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Post by Timothy White on April 2, 2015

Your if didn't work because you had =, nof ==.

Setting Options Controls

  • The Setting Option Controls are used to allow the user to give settings to the program
  • The Setting Options Controls are:
    • CheckBox
    • CheckedListBox
    • RadioButton
    • TrackBar
  • RadioButtons always work in groups, when one is selected the others are deselected
  • The CheckBox normally only has two states CheckState.Checked and CheckState.Unchecked; setting the ThreeState property to True allows you to use CheckState.Indeterminate also
  • CheckBoxes don’t rely on other CheckBoxes for their state
  • The CheckedListBox works like a ListBox, but allows the user to select multiple items by checking boxes
  • The TrackBar is usually used for analog control, such as volume or RS-232 connections