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Post by Candyce Mairs on July 29, 2013

Alisa, I am sorry you are having issues with the movie. There are many things that can cause a problem playing the video including your internet connection. Please see the FAQs on the site using the link at the bottom of this web page to see if that will resolve the problem. If you continue to have issues, use the contact form and provide more details in order to obtain assistance.

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Post by alisa Troll on July 26, 2013

why is your video so slow? can you do something with a video player? it is not good.

Dreamweaver Preferences

  • In order to activate the panels within Dreamweaver, you must have a page open
  • Dreamweaver has a preferences area where you can set default options within the program
  • We will modify a few settings within the preferences area
  • Go to Edit-> or Dreamweaver-. Preferences
  • The left column shows the various categories within preferences
  • We will set the default file type, extension & doctype
  • Change the DOCTYPE to HTML5
  • Set the default format to .html
  • Dreamweaver offers a file extension of htm/html option – we could change to .htm as default, our site is .html
  • Turn off new document interface
  • Look over the Preview in Browser area, it is possible to add additional browsers for previewing your pages
  • General tab, by default HTML only allows a single space between characters, to add additional spaces, we must change a preference within Dreamweaver
  • Type out Welcome to Educator
  • Try & add an additional space using the space bar, you cannot
  • Open preferences & change the setting to allow multiple consecutive spaces in
  • Show fonts area where you can enlarge the font size for code view
  • We will change the code view sizing to medium

Dreamweaver Preferences

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • General Preferences 0:23
    • Allow Multiple Consecutive Spaces
  • Fonts 1:09
  • New Document 1:43
  • Preview in Browser 2:43

Transcription: Dreamweaver Preferences

I want to talk about setting Dreamweaver preferences and these are preferences within the program that you can customize, so that you can be as efficient as possible when working in Dreamweaver.0000

So, let us take a look at few setting I want you to set up within the Dreamweaver program.0013

Now to get to your Preferences area in Dreamweaver in the PC side, I go to the edit menu and on the Mac side I go to Dreamweaver menu and go to the Preferences area.0019

As soon as I click that, it will pop me into a particular category within the preferences and you may not be on the same one I got to when I clicked the button.0033

But all we are going to move to the general category up the very top left.0044

And one of the first things I want you to check is this piece here, Allow multiple consecutive spaces.0051

Make sure that it has check mark in front of it.0057

I will explain that later in the course, I just want to make sure that we set all of our preferences here at this point.0061

Now, I am going to move down to the fonts section0068

And the code view piece for out fonts is very small in Dreamweaver by default.0072

I tend to find especially if you are new to coding, that makes it very difficult for you to be able to see and understand what in the code, and if I reference it I want you to see it as well.0080

So, in the size it always ends up the smallest, so I am going to move this up to medium at 12 point font, so it is more readable.0094

I will next move down to the new document area, and I want to make sure that my default extension is HTML.0104

It is up to you which you want to use when building a site but our website is going to use the full extension, so I want to make sure that is set here.0112

That way Dreamweaver will add this exact extension anytime I create a new page, so I do not have to go in and correct that as I create new pages.0123

I also want to make sure that my document type definition, my DTD file, is set to XHTML for now.0135

And then, the last piece in this area has to do with this bottom check box.0144

I do not want to show the new document dialog box on control or command N.0150

We are going to bypass that, just to make you a little more efficient in the program.0157

Another one we want to take a look at is preview in browser and I do have another lesson to walk you through this.0163

But, by default, the preview in browser piece pulls in any browser you have in your system when Dreamweaver gets installed initially.0171

Quite often, you install Dreamweaver and you realize, oh I want a couple of additional browsers in my system and Dreamweaver will not have them listed because Dreamweaver was installed first.0182

I do have another lesson that is going to walk you through installing and setting up this area.0195

I can add a fourth browser in my system or you can add your second or third, or whatever you want.0201

That is the browser area preview in browser.0209

Those are the Dreamweaver preferences we want to modify for this course.0213

Anytime I install a new version of Dreamweaver on a system, those are the thing I normally go through and just double check that those are set in that same manner we just did.0218

So, that is how you can customize your Dreamweaver program, setting your preferences and you can see there are plenty of other options, within this area, we did not explore.0229

Dreamweaver offers a lot of ways to customize the program and we just set our Dreamweaver preferences.0242