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Last reply by: John Snape
Mon Apr 21, 2014 10:45 AM

Post by Thuy Nguyen on April 20, 2014

Hi, when I opened the Form.cs and all of the other downloaded files, I get an empty form with no components.  How do I open up the file in order for it to load all of the buttons, labels, etc.?

Handling Form Events

  • Events are anything that happens that your program needs to respond to
  • Double-clicking on a control will create an empty event handler for the control’s default action
  • The full list of events for a control are listed in the properties panel when you select the lightning icon
  • Double clicking any of these events listed will create an empty event handler for that event
  • If you create your own Subs for event handlers, you can choose them on the right side of the event listed in the properties panel
  • You can call event handlers like you can call any other Sub