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Post by Anny Wang on July 18 at 07:34:05 AM

What expression is "s:t=28:4"? Is that a Numerical expression?

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Sun Aug 26, 2018 12:13 PM

Post by Muhammad Noor on January 4 at 08:19:04 AM

add some ninjas

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Post by Mohamed E Sowaileh on July 10, 2017

Hello Dr. Mary Pyo,
I hope you are very well,

I am a student who is extremely weak in math. In order to be very strong in math, specially for engineering field, could you provide me with sequential order of mathematical topics and textbooks. With what should I begin so that I can master big topics like calculus, statistics, probability ... etc.

Your guidance is precious to me.

Thank you so much.

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Post by Winfred Chiles on November 10, 2016

how do i do this

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Wed Oct 12, 2016 3:17 PM

Post by Abdullahi Ahmed on June 6, 2016


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Post by sandra campbell on April 20, 2016

love how you make it so easy to understand

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Post by Knight PH on November 24, 2015

Teacher ? Are  you chinese ?

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Post by sharla swapp on August 20, 2014

Post by Phillip, age 11 on September 2014.
Your the best teacher ever!!!

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Post by mohamed mansaray on June 20, 2014

Very simplified and understandable.

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Post by angel thomas on December 12, 2013


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Last reply by: LeTaotao Xue
Sun Aug 26, 2018 12:11 PM

Post by Qing Wang on July 30, 2013

Is this the middle school math?

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Last reply by: Abdullahi Ahmed
Mon Jun 6, 2016 8:06 PM

Post by success3 on April 29, 2013


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Post by Abdiker Mohamud on November 29, 2012

This very calm and cool way to explain the task on hand. Good job, and as they say do it all the way through High school math

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Post by Abdihakim Ibrahim on July 14, 2012

i loved this!
educator is cool

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Post by Mya McCulloch on July 6, 2012

Educator.com is a great place to learn.

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Post by Jerome Plescia on February 4, 2012

Great video

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Post by Senghuot Lim on December 22, 2011

anybody else have an apple as their icon then my username is 7seng7

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Post by ozgur kuzu on December 19, 2011

she is great teacher :)

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Last reply by: Mary Pyo
Fri Feb 3, 2012 11:41 PM

Post by Alexzander s on November 20, 2011

Why cant you do all the videos for math (or at least up to high school math)? The other teachers sound like they're on 5 hour energy to get through each lecture when you sound so calm.

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Post by Javon Roberts on September 3, 2011

I love you Mary, lol. That's all I can say. This is extremely helpful!!

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Post by julius mogyorossy on August 27, 2011

Word of advice, before you watch a lesson read the comments by your fellow students, they will point out mistakes that were made, to keep you from feeling insane, if you see something where they act like it was explained earlier but you think it wasn't, you are not crazy, don't worry, they will explain it later, it seems some of the videos were put in the wrong order.

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Last reply by: Wasay Ahmad
Wed Jan 9, 2013 4:22 PM

Post by judy lee on August 15, 2011

This has great point of explaning Expressions and Variables!!!!!
But the voice is too small to hear.

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Post by Thomas James Hanrahan on April 26, 2011

Wow! Something professed to be so difficult(Elementary-High School etc.) is explained in simplicity at it's finest! Great reminders of beginnings of math now approaching University Calculus I, begin at the beginning to see if any steps in the process of learning advanced math (algebraic, calculus and otherwise) require microscopic review. Kudos and Thanks for your website. As utilization is confirmed progressively, I will purchase subsequent months subscriptions throughout my pursuit of a Bachelors Degree, Majoring in Computer Science.

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Post by Suzanne Keisling Wantland on March 27, 2011

This is awesome for a homeschool parent also!!

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Post by Romie Rincon on February 25, 2011

45 and going back to school next month...Educator is going to be a great help!! Thanks!!

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Post by Kelly Gustafson on February 15, 2011

This is great for a Mother that has gone back to school after many years!

Expressions and Variables

Related Links

  • Variable: A letter or symbol that can stand for one or more numbers.
  • Expression: A mathematical phrase that includes numbers and variables. These do not have equal signs. Different types of expressions include numerical expressions, algebraic expressions, and word expressions.

Expressions and Variables

Evaluate each expression:
13 × 30 =
Evaluate each expression:
14 × 20 =
Evaluate each expression:
n - 9, for n = 12
  • 12 − 9 =
Evaluate each expression:
x + 5, for x = 6
  • 6 + 5 =
Evaluate each expression:
12 - m, for m = 3
  • 12 − 3 =
Evaluate each expression:
s ÷ t, for s = 21 and t = 3
  • 21 ÷3 =
Evaluate each expression:
x ÷ y, for x = 42 and y = 6
  • 42 ÷6 =
Evaluate each expression:
m ÷ n, for m = 81 and n = 9
  • 81 ÷9 =
Evaluate each expression:
cd, for c = 4 and d = 8
  • (4)(8) =
Evaluate each expression:
xy,for x = 9 and y = 8
  • (9)(8) =

*These practice questions are only helpful when you work on them offline on a piece of paper and then use the solution steps function to check your answer.


Expressions and Variables

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Vocabulary 0:06
    • Variable
    • Expression
    • Numerical Expression
    • Algebraic Expression
    • Word Expression
  • Extra Example 1: Evaluate the Expression 2:27
  • Extra Example 2: Evaluate the Expression 3:16
  • Extra Example 3: Evaluate the Expression 4:04
  • Extra Example 4: Evaluate the Expression 4:59

Transcription: Expressions and Variables

Hi, welcome to Educator.com.0000

This lesson is on expressions and variables; let's begin.0002

First thing we have to go over--variable; variable.0009

A variable is a letter or symbol that can stand for or represent one or more numbers.0014

In place of numbers, I have usually letters.0021

If I use A or B... I can use X, Y... those are all considered variables.0026

I can also use symbols.0033

Sometimes in math, we use Greek symbols; or I can use star as a symbol.0035

Anything that represents numbers would be considered a variable.0043

Expressions; expressions are numbers or mathematical phrases that includes numbers and variables.0049

Keep in mind that expressions do not have equal signs.0058

If it does have an equal sign, then it would be called something else.0063

It would be called an equation.0066

We have different types of expressions.0069

The first type is a numerical expression; numerical means numbers.0072

If we have a numerical expression, it would be an expression, mathematical phrase, that has only numbers.0077

Here is an example, 30 plus 5; this is considered a numerical expression.0086

There is no variables; we only have numbers.0092

The next one--algebraic expression--is the most common type of expression.0096

That is when you have both numbers and variables.0102

6 plus A is an example of an algebraic expression.0107

2X minus 10 is also another example.0112

We have A; that is a variable; X is a variable here too.0115

2X minus 10 is an algebraic expression.0120

The other type is a word expression.0125

Word expression is when you use words to express your expression.0128

Or you write out your expression using words.0134

P divided by 9 would be considered a word expression0136

because instead of writing the symbol out, you would write just--divided by--the words.0140

Let's do a few examples of evaluating expressions.0147

Evaluating just means to solve or simplify the expression.0150

If I have a numerical expression, 12 times 20, this is a numerical expression.0157

I can actually simplify this out; I can multiply 12 and 20 together.0164

12 times 20; 2 times 0 is 0.0171

Because it is 0, I can just move on.0180

2 times 2 is 4; 2 times 1 is 2.0182

When I evaluate this expression, I get 240.0188

This next one, M minus 8, that is my expression.0197

They want me to evaluate this expression when they tell me that M is equal to 8.0203

Here is the expression; let me use black.0210

M minus 8 is my expression; they told me that m is 8.0214

Remember variables; this is a variable that represents a number.0220

The number that it represents is 8.0224

This is the same thing as 8 minus 8; my answer is 0.0228

When I evaluate the expression M minus 8 when M is equal to 8, then my answer would be 0.0237

The next example, I am evaluating the expression, S divided by T.0245

S divided by T can also be written like this, as a fraction, S divided by T.0252

They are telling me that S is 28 and T is 4; S is 28.0259

Instead of writing S, I am going to write out 280267

because S is a variable that represents the number 28 and T represents the number 4.0270

I can write it like this; or I can write it just 28 divided by 4.0281

It is the same thing; 28 divided by 4 is 7.0286

When I evaluate the expression, I get 7 as my answer.0294

The final example, example four, evaluate the expression CD.0300

When I have two variables next to each other like that, CD, this means C times D; C times D.0306

C represents the number 3; it is 3; D represents the number 200.0316

If CD means C times D, then it means 3 times 200.0325

When I multiply 3 times 200, I get 600.0332

When you evaluate the expression CD, when you are given the numbers that they represent, then the answer will be 600.0342

That is it for this lesson on Educator.com.0353

We will see you next time; thank you.0356