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Getting Organized

  • Stacks - allows you to bundle a group of images into an expandable single stack.
  • Favorites - A one click place to immediately access frequently used folders. Saves time so that you do not need to search for a folder.
  • Collections - group similar images that reside in different folders into a one click album.
  • Apply Keywords (simple name identifiers) to individual or groups of images in different places for easy access

Getting Organized

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Lesson Overview 0:07
  • Getting Organized 0:32
    • Stacks
    • Favorites
    • Collections
    • Keywords & Search by Filtering
  • Summary 11:00

Transcription: Getting Organized

Hi, Michael Brown again, welcome back to's Adobe Photoshop CS6 course.0000

We've been talking about Adobe Bridge and all the features and functions that are contained within it to help you get your photos into, organized, rated and out to Photoshop.0007

In this particular lesson, we're going to get organized.0017

We're going to take those features and I'll show you how to actually create your workflow with it, and the usefulness there of stacks and collections, so let's get started.0021

Go to File menu, down to Browse in Bridge--here we are back in Bridge with the gentleman that I shot in Union Station, pictures that we rated in the last lesson.0033

Now I'm going to organize this folder.0045

We have our ratings and if you'll notice as I scroll, that it's the same scene, same focal length through this sequence to right about here--then I go to a different sequence.0049

So we're going to take this sequence and collapse it into what's called a stack like a deck of cards...highlight the first one, scroll to the end of the sequence, Shift click...go to stacks menu, group to stack, Command or Control+G.0059

Now they're all grouped up--if we scroll back over, there's all 18 images open and closed.0078

Now, one other thing we can do with this is your menu--you can open it, close it, ungroup them if you choose.0084

You'll see this little...if I click on the arrow it is scrolling through all of the images in there...quite high frame rate--you can adjust your frame rate for a mini slideshow if you will, just as easy to open them up and go through.0093

All I'm concerned with's the highest rated image, highlight that separately--go back to the stacks menu and go to promote to top of stack.0107

Now when I close it up, the best image is at the top, ready to work with--I can double click it, open in Photoshop, or I can open up and go to other images but we've already got the best one.0117

So let's do it with a second sequence--highlight the first one, all the way to the end, Shift click, up to the stacks menu--group as it up, we'll scroll down and I know that we have two 5 star images, so I'm going to take this one and put it at the top of this stack, stacks, promote to top, then go back, and show you another way to adjust the order.0131

Just click on the other one and drag it over...and scroll all the way back...and I can move it right to the second spot, so our two highest rated images are at the top of the stack when we close it up.0160

Again, we've taken the whole folder and condensed it down to the two best images in that folder which are the ones we're going to work with.0175

So that's how you organize a specific folder.0183

Now let's take the folders and get them where we can access them easily.0188

Go back to the Desktop on the navigation bar, and I'm going to scroll over and there's the guy at Union Station--click on the folder, drag it up and drop it in the favorites panel.0193

Favorites are now folders that you can instantly access.0206

On my Desktop, I know there's a couple more that I would like to have...out of here...and we're going to go find these--you know obviously it takes a little while to navigate to your images, but I'm going to take these flowers, and the flower composite, and I'm going to back up one because I know I have a third flower folder in here...there they are.0210

And so now we've put a group of folders in can put as many up here as you want for favorites.0243

This is an easy way to access frequently used folders.0249

So now we've organized folder's interiors, we've got folders so we can access them instantly at any time--you can also do this with a folder from an external hard drive, but have to have the hard drive attached to the computer and mounted on the Desktop so that Bridge can find that folder, otherwise it won't work.0255

Alright, so now let's go and talk about collections--we've done stacks, favorites and now we'll talk about collections (back to Bridge).0281

A collection is exactly what it says it is...a collection of photos.0291

They don't have to be in the same folder so now we have the ability to take images from different spots and collect them into a singular place.0295

I'll show you how to make one.0307

A new collection...we'll call it Best Flowers...and now we have the collection with no images in it so we'll go to these three folders that I put into the favorites, and we're going to select the highest rated ones in this particular folder...just by Command or Control on the PC, clicking the various images...and we have them selected.0309

All I have to do is click and drag one of the thumbnails (and we'll drag them all) drop them into Best Flowers, and now we have those in there but it's not a folder, let's go to's a different flower composite folder, and I want to take this one and this one only out of there, and I'll move that over to the Best Flowers collection.0344

And now you see we have those two--there's the singular flower, and there's that composite flower.0375

Let's go to a third one.0383

And here we have some more rated images...Command or Control click, and as we move along we'll take that one, and that one, and now we'll click and drag and drop them in the collection of Best Flowers.0386

So now we have taken individual images, scattered around from within and from three different folders--they don't have to be in the favorites, they can be anywhere you wanted, and now when we click on the collection, look, they're all there in the one spot, they have been picked from the various areas.0402

So now...let's show you how to work with keywords.0424

To work within collections and favorites, let's go back to Bridge, and let's take a look if we have any...0434

No keywords are on here, so let's go under the keywords (I don't have any flowers in there yet) so let's start and create a brand new category keyword--that's the upper one--and we're going to call it Flowers.0440

And under that keyword (we'll enter it) we'll put a sub-keyword, and under that keyword we'll have roses, and what else do I have in here?0456

How about yellow flowers--we'll go to flowers again, not sub, we'll do the main category, create another keyword, a sub-keyword, and call it Yellow Flowers.0485

In fact, let's just change the name on this keyword here...we're going to rename it and we're going to call...excuse me, on the roses, we're going to want to do the roses.0503

We will rename the roses, Red Flowers just to give a demonstration, so now we're going to, within this group here, click, Command and Control click on all of the flowers that are predominantly red...and we will now apply this keyword by simply clicking the check mark.0522

And you can see at the bottom lower left here, it's spinning away and it is re-writing the Metadata on each one of those particular images so that...there it is, it's already done.0556

So now if you notice up here in the keywords we can filter by keywords within the collection.0569

Let's go back and do the yellow ones.0575

Click, Command or Control click those three (any more yellow ones) I'll call these yellow, why not?0577

And we will call those Yellow Flowers, and once again you'll see at the bottom here, it's writing to the Metadata for those particular images, we got it!0587

So now, we're's the flowers...and you can filter it--there are red flowers in here, and there are yellow flowers within that particular folder, so there's one way to filter within there.0597

You can also filter it by the star ratings or you notice we have jpegs and a Photoshop document, so if I filter by Photoshop document, there we've filtered it down--that's how we filter that.0614

Let's go into the Best Flowers, and we're going to do jpeg files only, and we're going to pick Red Flowers, and there we've filtered it down by that and we can also go right directly to a one 4 star rated red flower jpeg.0629

So now, that's how you can filter your images--we've applied keywords, and we've searched by filtering, so let's do a quick summary of this lesson.0649

Let's go back to the guy at Union Station--you can take a folder, and you can edit the folder by taking rated and unrated images and forming a stack, you can move the highest rated image to the top of the stack, and when the stacks are open, you can rate them...excuse me, filter them by their rating, that's how you condense a singular folder.0664

You can put individual folders into the favorites panel, folders that you access frequently, and you can instantly go to wherever those folders are.0693

You can also filter those by various ratings: star ratings, keywords, in this case we even have some iso-differences.0704

Or you can take individual, specific images from different folders within different places in your computer and also external hard drives, and move them into a singular collection which will allow you to access every one of those images throughout the different folders in your computer at one time.0713

And again, we can filter those by ratings, we can filter them by file type (in this case we have jpegs) and we can also filter them down by the keywords, in this case let's go for yellow flowers.0738

So we've got one jpeg yellow flower here, if we go back to the red flowers, I would venture to say we probably still have one...we filtered by rating, the star rating by file type jpeg, by keywords red flowers so you have several methodologies to deal with searching by filtering.0754

And that sums up how to deal with getting your images in, rated, sorted, put in easily accessible places within Adobe Bridge.0778