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An incredible way to increase student performance.

While we charge a small price for private use in order to compensate our professors for their valuable time and effort, we tried to make it even cheaper for home schools, charter schools and public school districts.

Most of our school districts pay less than $1 USD per student per year. This is our baseline price for site maintenance and support.

For School District Licensing special pricing, please complete the application below.

How does school licensing work?

Once your application is complete, an account manager will be assigned to you. The account manager will answer all your questions and will create the student accounts for you school.

Applicant's school webmaster must place one of our trademark logos ( on the school's website​ to prove the application's legitimacy. (Applicants must do this or else anyone can apply as a school district)

Below are some our school districts using
John Marshall High School
(John Marshall High School
Los Angeles, CA 90027)

Allentown High School
(Allentown High School
27 High Street, Allentown, NJ 08501)

West Bloomfield School District
(West Bloomfield School District
5810 Commerce Rd., West Bloomfield, MI 48324)

Jamestown High School
(Jamestown High School
3751 John Tyler Highway, Williamsburg, VA 23185)

Deer Valley High School
(Deer Valley High School
18424 N. 51st Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85308)

Maryville Junior High School
(Maryville Junior High School
805 Montvale Station Rd., Maryville, TN 37803)

Indiana Wesleyan University
(Indiana Wesleyan University
4201 S. Washington St., Marion, IN 46953)

Once we are approved, what happens next?

We will notify you of your accepted application for the special district pricing. Depending on the number of students, it's typically 15 - 30% additional discount to our Multiple User pricing. A dedicated account manager will then be assigned to your School District.

Contact Us

Office Hours: M–F 9AM – 6PM PST

Email us: licensing [@]

Application Form
Applicant Name:
Applicant E-Mail:
We will be using this to communicate
School Website URL:
(Where the trademark is located)
Name of the School District:
School Principal:
School Address:
City, State, ZIP Code
Contact Number:
How many students will be using this service:
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