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Lecture Comments (1)

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Post by anthony njoroge on March 23, 2012

Thank you Professor JISHI!! Great explanations and good cadance to the subjects. Thank you once again. From Active Duty Navy Personnel!

Reflection of Light

  • Light emitted by a source propagates along rays in all directions.
  • When light strikes a surface, part of the light is reflected. The angle of incidence is the angle between the incident ray and the normal (perpendicular) to the surface. The angle of reflection is the angle between the reflected ray and the normal
  • Law of reflection: Angle of incidence = Angle of reflection.
  • The law of reflection may be derived from Fermat’s principle, which states that in traveling between two points, light follows the path of shortest time.
  • A plane mirror has a polished surface that is perfectly reflecting.
  • The image formed by a plane mirror has the same size as the object, and is at the same distance from the mirror as the object.

Reflection of Light

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Nature of Light 0:22
    • Aristotle: Light Illuminated from Eye
  • Light Rays 15:50
    • Light Source Eliminates Stream Of Light
    • Wave Fronts and Crests
  • Reflection 18:50
    • Sending Light on Surface
    • Light Reflects Parallel Out
    • Specular Reflection
    • Surface is Not Smooth
    • Reflected in Different Direction
  • Law of Reflection 21:47
    • Light Ray Hits the Plane Mirror
    • Drawing Normal Perpendicular to Surface of Mirror
    • Angle of Incidence
    • Angle of Reflection
    • Path of Least Time
    • Fermat's Principle
    • Light Takes Path of Shortest Time
  • Formation of Image by Plane Mirror 40:11
    • Plane Mirror and a Source
    • Looking at first Reflection
    • S is the Real Object
  • Real and Virtual Object and Image 50:10
    • Optical Instrument
    • If Rays are Divergent Object is Real
    • Rays are Convergent, Virtual Object
  • Extra Example 1: Object Between Two Mirrors
  • Extra Example 2: Plane Mirror Polished Side Up