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Setting the Default Editors for Dreamweaver

  • You can set the default image editor within Dreamweaver
  • This is defined within the Preferences area
  • Go to Dreamweaver/Edit->preferences depending upon your operating system
  • Select the File Types/Editors category
  • You may have an editor already defined if you have Fireworks or Photoshop on your system
  • These are defined when you install Dreamweaver
  • When I choose the PNG format, it shows Fireworks as the primary editor
  • If I choose jpg or gif, Photoshop becomes the primary editor
  • These are listed because I have them on my system
  • If you do not have an image editor on your system, this button just says Edit
  • You can also choose a different editor for code view
  • Select the image format, and once the editor is selected, click the Make Primary button
  • You can set up your editors as you wish based on those on your specific system within this area

Setting the Default Editors for Dreamweaver

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Setting Default Image Editors 1:07
    • Set Preferences
    • Adding Image Editors
    • Set Primary Editor
    • Removing Editors
  • Editor Icon Shortcut 5:09
  • Summary 5:39

Transcription: Setting the Default Editors for Dreamweaver

We're going to take a look at how to set the default image editors within Dreamweaver.0000

By "default," there is kind of combination of them that are available, and most people don't realize this.0008

So, let's take a look at what I'm talking about.0014

If I click on an image--and I just chose one of the images that I recently added to the specials.html page--and if I click on this image, notice, I have a pencil right here in the Edit area.0017

If I click on another image, you will see, I keep getting the same thing: a pencil.0034

Now, a pencil usually means "edit" within Dreamweaver; but I do not have an image editor assigned for this type of image, which is a JPEG.0041

Because of that, it shows me the pencil by default.0054

Now, if you have Fireworks or Photoshop (in other words, you have some of the other Creative Suite graphics editors), you have the capability to change this pencil into one of those editors, depending upon the image format.0058

Let me show you how to do that.0076

I'm going to click on the Edit menu and go down to Preferences; and within the Preferences area, there is this option: File Types and Editors.0078

And notice, I don't have anything listed here as an editor for any of these; so, if I click on them...actually, Internet Explorer is my editor for a GIF image; that is most interesting.0089

So, I have played around with my system just a little bit; and I assigned it, accidentally, at some point; you can open images within a browser, and that is how this accidentally happened.0104

So, this can also happen where you would like it to be the correct editor, but it's not; and we are going to fix all of this.0120

The idea is: this is a PNG image; what editor do I want to make for my PNG image?0128

Well, I'm going to click the + sign: what this is going to do is allow me to go out and find an image editor.0136

And, within Adobe here, in the program files, you will see: I have Photoshop.0145

So, if I open that, and I select my Photoshop option here--and if you're on the Mac side, this would be in your Applications folder, not your Programs folder--I'll double-click that; you can see, Photoshop has become an editor.0151

And it is the primary editor for my PNG file--not exactly what I want; let me add Fireworks as an editor, also.0167

So, I'll go ahead and click this; and let me go try and find Fireworks on my system.0177

And it is not in my Program Files here; what it is, is in my other Program Files folder, x86.0184

Let me open up this one; I'll go into Adobe, and you can see, here is my Fireworks; I'll scroll down to the bottom.0194

Once again, on the Mac side, all of these would be located in the Applications folder.0202

And you simply choose the icon that matches the program, and it pulls it in for you.0208

Now, I can choose between these two editors and the format.0215

So, I'm going to say, "If it's a PNG, I want Fireworks to be my primary editor"; so I choose Fireworks and click Make Primary.0219

For my GIF, I definitely don't want Internet Explorer to be the actual editor; and it has taken the place of my Photoshop, so I just go back through those same things.0230

Go ahead and add it here; I'm going to make Photoshop my GIF editor.0245

JPEG--same thing; so you can see, you just repeat the process, based on the editor you want to be able to use for each format.0251

For my PSD, I would use Photoshop; for my JPEG, I could decide what I wanted; but you have the option to add these in here and choose which one is the primary editor for your graphics programs.0262

Now, I don't want Internet Explorer added or used for a GIF, even as a secondary; so I'm going to click the - , and that gets rid of it.0278

So, you have the ability to modify these editors for your different formats.0289

This is a GIF; let me add Photoshop as an editor for my JPEG format, since it's fairly quick to do.0295

That is my primary; I'll click OK, and look at what happened to my button.0308

Because I have assigned Photoshop as my primary editor for JPEGs, when I insert a JPEG onto the page, I see the Photoshop icon.0314

So, what it did was associate that file format with Photoshop, so every time it's a JPEG image on my page, that icon will now show up (as you can see).0326

So, that is how you can set your primary graphics editor for Dreamweaver, and that is through the Edit Preferences area for File Types and Editors.0339

And what we did was: we just told Dreamweaver, "We want to use Photoshop or Fireworks for a few of our image formats."0354

So, that is assigning a file editor for a format in Dreamweaver.0363