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Lecture Comments (6)

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Post by Jaden Wu on June 12, 2017

yeak ha ha hahaha

0 answers

Post by Karina Herrera on December 31, 2016

For the practice question with the expression of "10 less than a," it says the answer is 10 - a, but isn't it a - 10 since we are switching it up?

1 answer

Last reply by: Mary Pyo
Fri Feb 3, 2012 11:31 PM

Post by gaby mccoy on November 12, 2011

On this lesson are we still applying the rules of integers?

1 answer

Last reply by: Mary Pyo
Sat Oct 29, 2011 10:38 PM

Post by judy lee on August 25, 2011

But on adding,the answers the same.Right?

Writing Expressions

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  • +: addition, plus, more than
  • −: subtraction, minus, less than
  • ×: multiplication, times, product
  • ÷: division, divided by, quotient

Writing Expressions

Write each as an expression:
9 plus x
9 + x
Write each as an expression:
The product of 5 and 6
5 × 6
Write each as an expression:
9 divided by c
9 ÷c or [9/c]
Write each as an expression:
10 less than a
10 - a
Write each as an expression:
The quotient of x and 12
x ÷ 12 or [x/12]
Write each expression using words:
19 - 5
19 minus 5 or 5 less than 19
Write each expression using words:
x ÷ 3
x divided by 3 or the quotient of x and 3
Write each expression using words:
12 + 5
12 plus 5 or 5 more than 12 or the sum of 5 and 12
Write each expression using words:
9 × 12
9 times 12 or the product of 9 and 12
Write each expression using words:
x - 9
x minus 9 or 9 less than x

*These practice questions are only helpful when you work on them offline on a piece of paper and then use the solution steps function to check your answer.


Writing Expressions

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Operation as Words 0:05
    • Operation as Words
  • Extra Example 1: Write Each as an Expression 2:09
  • Extra Example 2: Write Each as an Expression 4:27
  • Extra Example 3: Write Each Expression Using Words 6:45

Transcription: Writing Expressions

Welcome back to

For the next lesson, we are going to go over writing expressions.0002

Expressions again are math statements without an equal sign.0007

We just have statements; we can use words.0014

We can use different operations using numbers and variables to express some kind of statement.0018

We are not going to use any equal signs.0026

Some words that we can use to express adding--addition, plus, and more than.0030

The minus, we have subtraction, minus, and less than.0039

For this, we have multiplication, times, and product.0045

You can also say multiplied or just multiplication.0052

This is division, divided by, quotient.0058

Remember this is probably going to be the hardest words to remember, product and quotient.0062

Product, just remember that you are multiplying; quotient, you are going to be dividing.0068

For these here, when you see the word than being used, you are going to actually switch the order.0075

For example, if I say 2 more than X, we know that this right here means plus.0087

But instead of saying 2 plus X, we are going to do a switch.0101

That is every time you see the word than, you are going to switch the order.0107

This is not 2 plus X; instead it is going to be X plus 2.0112

Same thing for less than; if it is 2 less than X, it is going to be X minus 2.0119

We are going to do some examples.0131

We are going to write each as an expression; here it says 7 plus X.0134

We know that plus means addition; this will be 7 plus X.0140

That is it; that would be your answer; that is how you write an expression.0148

The product of 4 and 3; when it says product, you are talking about multiplication.0153

The product of something and something, you are going to be multiplying two things, this one and this one.0164

That is going to be 4 times 3.0171

That would be how you are going to write it as an expression.0175

You can also simplify it if you can.0179

We know that we can't simplify these because this is a number and this is a variable.0181

So we are going to leave it like that; this is 4 times 3.0186

If you want, you can also write this as that, simplified.0190

Next one is C divided by 5 which is going to be C divided by 5.0198

Also with division, you can write it like this.0206

C divided by 5; this is also C divided by 5.0213

This is a fraction but fractions are also division.0217

They are also the top number divided by the bottom number.0221

C divided by 5; you can write it either like this or like this.0225

2 less than A; we know that less than means minus.0233

But then here we see the word THAN.0239

Whenever we see that, we are going to switch the order.0242

It is not going to be 2 minus A; it is going to be A minus 2.0246

This one comes first; this one is going to come last.0253

If you write 2 minus A, that is actually going to be wrong.0258

You have to make sure that you switch them; that becomes A minus 2.0261

Let's do a few more; the sum of 10 and K.0269

The sum you know is addition.0274

We are going to be adding two things, this one and that.0278

It is going to be 10 plus K.0283

9 minus 10; this is... who knows?... minus.0291

You are just writing it using the actual operations like that.0297

This one again you can simplify because you are just subtracting two numbers.0302

This is 9 minus 10; if you do 9 minus 10, it is not 1.0307

It is actually going to be -1.0311

Here we have a positive number.0316

This minus is actually going to be part of this number.0318

The sign actually goes with whatever is behind it.0322

This becomes a -10; I can write a plus here.0325

9 minus 10 is the same thing as 9 plus -10.0330

This minus is the same thing as negative.0337

If you want, you can change this to a plus problem and make that a negative right there.0341

Here if you have 9 of something, say you have $9 but you need 10.0348

Let's say you borrow 10; how much do you have left?--you have -1.0356

12 more than Z; more than we know is plus.0365

It is not going to be 12 plus Z because we see that word right there.0371

We are going to switch them; it becomes Z plus 12.0375

That we can't simplify; that is the answer for that.0381

The quotient... quotient means divide... of P and 4.0385

It is going to be P divided by 4.0393

Or you can say P divided by 4 as a fraction.0398

These we are going to write them using words.0409

For the minus, for that operation, we can just say minus.0415

We can say less than; we can say subtracted.0420

Here I can say 10 minus 4; or if I want to use less than.0425

Since you are using this word, remember you have to switch them; don't forget.0439

You can say 4 less than 10.0443

This one, 6 divided by 2; just write it out like that.0448

Or you can say the quotient of something and something.0459

That will be 6 and 2.0475

Here we can use the word plus; we can use more than; or we can use sum.0480

If I am going to use plus, then I just say B plus 3.0496

I am going to use more than.0500

Since you have to switch them, I am going to say 3 more than B.0502

Or for the sum, I can say the sum of something and something.0508

That will be, in order, B and 3.0516

This one I can use times; I can say multiply; I can say product.0522

It will be just be 5 times 5.0535

If I am going to use product, then I have to say the product of something and something0538

which will be 5 and 5, the product of 5 and 5.0545

That is it for this lesson; thank you for watching