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Insert Bar & Insert Menu

  • The insert bar comes loaded as a panel on the right, or you can move it to the top
  • The Insert Menu and Insert bar commands do not directly match
  • Everything in this insert bar is also in the insert menu
  • If you set a server-side language or open a server-side language page, you will see additional tabs appear within Dreamweaver

Insert Bar & Insert Menu

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Create New HTML 0:16
  • Insert Bar 0:46
    • Forms Tab
    • Common Tab
  • Insert Menu 1:39
  • Insert Bar within Designer Workspace 3:36

Transcription: Insert Bar & Insert Menu

I know want to talk about the difference between the Insert bar and the Insert menu in Dreamweaver.0000

Since, both of these use the word Insert, in the name, it can be a bit confusing.0007

Let me fill you in on the difference between the two.0012

First of all, I need to activate a page in Dreamweaver in order to have my panels available.0016

I am going to click Create new HTML, in this center column, in the Welcome area or the Welcome screen, within Dreamweaver, which is this green screen you are looking at.0023

So, I will click Create new HTML.0036

Now that I have a document open, I have active panels within Dreamweaver.0039

Let us take a look at the difference between the Insert menu and the Insert bar.0046

First of all, the Insert bar is located up across the top of the Dreamweaver interface and this Insert bar has quite a few different tabs available within it.0052

Here is the Forms tab, so these are all the different things you may want to insert into your webpage, if you are creating a form, so they are organized based on type of content.0064

The Common tab offers the most common things that you would want to do on your pages and that is where I tend to leave my Insert bar, most of the time.0078

The Insert bar is categorized based on all these different tabs of related content you might want to insert into your page.0090

Let us look at the Insert menu.0099

I get to that by clicking the word Insert up at the top of the document area, and notice I have Insert image, Insert media, here is the form piece we took a look at, and all the different form pieces.0102

You will find that this insert piece is not always identical to what is in the Insert bar, and it is not always organized exactly the same, as well.0118

Here is an example, notice I do not have a tab up here named HTML, but in my Insert menu, I do have an HTML area and there is quite a few different pieces to it, as you can see.0130

So, this two are not identical areas and I will try and be very specific when I mention which area I want you to go to.0146

Dreamweaver has, usually, a minimum of two ways to do the same task and there are some instances, such as inserting an image. You can insert an image in six different ways.0156

More than likely you will find other ways to do things other than what I am showing you.0170

It is just a bit to extensive to show you all of them at the same time.0175

But I will be specific when I say Insert bar, I will always try and mention the tab to go to, within the Insert bar, and then I will mention the word Insert bar.0180

Where is if we are going to the Insert menu, There would not be a tab associated with it -- it is just the Dropdown menu, right here.0191

So, those are the Insert menu and the Insert bar within Dreamweaver itself.0199

And if you are not in the Classic workspace, your Insert bar, that is up across the top of your screen, right now, if I move over to the Designer workspace, that Insert bar has been moved.0208

Notice, there is nothing above my document now and these are the different tabs that are available in that Insert bar.0223

I tend to find it is really hard to figure this one out, if it is over here as a panel.0231

Since there are so many panels already, that I usually recommend that when you are getting used to Dreamweaver, switch this to the Classic, which is what we have done and have your Insert bar up across the top.0236

That will just make it so much easier for you to be able to see what is going on and where things are located and you can view them a little bit easier.0250

So, that is the Insert menu and the Insert bar within Dreamweaver.0260