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Treatment of Abnormal Behavior, Part II

  • Sigmund Freud created a talk-based therapy that involves the techniques of free-association, dream analysis, and attempting to overcome resistance
  • Freud’s therapy was important in helping soldiers during WWI which legitimized the process
  • Behavior therapy does not focus on the causes of behavior, but rather uses operant and classical conditioning techniques and behavior modification to change behavior
  • Counterconditioning is a behavior therapy procedure that used classical conditioning to evoke new responses to stimuli that are triggering unwanted behaviors; includes exposure therapies and aversive conditioning
  • Mary Cover Jones, the mother of behavior therapy, created desensitization therapy to reduce/eliminate fears
  • Joseph Wolpe added to Cover Jones’ work and created systematic desensitization

Treatment of Abnormal Behavior, Part II

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  1. Intro
    • Types of Psychotherapy
    • The Psychological Therapies
    • Psychoanalysis: Freud
    • Techniques of Psychoanalysis
    • Dream Analysis
    • More Freudian Concepts
    • Modern Psychoanalysis
    • Behavior Therapy
    • Counterconditioning
    • Counterconditioning Techniques
    • Desensitization Therapy
    • Systematic Desensitization
    • Sample Desensitization Hierarchy
    • Operant Conditioning
    • More Operant Conditioning Techniques
    • Reinforcement and Token Economies
    • Review
    • Intro 0:00
    • Types of Psychotherapy 0:14
      • Individual
      • Group
      • Insight
      • Directive
      • Time-Limited
    • The Psychological Therapies 1:01
      • Psychoanalysis and Behavioral Therapies This Segment
    • Psychoanalysis: Freud 1:14
      • Hysteria
      • Cause of Hysterias
      • Main Goal of Psychoanalysis
      • Talk Therapy Became Popularized in WWI
    • Techniques of Psychoanalysis 3:35
      • Free Association
    • Dream Analysis 4:42
      • Dreams Express Forbidden Desires and Unconscious Feelings
      • Manifest Content
      • Latent Content
      • Dream Symbols
    • More Freudian Concepts 6:39
      • Resistance
      • Transference
    • Modern Psychoanalysis 8:30
      • Brief Psychodynamic Therapy
      • Spontaneous Remission
    • Behavior Therapy 9:56
      • Use of Learning Principles to Make Constructive Changes in Behavior
      • Behavior Modification
    • Counterconditioning 12:10
      • Behavior Therapy Procedure
      • Aversive Conditioning -- Conditioned Aversion -- Aversion Therapy
    • Counterconditioning Techniques 15:08
      • Aversive Conditioning
      • Desensitization
      • Operant Conditioning
    • Desensitization Therapy 19:27
      • Mary Cover Jones
      • Mother of Behavior Therapy
      • Desensitization Therapy
      • Peter (3-Year-Old) and His Fear of Rabbits
    • Systematic Desensitization 20:47
      • Joseph Wolpe
      • Hierarchy
      • Reciprocal Inhibition
      • Vicarious Desensitization
      • Model
      • Virtual Reality Exposure
    • Sample Desensitization Hierarchy 23:26
      • Sample Desensitization Hierarchy Chart and Explanation
    • Operant Conditioning 25:21
      • Learning Based on Consequences of Making a Response
      • Positive Reinforcement
      • Nonreinforcement
      • Extinction
      • Punishment
    • More Operant Conditioning Techniques 26:10
      • Shaping
      • Stimulus Control
      • Time Out
    • Reinforcement and Token Economies 29:57
      • Token Economy
      • Tokens
      • Target Behaviors
    • Review 32:46
      • What are the Assumptions and Techniques of the Behavior Therapies?
      • What are the Goals and Techniques of the Psychodynamic Therapies?
      • Describe Counterconditioning.
      • Describe How Desensitization Therapy Works and How it Differs From Systematic Desensitization.