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The Importance of a Title

  • The Title tag is very important in HTML code
  • Our new page does not contain a proper title
  • Preview it in the browser & you will see why the title is important
  • It is important for 3 reasons:
    1. The top bar
    2. Search engines
    3. Favorites in the browser
  • Preview this page in the browser & add it to your favorites
  • The title is the default text
  • Add a title to the page
  • Preview again and bookmark
  • Show the title now
  • Dreamweaver provides tools to assist you with maintaining your website
  • Dreamweaver can locate pages without titles across your website
  • This report should be run every so often to be sure that all your pages have proper titles
  • You can see how important the title tag is to a web page

The Importance of a Title

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Importance of a Title on a Page 0:10
    • New Document
    • Save Document
    • Preview in Chrome
    • Default Bookmark Title
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Preview in Firefox

Transcription: The Importance of a Title

I now want to talk about the importance of a title on a page and I know I have mentioned this previously but I want to explain a little bit deeper now.0000

If I go to create a new page in Dreamweaver and I am going to start using control or command-N to do so…0011

…notice it says untitled document as the title Dreamweaver always adds that to the page that you will want to customize.0021

Right now, I am in my Predefined layout website and I am just going to save an untitled document within this area.0030

I will do a File save, whatever site I have showing in my files it is where it is going to default to be saved and I will just keep it the name of Untitled I am going to delete it anyway.0039

I will go ahead and save that, since you have to save to put it in the browser or it is usually best to do that notice where untitled document shows up.0052

This is a very important piece of your webpage and you never want to see untitled document within that area so it's important to add it there.0062

But if I go to add a favorite and I happen to be in Chrome now so that is the method to add a bookmark, notice my bookmark automatically becomes whatever it the title is.0073

Now users can change this but a lot of users do not realize that they can do that, so they will just accept what is there.0086

The other important piece is it not only shows up in your tab or up across the top of the browser and in your Bookmarks but it also becomes part of your search engine optimization.0095

And that is a fancy term for saying how does Google or Yahoo or Bing rank you if somebody searches for specific terms will they find your website and a title is usually included in the information for a website.0109

In order to get good SEO -- standing for Search Engine Optimization -- it is important to have good titles on your pages as well as good content within the page.0127

And you want to make sure that the title matches the content for the page that gives you a better ranking with the search engines.0141

Now, SEO tends to change literally weekly between the different search engines because they are all fighting for popularity, but just be aware that title is an important piece in that concept.0150

It is important to make sure you always add a title so the best thing to do is create a new page, save your page and add a title, those are the three things you should do as soon as you create a new page.0163

It is best to get in the habit of doing that, it helps Dreamweaver understand and set up your links in your past images and everything…0179

…but it is also important from a search engine standpoint and from a user standpoint in order for them to be able to locate your pages.0187

This bookmark would become a list in the Bookmarks area and they would see untitled and say what does that mean I do not even know what that is and they would not be viewing your page again.0199

That is the importance of a title within your webpage, now if I go out to Firefox, each browser is a little bit different, but Firefox not only puts it up at the top area, but on the tab as well.0210

When you are in Firefox, your lovely untitled document gets to show up twice for your users.0226

So, just be aware of the importance of a title and get in the habit of always adding a good title that is associated with the content for that specific page.0233

I would not want my company name to be the only content on every page across my website, that way if they bookmark it they are always just going to see the company name and they would not know what the content is for that specific page.0244

That would affect the user as well as the search engines.0260

That is a brief demo of the importance of your title tag, in other words, this little box at the top of the Dreamweaver window is pretty important for your page and quite a variety of ways.0265

Thank you for watching, see you in the next lesson.0279