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Copyright on the Web

  • Any web page design is considered copyrighted even if it does not contain a copyright symbol
  • Images are also considered copyrighted at the time of creation
  • if you ever plan to use any content from someone else, be sure you obtain permission
  • You have been given license by me as an author to utilize content that I discuss in this course
  • You have authorization to use any PDF resources referenced within this course

Copyright on the Web

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Copyright Law Links 0:50
  • Copyrighted Page 1:26

Transcription: Copyright on the Web

We are now going to take a look at and talk about copyright information, and what does copyright mean.0000

This is a somewhat misunderstood concept and I know people tend to think that ok you have got to go and you have got to register your copyright information with the federal government.0011

You have got a path fee wait for it to be approved in order to have copyright protection on your content.0022

And this is referencing basically anything you create, but what I am specifically referencing is webpages themselves or your designs, your graphics on the web any of that content.0030

So, just be aware that content on the web is copyrighted automatically.0043

Now, within my resources on cmairscreate.com we have a copyright and trade mark area, and there are some links here into copyrights law.0050

Now, copyrights and patents tend to change literally on a daily basis on which court case changes what, so it is something I would not get too deep into because it can change on you.0062

But, just now, the design of any website or any webpage is immediately copyrighted.0075

You have the rights to that as long as you created it.0082

So, let us take a look at the design of our website we are going to be working in.0086

That is the design for Wanderlust travel.0092

And you are looking at a JPEG file that I simply opened in the browser.0095

So this is not a webpage, you can see at the top here it says it is JPEG file.0101

I can go ahead and open image files in the browser without an issue.0108

We are looking at the overall design, the layout, this now officially a copyrighted page.0113

If anybody comes in and tries to duplicate this or use this, I can contact them, put it that way, and ask them to remove it or whatever.0120

So, just be aware that your copyright, even though there is no specific mentioned at the bottom of this design, it is fully protected by copyright laws.0135

As long as I can prove I created this file, and clearly I have the original graphic designs, should there be any issue.0145

If you are going out on to the web, and copying anything, first of all it is copyrighted so, you need the owner's permission.0155

Now, included with this course you are welcome to preview and work in any of these files that I have.0167

Also any PDF's I provided for you, you are welcome to use as you like, so you have permission to do so.0173

But, it is important to know that anything that is out there, you should ask permission on, if you plan to use it.0183

And the assumption is, everything out there is copyrighted so, you don't have the rights specifically to use it.0190

So, creating your own content when you are building your websites is very important issue.0199

That is just a brief overview of copyrighting on the web.0205