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The Source & Program Monitors

  • The Source Monitor
    • For selecting parts of a clip to use in the timeline
    • Can speed up your rough cut creation, as you are dealing only with subclips
  • The Program Monitor
    • Allows you to watch your program as it comes together
    • Also displays effects and transitions, so you can see how they look when applied
  • You can add and remove buttons from both panels to clean up the interface
  • Markers can be used to find specific spots in your video, for lining up audio and video
  • Sync Lock allows you to lock two or more tracks, so when one moves, all of them move
  • Track lock is like Sync Lock, but for a single track
  • Dragging a clip from the Source Panel onto the Program Panel will place the beginning of the clip at the Current Time Indicator
  • Dragging a clip from the Source Panel onto the Timeline allows you to place it exactly where you need it
  • You can also drag just the video, or just the audio from the Source Panel
  • There are multiple ways of doing pretty much everything because everyone has their own way of editing. They can choose which is best for them

The Source & Program Monitors

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  • Intro 0:00
  • The Source & Program Monitors 0:09
    • Adding & Deleting Buttons
    • Still & Playback Resolution
    • Using Markers
    • Sync Lock and Track Lock
    • Moving Clips
    • Extracting and Deleting Clips
    • Finding Holes in Timeline
    • Why are There So Many Ways to Do Something?