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Post by Jingwei Xie on April 17, 2014

Is friction NET or NOT conservative?

Conservation of Energy, Part 1

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  • Intro 0:00
  • Conservative Forces 0:10
    • Given a Force
    • Consider a Particle Moves from P1 to P2 on Path
    • Work Done by Force
  • Example 14:56
    • Gravity
    • Spring with Block Moves and Stretched
    • Friction is Net Conservative
    • Path 1 Straight
    • Along Path 2
  • Potential Energy by a Conservative Force 33:23
    • Choose Reference Point (Potential Energy =0)
    • Define Potential Energy at Point P
  • Conservation of Energy 40:58
    • Object Moving from P1 -P2
    • Work Kinetic Energy Theorem
  • Potential Energy of a Spring 48:42
    • Spring Stretched with Mass M, Find Potential Energy
  • Example 53:45
    • Force Acting on Particle in One Dimension
  • Extra Example 1: Work Done By Gravity
  • Extra Example 2: Prove Constant Force is Conservative
  • Extra Example 3: Work Done by Force
  • Extra Example 4: Compression of Spring