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Lecture Comments (1)

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Post by Susan Schmitz on January 22, 2013

I'm said that Louis Armstrong played at the Chicago World's Fair. You mentioned the fair was in 1893 and Armstrong wasn't born until 1901....could you clarify?

Dixieland, Blues, Jazz

Dixieland, Blues, Jazz

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  1. Intro
    • Now for Something Completely Different!
    • Dixieland
    • Blues
    • Jazz
    • Important People
    • More/Review
    • Intro 0:00
    • Now for Something Completely Different! 1:01
      • Dixieland to Blues to Jazz to Rock
      • All Linked Through Post-Civil War America and Chicago World Fair 1893
      • The Fair Changed Everything
      • Civil War Lesson on Geography
      • We Know About This Time Period in American History, but Maybe Not in Music
    • Dixieland 5:39
      • Slave Spirituals, Musical Accompaniment, and Entertainment
      • Dixieland from South (New Orleans), Down the Mississippi
      • Louis Armstrong
      • Musically: Bass Line, Hopping Harmony, Soloist (Trumpet Plays Main Line), Rhythm Section that Improvises
      • Polyphonic Setting Around a Theme and Variations
      • Example 1
      • Example 2: Oh When the Saints
    • Blues 8:48
      • Another Style from the Turn of the Century
      • Very Influential for Rock 'n' Roll
      • Each Style in the South had Unique Style and Sound
      • Centered on Form: 12 Bar Blues
      • Simple Form, Simple Instrumentation, Heavy Backbeat
      • Lyrics Were Very Important, About Real Life
      • Also Used Blues Scale: C, E Flat, F, F#, G, B Flat, C
    • Jazz 12:53
      • Encompasses So Much Music
      • Jazz Band
      • Instrumentation from Big Band to Combo
      • Horns, Rhythm Section
      • Musically: Blues Notes, Polyphony, Improvisation, Syncopation, Swung Note
    • Important People 15:02
      • Duke Ellington, Art Blakey, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman, etc.
      • Example
      • Why Is This Important? Pop Culture!
      • Jazz Influenced Everything from Classical, TV, Film, and Rock
    • More/Review 16:40
      • Dixieland, Blues, Jazz Came from the South
      • Origins in Slave Spirituals Used During Work and for Entertainment
      • Came to Chicago During the World Fair
      • Spread Through the South and Eventually North Through Jazz Bands
      • Big Band Culture and Fever Swept the North in 20s and 30s, Setting Stage for Pop Culture Influence
      • Post-War Influence: A Need for Far-Reaching Music to The Masses
      • Enter Rock 'n' Roll