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The Importance of the Files Panel

  • The Files panel is the central panel you will be using in Dreamweaver
  • This panel is docked with the others in the right side
  • This panel shows all the files in your website folder and where they are located
  • The Files panel allows you to open, rename, move or delete files/folders
  • The organization of files in the Files panel is duplicated when you upload files to your web server
  • The Files panel allows you to:
    • View all of the files within your website once you have defined the root folder within Dreamweaver
    • Create, open, rename, move or delete files/folders
    • Create links to images and files on your web pages
    • Connect to your web server
    • View files located locally and on the web server
    • Upload/download files
    • Check in/out files from the web server
    • Synchronize your local site with the web server
  • You can use it to add files to your root folder
  • DO NOT use your computer operating system to move/delete files within your website

The Importance of the Files Panel

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Blank Example Site in Files Panel 0:13
  • Files Panel Options 0:59
    • Edit Menu
    • View Menu
    • Site Menu
  • Delete Files 2:51
  • Rename File 3:54
  • Files Refresh 5:31

Transcription: The Importance of the Files Panel

I wanted to show you a few things that the Files panel in Dreamweaver allows you to do and also fill you in on the importance of the Files panel itself.0000

Within the Files panel right now, what I did was set up two different websites, and these are the two that we will be creating trough the course.0013

The first one has quite a few files in it, which you can see and the second one is a completely blank folder that contains no files.0022

You do not have to have files before you define a site in Dreamweaver.0033

And I defined that site by going to the Site menu and going to Manage sites, or you can always go to the dropdown here to get to Manage sites.0038

Now, every time I open Dreamweaver, those will be available to me, but let me show you some other pieces of the Files panel, just so you now that is available.0048

Now, within this Files panel itself, every panel in Dreamweaver has a little Options area.0059

Let us take a look at the Files panel itself and the options within it and I am going to click and drag this out just to make it easier for you to see what I am doing.0066

Here is the Files panel and this upper area, if I go straight to the right from the tab itself, that is how I get to the Options and you will see every panel in Dreamweaver has that Options available to it.0077

But the Files panel has a few different features that are available for you, so if I click the Options button, notice this is almost like a file system...0093

...I have file, I can create a New file, New folder, I can Open files this way, I can even go down and preview in the browser this way, by using the Files panel to select a page and then preview it this way…0104

...and this is going to show me whatever I have listed in my browser list, within Dreamweaver.0119

The Edit menu allows you to do a few things as well, Cut, Copy, Caste, now some of these are grayed out , only because I do not have a document open in Dreamweaver, but I just wanted to show you a few of this options to explore0126

Now, in the View menu you can see you do have a few different options here, I do not intend to use this one very much, but I can go into the Site menu here, as well, to get to Manage sites or New site.0142

Now, as you can start to see, Dreamweaver has a lot of different hidden ways to do things or duplicate task so you use the one you want.0157

But that is one piece of the Files panel, as this Options piece.0166

Now, notice if I go to Edit, I get a lot of people wanting to delete something within the program, and let me click off of this and switch over to the other website that has some files...0171

Notice I can switch very easily between websites.0184

So I will open up Wanderlust travel and if I click the Files panel and the Options area and go to Edit, you can see it is exactly the same.0188

How about if I select a page and do that?0199

I will select a page and go to Edit, notice even if a select a page there is no Delete within this area and I always find people wanting to locate a Delete and they start digging around in all of these options.0204

The easiest way to delete a page, it is simply to select it and hit the Delete key on your keyboard, I am not going to do that but that is the fastest way to delete a file within this area.0219

What if I need to rename a file?0234

Well, the way you do that is you click on the file and then you click it a second time and you can see I can rename the file, so I could change this to Destination, instead of plural, I will make it singular.0238

If I click off of it, Dreamweaver keeps my files up to date, so all of this other files are linking to that file name.0252

If I just went out to my operating system and changed it, all of my links would be broken and I would not be able to get to that new Destination page.0262

So I would have to go in it and manually update everything related to it, so this is an important piece.0272

I am going to say Yes, Update because I am going to switch it back and add the s, so I click on it I click it again, and then I simply change or do whatever I need to do with the file.0279

That is also how you can change the file extension in case you added an HTM file extension to a website that should be HTML, you can just go in and rename it that way.0294

So, makes it very easy to work with and move things around, Dreamweaver keeps traffic of all for you.0307

When I click off of this, you can see there is my update, I will click Update and everything is all set within my Files panel.0313

Now, there are some other features within this panel that we are going to address when it comes to uploading files, but the other important piece is this circular one here, this is a Refresh button.0323

Anytime you see a little blue circle within Dreamweaver, that is a Refresh and you can see it is also F5, if you hover over it, it shows you the shortcut.0336

What that does is this File panel should auto refresh, so let us say I added a new page, is it going to show me that new page right away?0348

Well, in case your Files panel does not just click the Refresh button and that will take care of it.0359

That tells Dreamweaver to go out and check that folder again and just make sure everything is listed within your Files panel.0365

So, that it is an overview of the Files panel and if you extra feature such as Delete and Rename and Refresh and how to access and create a New file or a New page -- when we are talking about a New file, we are talking about an HTML file -- or a new folder, I can do a variety of things within this area.0374

It is possible to work and manipulate your files within the Files panel.0398

Please, make sure once you get your site set up, that that is where you go to do those types of things, but those are a few additional features of the Files panel within Dreamweaver.0404

Thank you for watching, see you in the next lesson.0417