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Dreamweaver Extensions

  • We are going to look at a cool feature of Dreamweaver called Dreamweaver extensions
  • Extensions allow you to add additional features easily within Dreamweaver, and there are both paid & free extensions available
  • You can get extensions from the Adobe Exchange where some are free and others you must purchase
  • Most Creative Suite products have extensions available, so you can do this same thing for Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, etc.
  • We get to the Adobe exchange right from within Dreamweaver by going to Commands->Get more Commands
  • Look through the various extensions & show how to navigate the site
  • Many extensions offer trial versions if they are a paid item

Dreamweaver Extensions

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  • Intro 0:00
  • Manage Extensions 0:50
    • Dreamweaver Extensions
    • Exchange Panel
  • Summary 6:43

Transcription: Dreamweaver Extensions

Within this section, or this chapter, of lessons, I want to make you aware of some additional features you can add to your web pages, in addition to the basic HTML and CSS, to add content and format and position that content.0000

One of the interesting features in Dreamweaver is known as Dreamweaver Extensions.0018

These have been in the program since back in version 3; so, they have been around a long time (we are up in version 12 or so right now).0025

They are available, but a lot of people don't even know about them; so, what I want to do is familiarize you with Dreamweaver extensions and show you where you can go to explore a bit more about them.0035

The first thing we are going to do is go up to the Commands menu; and you will see, there is this command here called Manage Extensions.0050

I am going to go ahead and click on that; what that is going to do is open up a program--and this is actually a separate program from Dreamweaver, but it is installed when you install the Adobe products.0059

You can see, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, and Photoshop all have extensions available to them through the extension manager.0074

Now, those are some of the products that I have installed right now from Adobe; so you can see, this is not just exclusive to Dreamweaver--some of your other products within the Adobe suite have these extensions available, as well.0084

I think you are going to want to explore that; but let's take a look at the Dreamweaver extensions, specifically.0099

Now, within this Extension Manager, what would show if we had extensions installed are the exact extensions; and it would give you information about them.0106

I am not going to install right now; I just want to give you an overview of how to get to this particular area, where you can explore some, because there are some interesting things.0116

There are free, and there are paid, extensions.0128

First of all, if I had some extensions already downloaded, I could install them here; I don't right now, so what I am going to do is click the Exchange.0131

This is where you can go to find them: so I'll click on that button; notice, I am not going out to the Adobe website through the direct browser view--it is much easier to go in this way.0142

I went to the Extension Manager through the Commands dropdown and said "Manage Extensions"; and through that, I am able to get directly to what is now called the Adobe Exchange.0155

The Adobe Exchange allows you to discover and install plugins, just like it says; and there are a lot of them available here.0168

Notice, there is a whole listing here; some are free, and some are not; but what you can do is explore the various extensions available, directly through this area.0178

Notice, it tells you "Show the Exchange Panel," and depending upon the version you are in of Dreamweaver, it is in the Window area you have extensions.0193

So, I could go ahead and download this new Exchange Panel (Dreamweaver has updated it a little bit in the latest version--or Adobe has, actually, across multiple products); that would be one way to get these extensions.0205

There are quite a few in here; and it makes it a little bit harder to see what is going on within this Exchange now, I think, because we are not taken directly to it.0221

Let me click Learn More.0232

What I need to do is, notice, Installing and Using the Exchange--so what this does is get me into a tutorial area: in case you need to reference this later, that is how you can do it.0236

What this would involve is me downloading the new Adobe Exchange panel; and when I do that (let me open this up a little bit), you can see, there are some featured products.0250

Now, if I click on this Navigation menu in the right-hand side as a product, it is going to take me out to the website for that particular product.0262

Let me go ahead and click on that, and it does seem--yes, we are here.0272

Now, what we have actually done is moved into a single extension within the Exchange; and as I said, they have changed this just recently.0277

The idea behind this is: this is a menu that allows you to create dropdown menus very easily within the program; this one must be brand-new, because you can see, this one is 74 dollars.0286

This is one of the more expensive type extensions within the Exchange; and it is a featured product.0302

Now, you can certainly take a look at more by them, but there are other products available within the Exchange.0310

The Adobe Exchange allows you to work within the entire Adobe website and take a look at extensions specifically for your particular product.0318

What I would want to do is download this Exchange panel, because it is the new one; and that will allow me to see a little bit more.0332

What I am going to do instead is move over to here; and notice, all of these applications are available to have Exchange Panel attached to them, meaning there are add-on programs for them.0340

If I view that (and you can see, it's a little bit hard to do so), what it will do is take me out to the area for that.0355

That is the Adobe Exchange that is available; the Extension Manager keeps track of the various extensions you download from the Exchange, and you can install them once they are downloaded right here, or simply by double-clicking on them.0364

That is the Extension Manager built into Dreamweaver and some of the other Adobe products, and also how you can get out to the Adobe Exchange, directly through Dreamweaver.0381