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Adding Text to a Web Page

  • In addition to typing text onto a web page, we will take a look at the Paste Special command within Dreamweaver
  • You can add text to a web page by simply typing the text onto the page
    1. Create a new page using ctrl/cmd-n and save it as paste.html
    2. Add a title to the page of Using Paste Special
    3. Add the line "Exploring methods for pasting content onto a web page." at the top of the page
  • More often than not you will have text coming in from other programs that you need to move onto the web page
  • You will find the paste command to be very helpful, however you have to be careful how much additional coding ends up on your web page when you use a basic paste
  • This extra information makes the page load slower to the user, and can often cause issues on the web page
  • Dreamweaver allows you to control how much formatting is included in the paste command
  • Let's take a look at the various paste options available within Dreamweaver and learn how to set the default method you prefer
    1. Be sure paste.html is open
    2. Open the paste-special-command.docx file within the text folder if you have Word on your system
    3. Open the paste-special-command.html file within the text folder if you do not have Word on your system
    4. Use ctrl/cmd-a to select all the text on the page
    5. Use ctrl/cmd-c to copy the text
    6. Click on the page.html page tab to make it the active document
    7. Select Edit->Paste Special
    8. Choose first radio button and click OK
    9. Look over how the text looks on the page
    10. Use ctrl/cmd-z to undo the paste
    11. Go through each of these radio buttons and note how the text looks
  • Click on the Preferences button or go to preferences within Dreamweaver and set the option you wish to use

Adding Text to a Web Page

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Manage Sites 0:36
    • Defined Sites
    • Removing Sites
    • Modifying Site
  • New Site 2:16
    • Locating File Folder
    • Files Panel
  • New Dreamweaver Page 4:09
    • Document Title
    • Saving and Naming Page
  • Paste Special 6:44
    • Text Folder
  • Command.docx Versus Command.html 6:59
    • Command.docx
    • Microsoft Word Copy/Paste
    • Command.HTML
  • Edit Menu Paste Special 8:40
    • Options
  • Basic Paste Versus Paste Special 10:35
    • Updated Properties Features
    • Preview in Firefox
  • Firefox Developer Tools 12:06
    • Web Developer
    • Inspector
    • Microsoft Word Code
  • Text With Structure Paste Special Option 14:17
  • Text Only 15:53
    • Forward Delete Versus Backward Delete
    • Copy/Paste Preferences