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Installing Additional Browsers in Dreamweaver

  • You can install additional browsers within Dreamweaver
  • There are built in shortcuts for primary & secondary browsers
  • You can change these shortcuts within Preferences

Installing Additional Browsers in Dreamweaver

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  • Intro 0:00
  • Edit Browser List 0:56
    • Add a browser
    • Set Secondary Browser
    • Select Preview in Browser

Transcription: Installing Additional Browsers in Dreamweaver

What I want to do now is show you how to add additional browsers within Dreamweaver, should you wish to or need to.0000

Let me open up a page in Dreamweaver, so I can show you what I am talking about.0009

I will go ahead and create a new HTML page, right within this area, to activate my panels within Dreamweaver.0014

Once I have done that I want to go to the Preferences area, within Dreamweaver and on the PC I go on the Edit menu, on the Mac I go on the Dreamweaver menu.0023

But if I click on that and go down to the Preferences area, that is one way to access the Preview in browser category, within the Preferences.0034

Now, yours might not have popped right to this Preview in browser, if not, just go ahead and select it on the left hand side, so, that is one way to get into the Preview and browser.0045

Now, the other way you can do it is click on the globe within the program.0057

And when I do that, I can see that there are three browsers available to me for my webpages, for viewing, Dreamweaver pulled this in.0063

When I installed Dreamweaver, whatever browsers I had on my system, Dreamweaver automatically was made aware of them.0073

But what I have is Safari as a browser, and yes, Safari makes a Windows version, which I have downloaded.0081

What I want to do is make Dreamweaver aware of it so I can take my page and preview it in Safari very easily.0089

I am going to go down to this Edit browser list and this is kind of a shortcut to get to that browser area, within Preferences.0098

Now that I am in the Preview browser area, what do I need to do to add a browser?0109

Well, the first thing I want to do is download and install the browser onto my system and I have already done that, so that piece is all set.0116

Now, I am going to come out here and hit the plus sign and when I do that, I need to give it a name and that name I put here it is what is going to show within this browser area.0125

So, normally, I just put the name of the browser itself.0137

That is my name that is going to show up right here, so I know which browser is which.0141

And then, within this next area, what I need to do is tell Dreamweaver how to launch the browser, so I am going to click the Browse button here.0146

Now, if you are on a Mac, you would have been taken to the Applications folder, because I am on a PC, I am taken to the Program files folder,0157

And that is just Dreamweaver trying to help me find the program.0168

So, if I scroll down within the Program files area, when I installed Safari I was given this folder called Safari, I will open it up.0172

And what you want to do within your browser is take a look for the icon for the browser, because that will be the correct one, in order to open it.0182

I am going to select that particular file, and click Open, that will populate the series with the launch for Dreamweaver.0192

So I am not going to set it to primary or secondary, I will show you that in a minute, I am just going to click OK.0204

And you can see Safari was added here, just as I typed it out, and I now have access to four different browsers, within Dreamweaver.0211

Firefox is set as my primary browser right now and you can see if I select it shows the shortcut to get to that browser.0220

You will be able to see your shortcuts, if it is not the same as the PC shortcut, and primary browser is tracked.0229

What I want to do is set a secondary browser, so let me go ahead and choose Chrome and I am going to click this secondary browser check box.0238

I have just made Chrome my secondary browser and the shortcut for that is listed here.0249

Now, let us say I have decided I do not want it to be Chrome.0256

Let me set Safari as my secondary browser.0259

I simply choose Safari and check secondary browser and my shortcut moves to the Safari browser, instead.0262

By default, you just have two primary and secondary available with shortcuts, so we will go ahead and click OK, within this area.0271

How do I access the others that I have added?0282

Well, I can click on the globe and whatever page I have open here, I just select the browser I want, it is always accessible within this area and addition to working with the shortcuts themselves for your primary and secondary browser.0285

What we just did was, we added the Safari browser, in my example, or we added another additional browser, made Dreamweaver aware of it so that we can preview our pages very quickly going from our page in Dreamweaver into the browser itself.0302

And we will be doing plenty of that moving forward, so I am not going to do it right now.0322

We just want it to get our browser preferences set, so when we want to access our page in a specific browser we have it available.0327

So, that is how you can set your preferences for Dreamweaver, specifically for the browsers you want to make Dreamweaver aware of and setting your primary and secondary browsers within Dreamweaver.0336