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Last reply by: Professor Hendershot
Tue May 21, 2013 12:51 AM

Post by Yolanda Britt on May 20, 2013

what type of essay might appear on the SAT?

Essential SAT Vocab: Part 5

  • belligerent
    • (adj) eager to fight; hostile or aggressive
    • Connected to belligerenceand bellicose
    • The belligerentboy constantly challenged other children to fight him in the schoolyard.
  • prolong
    • (v) to draw out, extend, stall, stretch
    • I had to prolongthe conversation, asking Nick a lot of pointless questions so Sarah would have time to sneak up behind him and yell, “Boo!”
  • diverse
    • (adj) of a different kind, unlike; of various kinds, varied
    • Connected to diversity
    • The school has a diversestudent body; there are students there from 22 countries.
  • devoid
    • (adj) totally lacking; destitute
    • Connected to void
    • Gluten-free foods are completely devoidof ingredients made from wheat.
  • spare
    • (v) to refrain from harming, punishing, or killing; to save, as from discomfort; kept in reserve
    • The noble knight defeated his opponent on the battlefield but chose to sparehis life.
    • There’s no need to spare my feelings; if you’re angry with me, tell me to my face.
  • anecdote
    • (n) a short account of an interesting, often biographical incident
    • Connected to anecdotal
    • My favorite anecdotefrom my high-school days is about the time I found a stray cat living in one of the classrooms and kept it hidden from the teachers for a week.
  • ornate
    • (adj) fancily decorated; beautiful, brilliant, flashy, showy
    • The ornatejewelry box was covered with filigree and gold leaf; it was the most elaborately decorated thing I’d ever seen.
  • vivid
    • (adj) strikingly bright or intense; brilliant; presenting the appearance, freshness, and spirit of life
    • Connected to vividly
    • The painting’s colors were so vividthat I might have been standing in the garden with the flowers.
  • magnanimous
    • (adj) courageously or generously noble in mind and heart
    • The magnanimousteacher allowed his students to make up all the points they’d lost on the pop quiz.
  • commonplace
    • (adj) ordinary; dull or platitudinous
  • My favorite ice-cream flavor is butter pecan; I would never like such a commonplace flavor as chocolate or vanilla. Recommended supplementary material to view SAT questions featured in lesson answer guides: The Official SAT Study Guide by the College Board.

Essential SAT Vocab: Part 5

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Lesson Overview 0:10
  • Ways to Improve Your Vocabulary 0:29
    • Read!
    • Listen!
    • Talk!
  • Belligerent 1:15
  • Prolong 2:06
  • Diverse 2:34
  • Devoid 3:05
  • Spare 3:31
  • Anecdote 4:10
  • Ornate 4:50
  • Vivid 5:14
  • Magnanimous 5:56
  • Commonplace 6:17