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Solo Keyboard Works

  • Created for a smaller, recital feel concert for the wealthy
  • Sonata the big development of the time
  • Sonata a piece and also a form for larger works
  • Scarlatti wrote a lot in simple binary form
  • Larger scale piece unity with more harmonic experimentation

Solo Keyboard Works

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  1. Intro
    • Another Lesson NOT on the Voice!
    • Ready Stop…It's Sonata Time!
    • Sonatas
    • Solo Sonata
    • Why is This Important?
    • Sonata Diagram Time!
    • Review
    • Intro 0:00
    • Another Lesson NOT on the Voice! 0:18
      • Big Developments in Europe: Money, Courts, Entertainment
      • Flourish of Activity in Europe
      • Increased Trade Meant a Cultural Influence
      • Money Spent on Music Led to More Music
      • There Wasn't a New Opera Everyday
      • Concertos were Blooming, but Not Full Concerts
      • More Intimate Setting for a Soloist led to Solo Keyboard Works
    • Ready Stop…It's Sonata Time! 3:20
      • Why Do Most People Recognize the Term 'Sonata?'
      • Sonata is the Most Important Form Development in the History of Western Classical Music
      • Sonata is Both a Genre and a Form
      • Sonata Movement of a Symphony
    • Sonatas 4:48
      • Different Times
      • Sonata de Camera: Suite of Dances for Two Players and Continuo Performed in Private Concerts
      • Corelli
      • Sonata de Chiesa: Collection of Dances in Four Movement Form Used to Fill Space Between Mass Movements
      • Solo Sonata: Instrumental Piece in Several Movements Designed for a Soloist
    • Solo Sonata 6:51
      • Imitative Piece in Sections
      • Changes in Meter and Tempo
      • Recapitulatory Endings: Summary
      • Example of Solo Keyboard Sonata: Domenico Scarlatti
      • Binary Form
      • Ternary Form
      • Rounded Binary
      • YouTube Example of Binary Form
    • Why is This Important? 12:34
      • Meant a Tight-Knit Structural Form
      • Presented an Open-Ended Tight-Knit Form
      • Composer Freedom
      • Manipulate Musical Parameters, Most Notably Harmony
      • Large Scale Musical Unity
    • Sonata Diagram Time! 14:54
      • Exposition, Development, Recapitulation
    • Review 16:57
      • Solo Keyboard Works Important in Developing the Sonata
      • Tight-Knit Structure Dominated in a Formulaic Time
      • Binary, Ternary, Rounded Binary
      • Exposition, Development, Recapitulation
      • What Form is This?