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Browser Differences

  • A browser displays our web pages, and all browsers are not created equal
  • Browsers will always have differences between them in order to try & get ahead in the marketplace
  • The toughest part of the web designers job is to determine which browsers and versions should be used for testing as you build a website and how to deal with these browser differences
  • in your project plan, you should have discussed and planned so you know which browsers you need to use for testing and determine how you can accomplish this
  • Always set your target browsers on a per project basis based on the audience for that specific website
  • Mac users must have a way to view pages using various versions of IE which requires access to either windows itself on the Mac system or windows machines for testing
  • You need to have some type of windows/IE testing environment
  • Many companies I work with are using IE8, I do not find many still needing to use IE7 so I target back to IE8
  • There are ways to view backwards compatibility versions of IE built into the browser
  • Browser generally have their own set of tools that can assist you when building websites

Browser Differences

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Testing Different Browsers 1:10
  • Google Analytics 3:36

Transcription: Browser Differences

I want to talk about the differences between browsers.0000

Because it is a very big deal, if you are going to start working on the web, that you understand the browser piece and how browsers can be different in what they display in terms of your webpage.0004

So, I have a couple of webpages open in a couple of different browsers.0019

And I want to show you some of that and some of the differences, or we can discover if there are any differences across browsers.0024

Now, when we are working on the web we do not just have to be concerned about the differences between browsers.0034

We have to be concerned about within browser, how many versions are we going to target.0040

And since the number one browser on the web is still Internet Explorer, it is very important to understand the Internet Explorer piece.0048

For any of you on Mac, you will have to find a way to consistently test your pages within Internet Explorer.0057

The key is which versions are you going to test?0067

Let us take a look, I have the Adobe website set up here, and you can see I have dropped down, is working just fine.0070

And right now I am looking at it in Safari.0078

There is how it looks in Safari, if I close that up, we can take a look at Firefox.0082

And you can see within Firefox it does not look too different.0089

Most of the browsers namely Firefox Chrome and Safari specifically, they are pushing out updates to browsers consistently.0095

So, they are forcing users to have to update their browser, which is a good thing for us as web developers that we will know those browsers are being moved forward.0105

However, you still have those people, who despite everything, say no I do not want to update my browser.0117

You have to be careful, you cannot just assume that the latest browsers are what people are going to be using.0125

This is Firefox and if I close that up you can see I am now in Internet Explorer.0132

Now, Internet Explorer has at least 4 versions out that people are using right now.0138

The version you are looking at here, this is the Adobe website once again, and this is IE8 or Internet Explorer version 8.0146

I am working with couple of clients their company is more or less stuck in Internet Explorer 8.0157

What happen are these other systems that companies purchase, can only hook into a particular version of Internet Explorer.0163

If they upgrade to the next version, things can break, because that old system creates old types of coding and it is not compatible with the latest and greatest.0172

And since almost every company I work with is working in Internet Explorer, I rarely find a situation where they can even download Firefox or any of these others, and it is all a PC environment.0185

I actually have Internet Explorer 8 on my system right now, because I have two clients and I have to work on their webpages and see them in IE8.0200

So, it is important to understand that piece.0213

Now I do have something interesting for you and what we are going to take a look at is something called Google analytics.0217

And I am going to share with you the analytics for my website.0225

And what is interesting is once I sign in I actually have, this is my favorite part, the map showing the different people.0230

Now, the time frame here is, this is from last May to this June.0240

So, basically, the last year and you can see here are my new visitors, here are my unique visitors, but the amount of information coming in is amazing.0245

Now, you can see Safari is a big factor in terms of the browser coming into my website.0259

But that is usually because people come to my website for the resources within it.0265

And obviously, there are a high percentage of Mac users coming to get those resources.0270

But my website is not a typical website for the businesses that I work out.0276

When I work with a company it is always a matter of what browsers do they need to target.0285

Let us take a look at a little bit information than this, because the amount of information here is unbelievable.0290

If I go down to traffic sources, I can find out where those traffic sources are, what cable companies they are coming from, whether it is coming in from a search engine or not.0299

Also My actual audience, this is really an important piece for websites, demographics of my audience.0312

Let us look at the language.0319

Well, you can see I have a lot of people coming in from all over the world, not just the U.S.0322

I have additional information with regards to browsers, what they are looking at, what technology is being used, the browser and operating system.0333

This is the interesting piece, notice Safari is the highest number, but Chrome and Firefox are pretty close, seconds and thirds.0342

There is only 8 pages difference between Chrome and Firefox and Internet Explorer is down in this area.0354

So, if I click on Internet Explorer and like I said, these are just the statistics for my site, which is not a typical site, because it is a lot of new users of the web coming here.0362

But notice, I still have 5 Internet Explorers, 6 users, 61 were 7, and out of 43 were 10, that is the latest version.0376

But look at the highest percentage IE 9 and there is a lot still in 8.0387

This is a good example of what you are dealing with when you are working on a website.0392

It is not just which browser you need to target, but which versions of those browsers you need to target.0397

Let us take a quick look at the mobile piece.0405

I can even get down to which devices are coming to my site, you can see, it is specific about the devices.0408

We will do an overview of the mobile piece, and including tablets.0417

Is it mobile or not?0423

You can see a very high percentage of my users are not using mobile to access my website.0426

But, if it is a website that is been around for a little while, and you need to work with them, it is a good idea to ask for their analytics and it might not be Google analytics, that is a separate thing.0432

But there is a lot of analytics software available and find out what browsers people are actually coming to the website.0446

If it is a new website, then you have to make that big decision, based on the audience you think will be coming to the website or the company will think that will be visiting.0454

So, that is just an overview of the analytics that you can have access to.0465

And if you have access to those it makes it much easier to target those specific browsers.0471

As you create webpages, you want a variety of browsers on your system, and you need to make sure that with Internet Explorer, still being the number one worldwide browser.0478

Make sure you have a way to test consistently with those pages you are targeting, and also set up the versions you are going to target.0490

So, that just an overview of browser differences and things to consider when you are creating a website.0499