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Slicing with Photoshop

  • In order to create a slice, we use the slice tool
  • Walk thru the process of adding a slice
  • The slice tool is located in the tool area with the crop tool
  • There are 2 tools related to slicing in this area
    • 1 creates the slices
    • the other edits slices that have already been created
  • Choose the slice tool
  • 2 methods: draw the slice or let PS create it based on a layer
  • We will do one of each method so you can see how to do it
  • Once the slices have been created, rt click to get to the slice options dialog
  • In this dialog I can set up this slice as a hyperlink if I wish
  • We will do create hyperlinks in DW instead
  • I find that I tend to change things so I wait until I get to the web page to add links
  • You must match the page names exactly
  • Talk about how to edit a slice