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Introduction to Premiere Pro CS6

  • Two types of certifications:
    • An ACA is an Adobe Certified Associate
      • Geared towards those starting out in the editing business
    • An ACE is an Adobe Certified Expert
      • Geared towards those in the business for three or more years
  • Common Filming Techniques
    • You want to catch some ambient sound at your location so you can “fill in the gaps” when you edit your audio later
    • Letting the camera run for a few seconds before and after the action will give you some “wriggle room” in the editing bay
    • If you are capturing your audio separately from your video, make sure there is a way to “synch” it on the audio recording and the video recording
  • Copyright Issues
    • It is never fair use to use something you’ve found online in your productions
    • Pretty much everything online is copyrighted by someone
    • You need license agreements to use copyrighted material
    • Infringement brings huge penalties for those that are sued
  • Contacting Adobe
    • If you find a bug or need a new feature, contact Adobe at the address given in the video
    • They DO read all submissions!
  • System Requirements
    • Both platforms’ requirements are listed on the Adobe website
  • Finding the Lesson Files
    • All lesson files are located below the video in which they are used

Introduction to Premiere Pro CS6

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • What You Can Gain from This Course 0:11
    • The Two Certification Paths: ACA & ACE
    • Structure of the Course
  • What is Premiere Pro and Why Use It? 7:12
    • What is Premiere Pro and Why Use It?
  • Common Filming Techniques 11:21
    • Catching Ambient Sound
    • Handles
    • Sync Sound
  • Copyright Issues 16:33
    • Copyright Issues
    • Copyright Infringement Penalties
  • Contacting Adobe 23:06
    • Contacting Adobe
  • System Requirements 26:50
    • System Requirements: Mac OS
    • System Requirements: Window
  • Finding The Lesson Files 31:10
    • Finding The Lesson Files