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Last reply by: Kyoung-Hee Kim
Mon Oct 13, 2014 10:09 PM

Post by Rajendran Rajaram on February 28, 2013

I need to take the SAT two months from know. I took the PSAT 6 months ago and did poorly. I got 133. MY question for you is, will I be able to do better if I thoroughly watch all of your videos? Do you recommend a study plan to ace the SAT. I have come across a website called Khan Academy,is it good?. will it help.
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Sentence Completion Question Types

  • What are Sentence Completion Questions?
    • Sentence completion questions ask you to choose the correct word (or words) to fill in a blank (or blanks) in a sentence.
    • They are tests of your vocabulary andof your ability to reason.
    • They usually appear at the beginning of a Critical Reading section.
  • Sentence Completion Question Types
    • Sentence completion questions may have either one or two blanks.
    • Vocabulary-in-context questions ask you to choose the correct word for the context of the sentence. These questions derive their difficulty from their vocabulary.
    • Logic-basedquestions ask you to find the correct word or words for the context of a complicated (and logically complex) sentence. These questions derive their difficulty from the twists and turns of their logic.
  • Vocabulary-in-Context Questions
    • These questions come in both one- and two-blank forms.
  • Logic-Based Questions
    • These questions still rely on your vocabulary, but also try to trick you with complicated sentence constructions. The meaning of the sentence changes frequently; you must know where you are to choose the right word.
  • Sentence-Completion Question Strategies
    • Pick a word, any word …Before you look at the answer choices, ask yourself what kind of word mightgo in the blank. Then look for a word (or pair of words) that mean about the same thing as the word you chose.
    • Positives and negatives:On two-blank questions, use plus (+) and minus (-) symbols to indicate whether the word in each blank should be positive or negative.
    • Process of elimination:Use any method you can to eliminate answers you know are wrong. If you can eliminate at least two answers from a five-option question, the odds are in your favor even if you guess randomly from the remaining three.
    • Look for “clue words” in your sentences:
    • On two-blank questions, look for the relationshipbetween the two words and the sequenceof the blanks.
    • Never eliminate a choice unless you are sure of its meaning.
    • Use your knowledge of roots, prefixes, and suffixes to decode unfamiliar words.
    • If you can’t eliminate any of the answer choices, skip the question.
    • If you can only eliminate oneanswer choice, move on; come back later and see if you can eliminate at least one choice.
    • If you can eliminate at least two choices, feel free to guess, but the more choices you eliminate, the better your odds will be.
    • Read! The more you read, the more you will build your vocabulary, and the easier these questions will be.
  • Recommended supplementary material to view SAT questions featured in lesson answer guides: The Official SAT Study Guide by the College Board.

Sentence Completion Question Types

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  • Intro 0:00
  • Lesson Overview 0:11
  • What Are Sentence Completion Questions? 0:40
    • Choose the Correct Word to Fill in a Blank
    • Tests Your Vocabulary and Your Ability to Reason
  • Sentence Completion Question Types 1:15
    • Vocabulary-In-Context
    • Logic-Based Questions
  • Vocabulary In Context 2:09
    • Example
  • Logic-Based Questions 2:54
    • Example
  • Sentence Completion Strategies 3:28
    • Pick a Word, Any Word
    • Example
    • Positives and Negatives
    • Example
    • Process of Elimination
    • Example
  • Sentence Completion Tips 7:41
    • Look for Clue Words
    • Look for the Relationship Between the Two Words and the Sequence of the Blanks
    • Never Eliminate a Choice Unless You Are Sure of Its Meaning
    • If You Can Only Eliminate One Answer Choice, Move On and Come Back To It Later
    • If You Can Eliminate Two Choices, Feel Free to Guess