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Installing an Extension

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Installing an Extension: Method 1 0:12
    • Get More Commands
    • Manage Extensions
    • Dreamweaver Exchange Classic
    • Adobe Extension Manager CS6
  • Working with the Extension 7:25
    • Finding the Extension within Dreamweaver
    • Using the Lorem Ipsum Extension
  • Installing an Extension: Method 2 10:46
    • Downloading the Adobe Exchange Panel
  • Adobe Exchange Panel 13:21
    • Opening Adobe Exchange
    • Searing for Extensions in Adobe Exchange

Transcription: Installing an Extension

We are now going to take a look at how to work with extensions within Dreamweaver, and also how to install them.0000

There are two ways to go about installing them; I am going to show you the original way that dates way back in Dreamweaver, and we'll start with that one.0008

The way you go out to that area is through the Commands menu within Dreamweaver.0019

And if I click on Commands, there are actually two options that are available: Get More Commands allows you to go out to the Adobe website to obtain extensions; Manage Extensions calls the Extension Manager program that shows you the extensions that are installed within your Adobe products.0026

I am going to go out to the Get More Commands to start.0048

What I want to do is go out and locate an extension within the Dreamweaver Exchange; and you can see, that command from within Dreamweaver takes us automatically to the correct area within the Adobe website.0054

I am in what is known as the Dreamweaver Exchange Classic; Adobe recently modified the Exchange area and updated it, so we are actually in an older area of the Exchange; but you can still certainly obtain extensions through this section.0069

If you notice, up in the upper right here, there is something that says Adobe Exchange, and it shows a lot of other Adobe products, as well.0089

What this is, is actually an add-on panel for Dreamweaver CS6; and it is a way to be able to manage your extensions through a new panel, directly within Dreamweaver, instead of having to go out to the Extension Manager per se in order to be able to do anything.0099

I can go out to the Exchange here and get this particular option; what I am going to do instead is show you how to work within the Dreamweaver Exchange Classic area first.0118

The idea is: I want to locate an extension that allows me to insert Latin text; and we use Latin text as just filler text, until the real text comes in for your website.0131

You will find, more often than not, you won't have the text you need; but you want to be able to lay out the pages themselves.0145

So, what this text does is operate as filler text; you can set up all of your styles; you can set up the whole page design; and then, when the real text comes in, you just replace the filler text with the actual text.0153

I am going to click on Search Dreamweaver here; and you can see, I have already plugged in lorem; or I can just type it in; that is what they call the Latin text piece.0168

I'll go ahead and select that and click Search; what this is going to do is go through the Dreamweaver Exchange and search for any extensions that allow me to insert this Latin text.0181

And you can see, there are a couple here; now, the thing to watch for is: it may say Download, but some of these you have to purchase.0196

So, once you click Download, you may see a Buy and Try button; and if that is the case, and you don't have a direct download, that means you need to purchase it.0205

What I am going to do is use this lorem ipsum generator extension.0215

Now, I'll go ahead and click Download; and what that is going to do is take me out where I need to sign in to the Adobe Exchange.0220

I'll go ahead and do that; now, the Adobe ID I am entering is my personal one, so this is not what you are going to enter; in order to download from the Exchange, you do need to have an Adobe ID.0230

It is basically: you quickly sign up through Adobe; there is no fee for doing it; and you insert that in order to be able to download items from the Adobe website.0244

There is no fee for what I am doing; and it is something you are probably going to want to use within your other Adobe products, as well.0255

In order to download from the Exchange, you do need to have an Adobe ID.0265

I'll go ahead and sign in; and what that is going to do is move me into the Exchange area, where I should be able to download this product.0270

For some reason, that was not the correct password; so, let me try one more time; as you can see, it does have to be the correct password--OK, here we are.0280

Now, what this does is allow me to directly download the extension; and you can see, this has an .mxp file extension.0291

Some of the Adobe products have changed a little bit as to what the file extension is for the product you want from the Exchange.0301

But we don't have to worry about that, because notice, it says Open with Adobe Extension Manager.0311

So, what this is going to do is directly tie into the Extension Manager that is installed when you install Dreamweaver.0318

I'll go ahead and say Open with the Extension Manager and click OK.0326

What this does is open the Extension Manager for me and set up my install process; so you will find, as long as you have an Adobe ID and it's a free extension, this is a very simple process.0333

I'll accept the license for this product; and because I'm on Windows, it is asking me which users I want; and I will say "All Users" and click Install...any user of my system will be available.0347

Now, once you have installed it, you should get this message here, telling me it has been installed; and you can see, I am now in the Extension Manager for Dreamweaver, and it shows that this has been installed.0362

It shows the author, the version...and if I wanted to remove this extension at some point, this is how I would do it by clicking the Remove button.0377

You can see, it is a pretty simple process.0387

Now, the idea behind this is: every extension gets installed in a different location within Dreamweaver.0390

So, the very important piece is to know how to access this extension; and you can see, this is in the Objects, Common, lorem ipsum palette.0396

So, within the Objects area within Dreamweaver, that is how I can locate it; and it says Insert Technocurve Menu.0407

This is interesting in how it is set up; but it is a little bit different than some of the others.0417

But I should have this within my product.0425

Now, normally you have to re-open Dreamweaver in order to register these extensions; so let's go take a look and see if it's in here.0428

For the most part, always plan on having to close and re-open the product in order for it to be installed.0439

Within my product here, it said, "Go to the Objects menu"; well, I'm going to open up a new file here, so I can actually see my different objects here; and let me go to Window, and we'll take a look.0447

Let's look in the Extensions area; and you can see, there is nothing listed right here.0463

This is that new panel that can get installed; so how do we go about finding this one?0468

Well, it is not the last item in the Common tab, which is oftentimes where these end up; so I am going to have to close Dreamweaver and re-open it, and we will take a look at where it ends up being installed.0475

I'll close Dreamweaver; I'll go ahead and re-open Dreamweaver; and let's see where it ended up.0489

Here is my product; now, where did this end up going?0505

This is what ends up happening sometimes when you install these; let's look in the Extensions area--it's not listed down there, so we'll take a look at some of these others.0510

And normally, the Insert bar is where some of this stuff ends; and so, you can see, the extension said to go to the Objects menu; and Dreamweaver has never had an Objects menu...0520

So, we are down at the bottom of the Insert; and you can see, there is now one that says Technocurve lorem ipsum text; so let's try using it.0533

I'll create a new HTML page, move into Design View, and let me go to Insert, Technocurve lorem ipsum text.0542

Here it is, and you can see, it asks me how many paragraphs I want; let me go with 4.0554

I'll click OK, and there is my lorem ipsum text.0560

I can modify as needed; this is actually text written in Latin to make it obvious to you that this is not the real text, so when you are looking at the page, anywhere you see Latin text, you know, "OK, I need real text for that area."0565

I also have this little icon up here at the very end of the Common tab--lorem ipsum; so I can also access it from here.0582

Notice, if I click that icon, it gets me to the same location.0593

Always plan on closing up your product and re-opening it in order for those extensions to be viewable from within your product after the install.0598

Also look at where it is located; and this one was a bit confusing, but if it is something you are going to add to your page, more than likely it has ended up in that Insert menu or within the Insert bar in the Common tab.0610

Those are two locations to look.0625

This one is a very old extension (2002), but you can see, it still works just fine.0628

That is one method for inserting your content, and specifically getting some Latin text to use as filler text for within your website.0635

Let's take a look at the other method: I am going to go up to Commands, and I am going to say Get More Commands, which is right where I started; and I am going to go ahead and download the Extension panel.0648

You can see, the Adobe Exchange here allows me to set that up; so I'll click and get it now; and from within this area, download the Adobe Exchange panel.0661

Now, this is an updated new panel for Dreamweaver, just introduced recently by Adobe; so I'll click Download, and I know that this works, but you can see, it is for CS6 only; that is perfect.0675

I want to download for CS6; take a look at this file extension: the other one was an .mxp; this one is a .zxp.0692

I'll go ahead and open it with the Extension Manager and click OK: and you can see, it is the exact same process.0704

This little image here is giving us an idea of where this is going to be located; and it should be in the Extensions area of Dreamweaver, and if I move this over once it's set up...I'll go ahead and accept and move this over; and you can see, it's under the Window Extensions; I'll show you that in a minute.0711

Now, this one takes a little bit longer to install, but it's kind of a one-time thing; because I am on Windows, I have to authorize this as OK to install, which I just did; and here it comes.0735

Now, all of your extensions are listed within this Extension Manager; so, if you ever wonder which ones you have installed, this is how you can go out and take a look.0748

See, you must close and then restart Dreamweaver; I'll go ahead and click that--it will finish installing, and then I will restart Dreamweaver once again.0759

If you have multiple extensions to install, it is a good idea to just get them all installed and then close and re-open Dreamweaver.0770

Here is Dreamweaver; my Adobe Exchange is set up within this area; I'll go ahead and close that; I'll close this and close out of Dreamweaver; and I don't need to bother saving that page--I just did that to show you.0780

Let me go out to Dreamweaver, and we'll re-open, and I'll show you where that is located.0794

Now, within the Window menu, if I go down to Extensions and take a look at that, I have a new extension specifically for the Adobe Exchange.0802

I'll go ahead and open that; and it is going to take a second here, it looks like...so let me try that one more time; Adobe Exchange is supposed to be open--here it comes.0813

Since this is the first time I am opening it, it kind of has to connect up with everything, so it does take a minute.0826

But what this allows you to do is directly within Dreamweaver do your searching for your various extensions.0834

And I'll put this right next door here; you can see, I dragged it over close to this vertical line, and it popped in.0842

Now, I can go ahead and search for extensions right within this area.0850

This is also a great way to discover some new extensions: notice, it specifies paid or free.0855

My Stuff--what this is going to do is log you in and check out which ones you have.0862

Now, you can see, it is just pulling in my ID for now; I'll go ahead and click on Free, and here are a whole bunch of free extensions available to you.0869

I just wanted to introduce you to the new Adobe Exchange panel, and also teach you how to install and work with extensions.0881

Each extension is a little bit different, so make sure you read through the information; also make sure that that extension is available for Dreamweaver CS6.0890

Some extensions are for specific versions of Dreamweaver, so you want to make sure it's compatible with your version of CS6 Dreamweaver.0901

That is how you can manage and install extensions, and also work with them, as well as install the new Adobe Exchange panel directly within Dreamweaver, so you don't have to go out to the browser to work with extensions, or even locate them within the Adobe website.0912

That is working with extensions within Dreamweaver CS6.0931