to be my way of retouching hair, there are a lot of ways to do this--I'll just show you my way of helping with hair, and we're going to do a little more body contouring like we did the last time just to fix up shapes and parts of an image.0071

OK, let's go back to Debbie again, and if you remember...say hi to Debbie, she's being a really nice gal and no pain involved in all of this plastic surgery.0089

We started with her hair, if you remember, and we fixed up her eyes; the color in her eyes, also the imperfections around here, we worked on taking out all of the little spots and such and we thinned down her neck somewhat, cleaned all that up.0104

We've got the neck clean now, we've got the eyes; off, on, nice clean eyes, she looks pretty good but we can go further with this, and I stress, Michael Brown's methodology here is to always maintain the integrity of the image.0121

She wanted to knock 10 years off, we're going to knock maybe 12, but we're not going to make her look 22 because it'd look just a little bit weird.0138

So OK, let's get started.0147

The first thing I want to deal with are the lips; we're going to come way up on the lips, let's take a close look, we're on this copy, this one is the same so we're going to work on the upper one so we can always go back to the one below it...0151

The reason these are up here, this is one that I have done everything to before, everything that we're doing right now is there, I'm starting from here and working my way upward and repeating it, so this for our purposes is the background, OK?0168

So let's go and point this out--I want you to look at the screen, and look at her lips, and I hope you can see this--I'm going to come up even a little bit more.0185

The lip line should be nice and smooth--should follow the tip of my cursor, but you notice there's excess either lipstick or just the lips are a little bit weird in the shape; they should be nice and contoured like that--there's excess.0194

And on this side we have the same thing and I do think it's actually her lips, are a little bit too broad in this area on the bottom side, so we're going to fix that, we're going to do two things.0209

First we'll start with the Rubber Stamp tool, smaller brush (left bracket key down) we're going to clone it about 30%, maybe 40% let's go, Option or Alt, and I'm not going to click right below where I want to do it--I'm going to click off to the side so I can--notice right in this area it's darker than it is down here.0222

So I don't want to clone from here and get a bright line, but we can always darken it, here we go.0244

Option, click, and we're going to paint gently over there--notice we just clean along that line, see how well that worked?0249

Just about three strokes, four strokes at 40%--I'm going to come up to the top, do it right here and move my way up a little bit...nice and smooth--looks good, Option or Alt again to resource--remember the resourcing?0256

I'm going to take a lighter color here just to blend it up in, just a little...there we go.0271

Now if we go back, and I turn that off, see how much we fixed?0278

Look in this area right here, zoom it up one more time so it's large enough on your screens right there, off, that's where we are, that's fixed, and non-fixed, so we cleaned up that side, see how much nicer that looks?0283

And now you can really see that the other side is down, so we're going to come back up, Clone tool, 40%, everything's looking good, Option, click, and we're just going to start to just gradually pull it as we paint down and away--there we go.0296

Take another source here, clean it...another one right there, blend it, zoom it out one, let's take a look, that's where we were--we got it cleaned in that area, take it off, but I still think (if you look at her lips) that this area right in here, to me is a little droopy.0316

So we're going to fix that right now, very easy.0340

Let's go to our Marquee tool, we're still on the same layer, and we're going to use that Liquify filter again.0343

I cannot stress however, when we use the Liquify filter, be very careful--don't do real drastic changes, it's for fine tuning because every time you push those pixels, you smear them, you are altering them, degrading the image slightly if you will, so be very, very careful with it.0352

Let's go Filter, Liquify, and also the reason that I select an area rather than the entire image and going to work on the area is that the computer could handle it, but if it's only this large an area it's much faster, and speed helps.0374

Let's zoom it up some, we're going to use that Push tool, brush size--left bracket down to a reasonable size--a little bit large--you always want to go to the large size...let's go right there and let's just gently push that up just a little, very carefully...0390

And I want to take the center of her lip and pull it down slightly, and then over here where it is a little far notice I'm just gently pushing that up...that looks pretty good--looks like we could do this side, just a hair more.0411

You notice I'm not moving a lot, because I don't want to kill the integrity of the pixels--one little spot right there, that looks pretty good, let's click OK, and do Command+Z--there's the lip, notice how nice and smooth it looks now?0429

Look, we went from there where it looked a little droopy, to time more; went from there, to there--the lips look really, really good.0447

Let's de-select that, now one other thing I can do here--we'll do this as we move down the line.0457

Alright...oh, I want to do that again, I forgot to do one other part--Filter, Liquify filter, and I forgot to do the top where it looks a little thin; I'm going to push her lips upwards just a hair, plump them, a quick little Botox filler that doesn't hurt, and we'll be permanent as long as you're just working with this picture...0463

That looks pretty decent as far as I can see it, let's click OK, Command+Z, Command+Z, looks just fine--I see, I want to do a little more, I got it, I found what I made a mistake on.0491

Notice down here the lips are a little curved upwards, so what we'll do is we'll push the bottoms down a little bit right there where it folds up, then we'll go up to the top and plump it, a little up and a little down...that should do it.0506

Down, up, there we go...just a little gentle hit, OK, we got that.0528

Now, the teeth; the teeth she's got just slightly overlapping front teeth--I'd like to trim those back, I think I can do that with the Liquify filter--let's give it a try.0535

Take the Marquee tool again, Filter and Liquify, and let's see what happens if we just push them up...this may or may not work...oh, that worked great!0549

That helped some, but it's not complete.0571

What I'd like to do is take that shadowing away, so what we're going to do, is we're going to take our Clone tool again, at 20%, maybe even 15% (1 5 real quickly) and I'm going to take this color over here, and just--I'm going to even a lighter color.0574

Smaller brush, source it down here, and just--let's see if we can lighten that lip up there--ah, there it's coming, that's better.0598

And make a little larger brush, take 10%, I'm just going to knock down the highlight just a hair...see it's coming down just a little bit--soften it...there we go, and I'm going to go in with the Dodge tool which brightens things up, take a nice, small brush.0608

I'm going to just brighten that up so that we don't get the shadow from the overlapping tooth, mid-tones, let's go 15%, and let's see what happens when we open that up just a little bit...there we go...0628

I can even do this; let's take that Clone tool again, and let's move that highlight up just a little bit, source it in here, then paint the highlight right up into--there we go, see?0647

I tell you I think if I just take that highlight probably away--let's go 30%, and let's just knock out some of that highlight...take the Spot Healing Brush and a small one and clean up these little unsightly spots, just move it down just a hair, a little spot in the corner, a little spot in the corner...0662

Take those away, the spots on the lip...smooth that up on the upper side, just smooth out her lips just a hair, alright?0682

There we go, let's take a look at that.0695

There's where we were with the lips, there's where we are right now--one other thing I can do very quickly, we'll take the Lasso tool with two, let's go three, make it a little softer.0699

I'm just going to go around the lip...I'm doing this roughly--I'd be a little more accurate if I was doing this as a big job--I see something to her teeth on the outside--they're a little bit weird.0712

Shift because I missed the bottom edge of the lip, add a little bit, there we go.0728

We'll take a non-destructive curves layer...make them a little brighter--whoops, what happened here?0734

Let's go to the History panel...I made the Lasso--oh, I see what I did, accidentally made a mistake, so what we're going to do is first we'll do the curves again, now we have the lips.0743

Yes, snap the contrast a little bit, make them a little darker, that ups the color just slightly--there we go!0759

I like that.0767

OK, now let's take a look, we went from there on the right there, notice how much better--now they're a little bit flat, we'll fix that in a couple of minutes.0769

OK...that looks just a little bit bright, let's bring it down just a hair...oh, that's better...much better.0784

Notice, what it did is it--oh, I like her with the darker color, yes, it was just too bright, that looks much better.0797

OK, so now we've got the lips and teeth fixed, all with the Spot Healing tool, the Clone tool and we used the Liquify filter as well.0803

OK, now, what I want to do is another thing, again, body contouring--we're going to use that Liquify filter again.0819

Notice, we'll look at the facial structure on this lady; she got a little indentation here from age up on the chin where it's coming up a little bit and a little jowly, I like to smooth that down--I'm sure she looked a little different 10/15 years ago, so we're going to take that Marquee tool again.0829

Across we go right here, I want to make sure I'm on the correct layer, this is the one we're working on isn't it?0847

Yes, that's the lips.0854

Alright, so now we'll go back to our magical filter; Liquify, here we go.0856

The Push tool, make a larger brush and I want to smooth this line down a little bit, move it inward just a little.0862

Now you don't want to--again, this is not for a really heavy duty stuff, you don't want to do a lot because you smear it.0870

Take this reverse curve here, and push it out just a little bit...double small we'll fix that little spot right there, that looks pretty good.0880

We'll go and try to balance up the other side, so that we get the same amount, and come outward a little bit, how's that looking right there?0891

That looks pretty good, let's click OK, and now let's do Command+Z--watch in the side of the cheekbones--see it from there?0903

Same woman, just knock those jowls back a little bit, took some definite little mini facelift, if you will.0911

OK, so we've now gone from there, to there...lips looks good, the jawbone looks good, everything else looks good, now we're going to do the big trick.0920

We're going to take, and we're going to get rid of all of these imperfections--we'll tone them down--all the little age spots and other imperfections--oh I see one thing I want to do before we do that.0932

Clone tool, at about 20%, larger brush, notice with age the smile lines get sunken more just like the eyes do?0944

So what we're going to do is reduce those slightly, 20%, then we're going to paint the opacity gently.0954

I'm going to source above it through this area here and this area here, and just gradually knock them, watch this; Option or Alt, source, and then go down and just gently paint away.0961

We're going to paint just a little bit more in this area right--oh look at that, knocked it down really nicely.0973

Let me go backwards; we went from there...look right in that area, went from there to there, softened them down, just took a little age off.0979

Same thing on the other side; Option or Alt click, just gently, don't want to overdo it.0989

Now this area right down at the chin here--I might as well fix that right now, it's a little dark, so Option or Alt click, and a similar area--just come down and paint that a little bit.0995

You can do just a little more like doing that--there we go, fixed that one up--now this line over here, again, 20% on the Clone tool, Option or Alt click, and just a couple of hits, you don't have to hit it real hard and you don't want to take it all away.1006

Let's take these lines right here and soften them just a little...see?1024

Just gently, OK?1030

There we go, let's just take one more, right on this spot right--there we go, nice and smooth, that looks good.1033

So now...we've gone from there...look all in this lower area of the face, down to there, looking much better, off, on.1038

Now the final touch, here we go.1051

We're going to make a mask for a selection of just the skin.1054

I have taken the Quick Mask, I'll double click it, and I've modified it--instead of painting the masked area, we're going to paint the selection area in red.1060

Brush, get a large size of the brush, make sure we're here, and just paint all of the skin area (make sure I get it) and it can roll over into the hair a little bit.1070

I'm going to make the outline come down the neck, come down the neck over here.1082

Now, normally I would use the Pen tool or a good selection tool to cleanly get the edge of the blouse, but time constraints here, we're just going to do the best we can and short order...paint it up...and paint it around...1088

There we go, we'll fill that in...very quickly...up the brush size, we'll go ahead and paint it...OK.1111

We're going to now turn it back to a selection--Select, Save Selection, save it as an alpha channel, go to our alpha channels, Channels panel, take a look at it, and we see where we need to paint white, flip the background color, so that's white with the paintbrush, and fill in the rest of that so it's nice and white.1131

OK, we've got our selection, load it--Command or Control click, RGB, now we're going to be on the selection of her; copy, Command+V paste.1152

Layer came in right above--if you turn it off you see it's just the skin.1165

We're now going to Command or Control click the thumbnail, load that, go to the Filter menu, go to the Blur filter, Gaussian Blur, and the Gaussian Blur we're going to set it at about three, and you notice how much it's blurring things (let's zoom her up so you can see it) Command+H.1169

We're going to blur it just a hair more, there we go (we can even go more if I wanted to--that's way too much) do it about there, about 5.2.1188

Now it's all blurred and you go "why did I do that?"1199

Now what I'm going to do is take just that layer, and add a layer mask.1202

Go to Layer, layer mask, reveal all and there's your white mask.1208

Now what I can do is using my paintbrush on the mask thumbnail, in black, I can paint back in the areas that should be clear.1214

Drop it down--we're going to paint it about 80%, and we'll just start--and we'd do this more accurately obviously if I was doing it otherwise.1228

There's the eye is back, notice, got all the eye nice and clear, get the other eye in (make a smaller brush just for the corners) get the eyelashes in, got that...the eyelashes on that side.1236

We'll now take a smaller brush here and we'll do the eyebrows are back, eyebrows over it at about 40% and pick up a little bit of the nose clarity, see that edging right there?1254

That's good...did I accidentally hit something there?1269

See this area, I didn't want that, I want to paint that white, I can see that it's clear and I didn't want it clear so we'll get that back to where it was, OK.1275

Flip it again, whoops...and now we're going to do the lips, 70%, smaller brush, bring those lips back...we worked really hard to make them look good, now we got the lips coming back nice and clean.1284

Alright, little bit smaller, 80%, let's go get the necklace because we know that that necklace is clear...get that cleared up, I'm doing this very quickly--you can take a little more time.1302

We'll come back up with the necklace...there we go...OK, and let's take a quick look at the mask.1315

Option or Alt, click the layer mask, I need to paint in black to clean up that one and fill it, the other ones look pretty good--Option or Alt click.1324

Now you go "what are you doing?"1334

We've got everything we need except the skin is way too blurry, so what we're going to do is reduce the opacity of this layer.1337

Go up to your opacity slider and just start pulling it back...let's see which is the fixed one--that's the one we want, right there, but we're going to take this--we're down to about 63%.1346

I'm going to pull it back until you see we're starting to see a little--we can probably go up 55%, there we go.1361

Maybe a little less, I don't like it to look phony, there we go--let's turn that layer off...come on up here, you see the skin with all the pores?1371

Notice how that knocks it down?1380

Just softens it enough that it still has the realism, but takes the age away, there we go.1382

So, what we have done in this lesson is; we have gone Liquify filter fixing the lips, and up here, and the one final thing I want to do if I can get this in in the time, is I'm going to darken her lips ever so slightly.1390

So what I'm going to do is go to this layer first, we're going to take the Burn tool, and knock it down to about 27%, smaller brush, and just tone that lower part of the lip down, just to add a little contouring--there we go, much better.1418

And there you go--we went from there using the Spot Healing tools, the Dodge and Burn tool--actually we used the Clone tool, and the Liquify filter.1440

We're going to come back in the next lesson and finish up with a couple more tips on skin and retouching people.1455

I'll see you back at the next lesson.1463