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Table of Contents

I. Introduction
Course Overview

2m 2s

The Course Environment

2m 23s

II. Setting Up the Dynamic Environment
Static vs. Dynamic Requests

5m 40s

Installing ColdFusion

10m 33s

Installing the Course Files

4m 34s

Modifying the ColdFusion Administrator

5m 15s

Installing ColdFusion Builder

7m 16s

Setting Up ColdFusion Builder

7m 36s

III. Working with ColdFusion
Using ColdFusion Templates

7m 16s

Variable Scoping

6m 55s

Setting and Displaying Variables

7m 58s

Creating Include Files

7m 9s

Understanding Page Processing

5m 3s

Building a Template


IV. Creating Data-Driven Pages
Setting Up the Datasource, Part 1

7m 28s

Setting Up the Datasource, Part 2

6m 11s

Getting Data from the Database

6m 40s

Displaying Query Data

8m 12s

Understanding Query Properties

6m 53s

Using the CFDUMP Tag

6m 15s


8m 10s

V. Passing Data Between Pages
URL Variables

4m 2s

Passing Data Between Pages

9m 35s

Testing for Variables

8m 42s

Setting Up the Tours Process

8m 32s

Completing the Tours Process, Part 1

8m 9s

Completing the Tours Process, Part 2

8m 55s

VI. Using ColdFusion Forms
Form Basics

5m 9s

Benefits of ColdFusion Forms

2m 17s

Updating a Form

7m 20s

Converting Fields to ColdFusion Fields

3m 35s

VII. Form Data Validation
Form Validation

6m 52s

ColdFusion Validation Options

8m 17s

Adding ColdFusion Validation

6m 12s

Building an Action Page

12m 37s

Redirecting the User

4m 48s

Using the CFMAIL Tag

8m 4s

Bringing It All Together

4m 52s

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Lecture Comments (6)

3 answers

Last reply by: michael bourke
Sat Sep 6, 2014 11:48 PM

Post by Steven Reich on July 13, 2014

I've tried to learn php and I can't get xamp or mamp setup, ( I use an iMac), will coldfusion  do similar things on webpages, or is it different. I'm trying to learn programming, for my website http://midstates-emagazine.com, and/or a different job. I use dreamweaver and the creative design suite cs6 for my site.

1 answer

Last reply by: Candyce Mairs
Sat Jul 12, 2014 5:15 PM

Post by Steven Reich on July 12, 2014

once you use the free developer copy, and want to use what you've learned on a website, it costs $4000.00? because I'm wanting to getting into programming for the web.

Installing ColdFusion

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