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Last reply by: John Snape
Mon Apr 21, 2014 11:06 AM

Post by Thuy Nguyen on April 20, 2014

When I turn the Multiline on, the password circles don't show up.  But when I set Multiline to false, then I get those password circles.  Why?

Text Editing Controls

  • The Text Editing Controls allow the user to enter text
  • The Text Editing Controls are:
    • MaskedTextBox
    • RichTextBox
    • TextBox
  • The MaskedTextBox can be used to limit what the user enters into your program
  • The TextBox control comes with a built-in right-click menu for cut, copy and paste
  • You can set a PasswordChar to use your own character, or set UseSystemPasswordChar to True to use a large bullet character
  • The RichTextBox has quite a few routines you can use to make it work like WordPad
  • There are quite a few predefined masks for the MaskedTextBox, or you can create your own