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C# is a simple and modern object-oriented programming language used to write a variety of applications. Professor John Snape will guide you from simple programming ideas to complex design issues utilizing his teaching and professional experience. His conversational style blends technical information with tons of necessary background and useful real-world examples. The course covers everything from Arrays, Random Numbers, and Polymorphism, to Forms, Sending Email, and Databases. Downloadable files are also available for students to follow along in the programming process. Professor John Snape has been programming for over 30 years, and teaching for the last 10+ years.

Table of Contents

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I. Introduction

  Introduction Hello World 15:05
  Declaring Variables 47:26
  Accepting Input 13:17
  Operators, Expressions and Statements 40:08
  Program Flow Control 31:44
  Iterations & Looping 24:43
  Working with Strings 53:06
  Formatting Strings for Output 16:24
  Helper Methods 28:40
  Enumerations & Structures 8:39
  Commenting & Documenting Code 8:48
  Arrays, Stacks, Queues & Dictionaries 41:29
  Generic Lists & Collections 14:24
  Variable Scope 10:38
  Reading & Writing Files 25:10
  Dates & Times 12:22
  Random Numbers 5:29
  Handling Exceptions 14:45
  Environment Variables 8:21
  Command Line Arguments 10:43
  The CD Inventory Program So Far 34:16

II. Object Oriented Programming

  Introduction to Object Oriented Programming 1:02:20
  Understanding & Creating Classes 26:06
  Understanding Interfaces & Abstract Classes 20:12
  Static vs. Instance Members 16:24
  Understanding Inheritance 32:59
  Understanding Polymorphism 14:58
  Understanding Delegates 22:00
  Reading & Understanding Code 35:49
  Creating a Data Type 29:21
  Unified Modeling Language & Class Diagrams 23:05
  The CD Inventory Program Upgraded with Classes 20:33

III. GUI Programming

  Introduction to GUI Programming 39:19
  All About Forms 40:07
  Handling Form Events 15:22
  Informational Controls 27:44
  Command Controls 36:23
  Grouping Controls 26:44
  Text Editing Controls 25:07
  List Selection Controls 37:45
  Setting Options Controls 21:20
  Dialog Controls 22:21
  Graphic Display Controls 35:37
  Date Setting Controls 15:53
  Other Controls 17:33
  Using the Clipboard 7:28
  Sending Email 25:16
  Some Sample Programs 38:31
  Our CD Inventory Program Upgraded with Forms 15:16

IV. Databases

  Introduction to Databases 34:07
  SQL Server Management Studio & Northwind Database 8:11
  SELECT Statement 31:24
  UPDATE & DELETE Statements 16:56
  INSERT Statement 11:48
  Creating a Database from Scratch 44:54
  Querying Lists with LINQ 20:42
  Using Databound Controls 14:22
  Our CD Inventory Program Upgraded with a Database 10:50

V. Conclusion

  Where to Go from Here 19:48

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