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Last reply by: John Snape
Mon Apr 21, 2014 11:02 AM

Post by Thuy Nguyen on April 20, 2014

Hi, what is ImeMode?  What do all of these modes mean?

Grouping Controls

  • The Grouping Controls allow you to logically group together other controls
  • The Grouping Controls are:
    • FlowLayoutPanel
    • GroupBox
    • TabControl
    • TableLayoutPanel
    • ToolStripContainer
  • You’ll want to group related radio buttons inside a grouping control
  • The FlowLayoutPanel will automatically reformat the layout of controls in it to adjust to the space it is in
  • The TableLayoutPanel will keep related controls together inside of it as it is moved and resized
  • The TabControl can keep multiple pages separated, usually used for settings or multi-tabbed document handlers