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Inserting Flash Video

  • We are going to insert Flash video onto a web page
  • Flash video is a movie format that uses Flash to play the video
  • This video format was extremely popular, and made inserting video onto a web page an easy process since almost every computer had the flash plugin installed
  • A plugin is an extra program within the browser that can extend the capabilities of the browser
  • The browser does not do math, so the Flash plug in performed the math to create the movie images within the browser
  • It is similar to the various browser extensions we added earlier in the course
  • Flash uses vector graphics which produced very small file sizes which rescaled easily
  • Prior to the introduction of Flash, we had to produce different movie formats for different browsers and operating systems and Flash eliminated that issue so every browser can play the Flash format
  • We will make the Fiji link in our destinations.html page a link to a new page with flash video of a bull shark eating called sharks.flv located in the flash folder of the course files
  • Create a new web page and name it flash-video.html
  • Using the Media tab in the Insert Bar, choose the Flash Video icon to insert a Flash video
  • Browse to the video you want to insert using the Browse button
  • Flash videos require a skin that contains the controls for the video
  • You can choose between 9 skins within Dreamweaver
  • The higher the number in the skin name, the more control the user has available to them
  • Dreamweaver adds 2 files to your root folder that the Flash video needs to have on the web server in order to play correctly once the files are uploaded to the server
  • Preview in the browser to be sure the video plays correctly, you cannot preview a Flash video in Dreamweaver, always go out to the browser to preview
  • Dreamweaver adds text and a link to the Flash plugin for the user if they do not have the Flash plugin installed on their browser, you can modify the text by clicking the eyeball icon in the tab within Design view
  • You must have the Flash plugin installed within the browser in order for the Flash file to play

Inserting Flash Video

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Assets Panel 0:19
    • Built-in Flash Player
    • Flash Video File (flv)
  • Inserting flv. Into Web Page 2:26
    • Insert Bar
    • Inserting Flash Video
    • Locating FLV
  • Skin 4:13
    • Types of Skins
    • Detect Size
    • Controls
    • Preview
  • JavaScript 8:10