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Defining a Site in Dreamweaver

  • We need to setup our website within Dreamweaver to take advantage of Dreamweaver features
  • Once we define our site, Dreamweaver can help to maintain the links between our files, images, and other content between the web pages
  • This allows us to easily create and maintain hyperlinks between all the files
  • We can also access our files easily within Dreamweaver so we can create, rename, delete and move files within our website without breaking all of the links between the files
  • Only define a site once & Dreamweaver stores the information
  • Steps to defining a site:
    1. Go to Site->Manage Sites
    2. Click the new Site button
    3. Name your site (this is the name that shows up in the Files panel, you can use spaces)
    4. Click the folder in the Local Site Folder area & browse to your root folder, the folder that contains all of your website files
  • You only need a blank folder, known as your root folder
  • The root folder contains all of your website files
  • We will define 2 sites in Dreamweaver
    1. The first will be an empty root folder that will store files we use in the pre-defined CSS layout chapter
    2. The second will be for the rest of this course and will contain many files for our website

Defining a Site in Dreamweaver

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Manage Sites 1:38
  • Create a New Site 2:57
  • Files Panel 6:16
  • Rearranging Site Files 7:10
  • Local View 9:40
  • Summary 10:14

Transcription: Defining a Site in Dreamweaver

What we are going to do now is define a site in Dreamweaver.0000

And what that means is we are actually going to get our entire website and all of the files contained within the folder of that website, within our Files panel here.0004

It makes it easier for you to open and close files, but there is also some magic that Dreamweaver does to help us keep tabs on all of our files.0017

So this Files panel is the most important panel in Dreamweaver and we are going to define a site, right now in this dropdown list.0027

You can see there is not a site mentioned at all and what I am going to do, is get a couple of websites listed in here, that we will be working whit throughout this course.0037

Let us go ahead and get that set up.0048

First of all, you need to download the course files from the Exercise files tab underneath any of the videos within the course.0051

Included in the course files are both a Start folder and an End folder, or you can go in and do a chapter at a time using the Chapter start or Completed files.0061

But, what we want is a folder of Wanderlust travel files, those are the files from the complete website, and that is what I am going to tell Dreamweaver about when I get to this point.0075

And then we are going to also create a second blank, empty website, basically a folder on our system, that will start falling in another area.0088

Let us click the Files panel, so in the Files panel we have this dropdown and the little dropdown arrow is what we want, and we are going to select Manage sites.0098

Now you are probably saying, OK, she has got Manage sites right there, why not use that one.0111

That is because this does not show very often, when my sites are blank it shows, so I do not want you to become dependent upon that link, in order to get here.0117

So, we can use this dropdown to go to Manage sites, or we can go up to the Site menu and get to the same thing.0129

I usually do not move people into the New site area, it is best if you get used to the Manage sites.0138

Because, I can guarantee you will end up setting up more than one website and when you are working in it , it is good to get familiar with this Manage site menu.0146

So, since I am here, I will use this approach and I will click Manage sites, and you can see I do not have any set up yet.0155

What I want to do is tell Dreamweaver the name of my website and where my files are stored, those are the only two pieces of information that Dreamweaver needs, so it is pretty simple to set this up.0164

Now, the first thing I want to do is, notice I have a new site button right here, and that is what I am going to do, create a new site.0177

I will click that button, the first thing I need to do is give it a name, so I am going to name this one Wanderlust travel.0185

And I have a folder on my system of our course files and that is what I put into the second area.0195

So what I have done here for the Local site folder is I have put it on my C drive or my hard drive and wherever you put that copy of the course files folder that is where you want to navigate to.0202

I will click the folder, mine is on my C drive and I have it listed at the very bottom, under Wanderlust travel, these are all of my websites files that I have available.0216

I will double-click that, make sure it is showing here and if you are on the Window side, you also want to make sure it is showing on the bottom piece.0230

Go ahead and once you have that selected, once you have founded on your system, click Select, or Choose on the Mac side, and Dreamweaver will put the pat in for you.0240

Now, when we click Save there will be a message that pops up and it is fairly quick, because we do not have too many file in this folder but just watch for it and you will see the word Cash in there.0253

What Dreamweaver is going to do is it is going to save this information, the name of the site and where it is located so that every time we go to the Files panel, Dreamweaver will understand what files it is we are referencing.0267

I am going to click Save and here is the site Cash that disappeared very quickly, but you can see I now have a website listed in this area.0281

While we are here we are going to do a second website and so I will click New site, once again, and this one is going to be called Predefined CSS layout, there we go.0292

Now, I do not have any files for this website and our other folder had quite a few files within it, so I do not want you to think you always have to create files before you can do this in Dreamweaver.0314

What I am going to do is create a New folder, so I will click on the Folder and I am going to create a New folder on my system called Predefined CSS layouts, here we go.0327

And that is the folder I am going to specify for this particular website, so it is just a completely empty folder.0350

I will double-click that to select it and click Select, or Choose if you are on the Mac side.0358

I will click Save and now we will see two different sites defined within the Manage site area.0366

So, I will click Done and what Dreamweaver is going to do is show me one of those sites, within the Files panel.0373

Right now, this is fairly small, so you can see if I move this over I can see the full name of it in the Files panel, so I will leave it up to you.0382

As long as you could see the beginning, you are in good shape, cause all you want to do is differentiate these between one another.0392

Now, the other thing that always happens when you set up your sites is you can see, you cannot really see it, unless you hover over.0400

I am going to put my cursor between Local files and Size and just move that over a little bit so I can see more of the name,0407

That helps me out, because once you add files in here it is going to be very narrow, as well and you will not be able to differentiate them.0415

There is nothing in our Predefined CSS layouts website, right now, let us switch over and I will click this dropdown and notice we will have Wanderlust travel now.0424

So move over to that website and there is quite a few files within this area.0436

Now, depending upon the chapter files you have chosen or the files from the Exercise files listing you may or may not have the exact same files as mine or have everyone in the list.0441

But you do want to be able to see something approximately close to I have listed here.0454

And now you can see why I want to move this area over between Local files and Size so I can see a little bit more of the names of the individual pages.0461

Now, this Files panel is absolutely crucial for working in Dreamweaver, it allows you to open files, you can move files and what I will do is move a file here.0473

Watch what happens if I take About us and I drag it up into the Flash folder, this is what is cool about defining a site.0485

What happened is Dreamweaver says, wait a minute, you have got links between some of this files, right here and when you move this file, those links could be broken.0496

Do you want me to update those so that they will stay linked up, despite the fact that I have moved this file, and I will definitely click Update, now the About Us is between the Flash folder.0506

When you are working on the web, moving your files around, you never want to do through your operating system.0521

So you do not want to use Finder or just click and drag files around outside of Dreamweaver, for your website.0529

Once you have set it up and you have got your links all intact, Dreamweaver will keep track of that for you so this is where you want to do that.0536

In order to move a file out of a folder, such as this one, and put it back out at this level, what I am going to do is click on it and drag it on top of the uppermost folder.0546

When I let go, I get another notice, Dreamweaver says, wait a minute, you are moving it again, and I can update it for you.0559

Just click the button, update and now I know that everything within my pages is still working correctly.0567

Dreamweaver does a great job as long as you stay in this Files area.0575

Now, the second dropdown here, next to the name of the website, it says Local view, and there are some other options.0580

If at some point you accidentally click this, and all of the sudden it looks very different, if I go out to remove server, you can see suddenly all my files are gone, just double check, we are going to stay in Local view here always.0590

So, just double check that second dropdown just in case you bumped it and moved it into a different area.0606

But what we just did was define two websites in Dreamweaver, the first one it is an empty folder and now we can move in and add more files to it.0614

The other one was our Wanderlust travel website, which has files already within the folder, so you can use either method.0625

Dreamweaver just has to know the folder that it is going to contain all of your site files.0635

As soon as you do that, every time I open Dreamweaver. these will be available, so this is not something you do every time you open Dreamweaver.0640

As soon as the website it has been set up in Dreamweaver, it is always here when you open the program.0649

That is how you define a Local site within Dreamweaver in order to get all of your files showing up within the Files panel, so Dreamweaver can help you maintain your hyperlinks and your PAWS to everything within your website.0655

So, we just defined two local sites in Dreamweaver.0673