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Project Planning Documents

  • View this document at, project plan link
  • When planning a website it is important to document the information in order to plan the website
  • This gives you a framework that can be referenced as you build the site
  • I have documentation that can be used as a base for this planning process
  • Give an overview of each document on my site
    1. Design Questionnaire-a questionnaire I provide to new clients in order to gather information and assess their website needs
    2. Design Document-a document that includes the questionnaire and documents the various requirements for the website
    3. Wireframes-there are a few types of wireframes
      • a wireframe is a way to create a visual mapping without the need to include specific design elements
      • a wireframe can be created to map out the various sections of a website for planning purposes
      • a wireframe can be made of the various types of webpage layouts that will be used
    4. Sitemap-a visual way to map out web page navigation for an entire website
    5. Flowchart-a way to map out a complete process, used for creating login processes and user flow through a process

Project Planning Documents

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Project Plan 1:16
  • Design Document Questionnaire 1:45
  • Design Document Items 2:25
  • Homepage Wireframe 2:42
  • Website Wireframe 3:12
  • Login Process Flowchart 3:35

Transcription: Project Planning Documents

I want to now talk about the project piece of the website design and creation process, specifically the project piece of creating the website. 0013 This is all preplanning before we ever get to Dreamweaver.0000

And I found and still find that a lot of people do not even know where to begin to plan a website, if they are new to the process.0018

I have provided some information, out of my website, to assist people, just getting into working with websites, helping to provide them the documentation pieces or at least the starting point for documents so they know how to move forward.0026

So, within my website,, if you click on the resources tab, you will get quite a variety of subjects, this is grown over the years.0042

And what am I going to do, is go into the design area.0054

So, click on design and the upper left is where a lot of this information is located.0060

I am going to kind of start from the first piece of documentation and, very briefly, give you a description of what these different pieces are.0064

And then you can go back and look at them, as you like.0073

So, the first piece is a website design is a project.0076

Just like in any other project whether it would be remodeling your house or putting in a new road or creating a website, all projects have similarities to them.0081

There are things you need to do, things you need to document along the way, plan for, set up a time frame, everything.0092

That is what this project plan, gives you a brief overview about and then within the project plan they are documents you need to create.0100

And one of the first ones, it all kind of starts with this one, the design document questionnaire piece.0109

And this design document questionnaire is a great screening process for new clients.0116

It asked them basic questions about what they really want to include on their website, because this is a project, they have to be happy with it.0123

So, there are a lot of questions asked of them within this document, so I consider this document kind of my official starting point, this goes to the client to begin the process.0133

Once I get that questionnaire back from them, we move into the design document piece.0145

In other words, that questionnaire begins organizing a design document, starting to document what needs to be done, based on that questionnaire and starting the planning process.0151

Once all of that is completed we move into setting up a wire frame for the content.0162

In other words, webpages have content on each page.0172

What we are going to do is remove any design elements and just show the basic outline and organization of the home page.0176

And that is known as a wire frame.0185

The home page wire frame is what I had designated, and there is also a website wire frame as well.0188

This document, some of the navigation, how are they going to move around the site, what are the different sections of the site?0196

And then should they require things like a log in or some specific processes in addition to the two wire frames?0203

I document that process.0212

And there is an example of a log in process flow chart, very common piece of a website.0215

In other words, where do we start, what is the user going to do, what is going to happen if they do this versus that?0221

Do we need a forgotten password, how do we handle those, what are the forms they need to fill out to get that initial username and password if is that what we are going to use, all of those little pieces.0229

So, it is important to get all this documented, and it is difficult to price a website unless you know exactly what the plan is.0244

So all of this comes about of knowing your budget, it teaches you how much time it is going to take, what are the charges going to be, what are the features.0252

And that all determines how long it is going to take for you to create the website.0262

So, that is a brief overview of some of the documents I have on my website for you in case you are interested in using them as a starting point for the planning process.0268

Technically, that is not part of Dreamweaver per se, but once we get to Dreamweaver we have to know what it is we need to do, so this is all that preplanning.0280

So, those are some of the documents that are available on my website for you to assist you in planning out your website before you get to the Dreamweaver piece.0292

So, that is the project portion of our website.0302