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Building an Action Page

  • Cfform offers 2 types of validation
  • Client & server
  • ColdFusion has extended HTML forms to give more power and ease of use
  • ColdFusion form tags and subtags let you create dynamic forms in three formats
  • Adds hidden form fields for server validation
  • Just convert form tag to cfform tag
  • Changes default method to post & action to self posting so you don’t have to add these
  • Add validation to the <cfinput> tag using the following attributes
  • required = “yes”
  • validate = “validation type
  • message = “error message
  • range =”min-value, max-value
  • validateAt =”onServer|onBlur|onSubmit”
  • ValidateAt attribute accepts three values
    • onServer
    • onSubmit
    • onBlur
  • Use one or more by separating these values with commas
  • validateAt=”onServer, onSubmit”
  • Requiring data using onSubmit
    <cfinput type="text" name="FIRSTNAME" size="20" maxlength="20" required="yes" message="Please input an Artist’s first name." validateat="onSubmit" id="FIRSTNAME">
  • Add cfform & cfinput tags with validation to the suma tour suggestion form
  • required = “yes”
  • validate = “validation type
  • message = “error message
  • Create a recordset to fill the list/menu control
    <cfquery name="qCountries" datasource=“suma"> SELECT countryID, country, FROM country </cfquery>
  • Use three attributes
    <cfselect name="name" query="recordset" value="column value to pass" display="column value to display"></cfselect>
  • Resulting list/menu control