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Adobe Bridge Summary

  • All of the features of Bridge re-visited so that you clearly understand them.

Adobe Bridge Summary

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Lesson Overview 0:15
  • Summary of Principal Features in Adobe Bridge 0:27
    • The Bridge Workspace is Customizable
    • Downloading Images From a Camera Directly to Bridge
    • Sorting, Labeling, and Rating Images
    • Filter Panel
    • Favorites Panel
    • Navigation
    • Keywords and Metadata
    • Creating PDF's and Web Photo Galleries

Transcription: Adobe Bridge Summary

Hi, Michael Brown here again, welcome back to's Adobe Photoshop CS6 course.0000

In the last three lessons we've been going over the functions and features of Adobe Bridge--the editing program that comes with Photoshop.0006

In this lesson we're going to do a review of all of the principal features, so that I can remind you of what and how things work in Bridge and how easy it truly is, so let's get started.0015

We're going to look first at the workspace and how to customize it--File menu, Browse in Bridge.0028

We have several workspaces available--here's the essentials, film strip in its basics, Metadata--I also have my customized, and the way you can add panels going to the Window dropdown menu--you can move them wherever you want, I can move them from side to side if I want the collections over here, I'll just move it over to that side next to the keywords (actually I'll put it up by the Metadata, good place for it).0034

And you can adjust the sizing by seeing your double arrow, and pulling the panels up, down to customize them.0064

Thumbnails--you can always add the spacing with the little click box, and once you get them the way you want them, go over to the dropdown arrow to new workspace and you can save your own custom workspace--very easy to customize.0072

Oh, and the easy way of course to get back to Photoshop is the boomerang icon or the File menu to return to Adobe Photoshop.0089

OK, that takes care of the workspace.0100

It's not painting...because it's trying to paint white, that's why!0106

Working in Photoshop and I'm not on top of it.0112

OK downloading your images from a camera directly to Bridge is with the photo downloader (there's the icon) or the File menu to get photos, very simply click it, and when you get the downloader to open up...nothing is connected at the moment but your saving options...where you want to put it, sub-folders if you wish, rename your files if you'd like, and you can also convert them to digital negatives.0116

Save copies, which is a really good idea, downloading your images--one shot to two different places so you already have a copy saved, but do not check the delete original files.0144

You always want to make sure not only are your images downloaded but that they're not corrupted, and that way you need to check them first because if you delete them and there's something wrong, you can't get them back in that card--I always recommend unchecking this.0160

OK, that takes care of the photo downloader.0178

Sorting, labeling and rating...very easy to do.0181

We sort them and rate them via labels, we have star ratings from worse to best--actually zero rating would be the worst, five in my mind would be the all-time favorite...increase, decrease, all sorts of adjustments.0187

You can also do colored labels (notice we have a red label) you could make that a different one, different colors available (we'll take the label off) so you have easily adjusted that way and let's show you how to do a quick edit.0200

We've got two shots here side by side (let's just go to one that's already rated, 278).0217

Command on a Mac, Control on a PC, click on the other image that you want to compare and as you can see here, this was not bad--I didn't like his expression and the guy removing the trash was not good, so obviously this is the better one, and we rated it three star.0225

You can change your ratings by clicking on the thumbnail up and down to wherever you want and now we have edited an image, and we just go on and move them down until you get your final, best images.0243

OK, very simple.0258

A filter panel lets you easily edit your images, separating them by quality as well as other options.0261

In the case of (let's go back and uncheck that) for the...let's see, I'm going to use this...collections, there we are, the Best Flowers, because what I have here in the filter panel, we not only have star ratings (obviously we have several different rated star values) we also have different file types--we could sort them by Photoshop document, once you get them rated and changed over there's your Photoshop documents.0270

I can also separate them by keywords; in this case I've applied keywords to separate red flowers from yellow flowers.0299

Several different ways to easily find the specific images that you have already edited and rated within Bridge through the filter panel.0308

The favorites panel...this is another one that I find...a lot of editing programs require you to import your images and immediately create albums and other things.0321

In here, it's very, very simple.0333

If you have a particular folder that you want to put it in--and I'm actually going to remove a favorite, Control click on a Mac or right click on a PC and you can just remove one.0335

If you want to add one, you just very simply navigate to the place that you want to go and find your folder, and where is it?0350

We'll just fine a different folder here...I can't find my folder, and this does show you sometimes that life is not that easy.0367

You find the folder that you like...this is what the favorites is for, and you click and drag it up--don't drop it in a surround--that will put it inside that folder, make sure that it's an arrow or a line in between, and now we've imported Brian Auger, this was a concert that we went and shot, and now you have these in every folder in here--it was that easy to get the folder so that you can instantly go to it at any time.0376

Now collections, as opposed to favorites which are specific items within a single folder, collections are a collection of similar images from many different places around your computer and even external hard drives, and you just create a collection and drag the images in, and I'll show you...for example, we'll highlight this one and see, here's the navigation bar at the bottom, it's in a flowers, March 16th, 12...this one here came from the same one...this one here's from another one, flower composites.0407

This one here is from flowers from another date, that's three, and here we have again that one, and the flower composite, there's another one, so several different folders supplied images to a singular collection, which is instantly accessible.0444

So you either have folders or collections, that sums up everything in terms of finding your images, very simple.0464

Navigation is very, very simple in simply hit your folders panel, and there is either your normal Mac navigation as with my Macintosh, or the PC navigation method, very easy to find your stuff, just working your way right through.0472

Simple, simple, that's the whole idea of Bridge.0490

You can add keywords and Metadata to your images very the case of keywords...let's go back to my favorites, let's go to Macedo sketches, we're going to filter it--this is how easy it is...0494

We're going to drop it down to the rated images, highlight all of them (that's 22 images) over here under people.0513

I'm going to create a new sub-keyword under the main heading called Macedo Design Sketches, and all I have to do is hit the check mark under Macedo Design Sketches to all the highlighted.0520

You notice down at the bottom in the navigation, it is now writing that keyword to every one of those images and they will have that keyword forever.0538

If you wish to add Metadata to any specific images, go to your Metadata panel, and for example (let me just scroll down here) you'll see they have all sorts of stuff as we've pointed out before, but in this case I'm just going to put the actual creator (I already did on this image so let's go to another image here) I did it on all of these so let's go over to Bob's big boy, highlight one, and I also did that one too, wow!0550

I've got a lot of mine done here, whoa...went crazy on me.0584

Back to Bridge.0588

I double clicked and it opened it.0589

I know that we have none under Brian Auger...highlight here...there!0592

just highlight it, I'll type in my on the thumbnail and it asks me if I want to apply it, and now on that particular image, the creator is added--you can add anything you want.0599

So there's your keywords and Metadata, and finally you can create pdfs and a web photo gallery, either one directly from within Bridge.0614

In other words, you've got you images in--let's say, for example, with these sketches right here that are all finished (the rated ones) I can go to my Output panel...excuse me, my Output workspace, and with those images already highlighted, I can go in and create a pdf to send to a client or email to a client, or I can similarly create a web photo gallery, and actually upload the gallery directly from here, right to an ftp server.0625

All of the conveniences, all of the features within Adobe Bridge, life is very simple and it adds to your workflow in Photoshop CS6.0661

That summarizes and concludes our lesson in Bridge, we're going to move on now to Camera Raw.0672