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Don’t understand your teacher? Don’t like their style? Need a better way to understand? Educator.com is the right place for you. Over 100 comprehensive courses accessible 24/7!

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Extremely Comprehensive Math, Science, & Programming Video Tutorials

When we say our lessons are extremely comprehensive, we totally mean it! Compare a full educator.com lesson to any free video lesson on YouTube and you will notice a big difference. For complex subjects such as Organic Chemistry, the total hours of instruction can reach 54 hours!

Our library of courses cover math & science from high school through college & medical school, while our programming lessons prepare you for personal projects and career advancement.

Whether you're a current student or a lifelong learner, Educator.com's 100+ courses can help you reach your goals.

We only find effective & passionate teachers that will help you finish your homework, ace your class, and dominate that standardized test.

Almost all of our instructors have advanced degrees and average 10+ years of actual teaching experience, so they know where students make mistakes. And unlike private tutors or your own teachers, they are available 24/7 through Educator's online library.

Best of all, you get unlimited access to all our 100+ courses so you can learn what you want at your own pace.

In addition to unlimited access, you'll be able to search and jump directly to your specific problem topic. No more watching an entire video hoping to get your question answered.

You'll also receive tons of practice problems with step by step solutions, interactive quizzes, downloadable slides and programming files, and the ability to ask questions to our community and teachers.

So what are you waiting for? Choose a course and get to know your instructor with some free sample lessons. No registration required!

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  • Get unlimited access to over 100 high school, AP, and college courses

  • Learn from excellent teachers who are passionate about teaching

  • Save time and jump to your problem topic with our searchable lessons

  • Ask questions to our community and teachers

  • Practice with example problems, downloadable slides, and lesson notes

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What I couldn't understand within 15 hours of lecture, I understood in 10 minutes here. I knew this website was fantastic! Thanks a lot! I will tell everybody in my class.

— Priscila S. (Verified Member)

These lectures are amazing, they make everything so clear and easy to understand!

— Susan M. (Verified Member)

The best online teaching website.

— RadicalParenting.com

I was really confused 3 hours ago and now I get everything!

— Niraj S. (Verified Member)

These lectures are so helpful. It's amazing how much easier good teaching can make things! Thank you!

— Kate B. (Verified Member)

Educator.com is a great learning tool for any student or adult professional who is serious about learning and wants to get the most bang for their buck.

— Dr. Drew at Ed Tech Reviews

I like how he solves practical examples after illustrating the physical concepts of the lesson.

— Yasser A (Verified Member)

This site is really a world class style and a must use resource for all the students.

— MyEducationBlog.com

Previously I used YouTube videos but these are definitely worth paying for.

— Kathleen D. (Verified Member)

Great teaching style, way better than my teacher. I like the step by step explanations and examples.

— Mohammed J. (Verified Member)

Thanks so much Raffi, not only for helping me to get a good grade but for helping me to fully understand math, its applications, and its power!

— Josh W. (Verified Member)

Educator.com is a great learning tool for any student or adult professional who is serious about learning and wants to get the most bang for their buck.

— Ed Tech Reviews

My professor should watch these lectures so he can learn how to teach!

— Brodey H. (Verified Member)

These examples are awesome. It makes physics more interesting when the examples are fun. Thanks!

— Diana Z. (Verified Member)

I just watch your videos, make notes, and then tackle end of chapter questions. Waaaaaay better!

— Nikki C. (Verified Member)

The best online teaching website.

— RadicalParenting.com


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