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Software Training: ColdFusion 9: Application Framework Prof. Candyce Mairs (Adobe Certified)

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  • Level Intermediate
  • 40 Lessons (4hr : 55min)
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  • Audio: English

This course looks at a ColdFusion 9 based website from the application level. Adobe Certified Instructor Candyce Mairs guides you through the process of building a ColdFusion Application and Error Handling Framework. Exercises included are task-based, with ColdFusion concepts explained along the way. Additional topics include Speeding up Your ColdFusion Performance Using Query Caching and Using the Server Monitor. Candyce has been in the training industry since 1994, is a Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) Master Designer and Instructor, and also holds Adobe Certified Instructor and Expert certifications in Fireworks, ColdFusion, Acrobat, and Contribute.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Introduction

  Course Overview 2:10
  Course Environment 2:09

Section 2: The Dynamic Environment

  Static vs. Dynamic Requests 3:22
  The ColdFusion Install 8:21
  Modifying Administrator Settings 3:41
  Installing the Course Files 2:51
  Installing ColdFusion Builder 6:41
  Project Setup 9:33
  Installing the Database, Part 1 5:16
  Installing the Database, Part 2 8:19

Section 3: Application Planning

  Higher-Scope Variables 5:04
  Application Level 3:02
  Defining Site-Wide Needs 4:01

Section 4: The Application Framework

  Creating the Application Framework 4:47
  Previous Versions of ColdFusion 6:13
  CFC Placement 7:50
  CFC Basics 10:52

Section 5: Using the Application Framework

  Planning Method Code 4:12
  Adding Application Methods 11:37
  Adding Request Methods 8:58
  The onRequest() Method 10:52
  Session Methods 11:14
  Other Methods Available 6:39

Section 6: Error Handling

  Planning for Errors 9:37
  Error Handling Levels 7:52
  Error Examples 6:24

Section 7: Setting Up the Error Handling Framework

  Building a Site-Wide Error Handler 7:04
  Creating Error Templates 5:10
  The <cferror> Tag 11:34
  Error Structures 12:04
  The onError() Method, Part 1 7:19
  The onError() Method, Part 2 8:44
  The onMissingTemplate() Method, Part 1 9:06
  The onMissingTemplate() Method, Part 2 6:34
  The <cftry> and <cfcatch> Tags 9:42
  The <cfthrow> Tag 7:37

Section 8: Race Conditions and Locking

  Avoiding Race Conditions 8:46
  The <cflock> Tag 8:21
  Lock Attributes 6:22
  Locking Recommendations 4:04

Duration: 4 hours, 55 minutes

Number of Lessons: 40

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