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Site Reports

  • Dreamweaver has some reporting features that can assist you with maintaining your website
  • Go to Window->Results->Site Reports
  • The first important report to run on your entire website is checking for Alt text on Images
  • Every image on your site that is related to your site content should have alternate text assigned to it
  • It is easy to forget to add this text when you are inserting an image
  • This report will alert you to images that do not have alt text assigned, you can even have Dreamweaver open the page & select the image that needs the alt text
  • Another important report is for untitled documents
  • You want to be sure that no page goes onto the web without a proper title
  • This report will check for that issue, and open the page so you can easily add a title
  • Once you get a listing of any pages that need assistance, double click the right column and Dreamweaver opens the file and places the cursor in that area of the page
  • Those are 2 important reports that you should be sure to run every so often on your website

Site Reports

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  • Intro 0:00
  • Results Section 0:32
    • Settings Option for Target Browsers
  • Site Reports 2:18
    • Select Reports
    • Run Reports
    • Fix Warnings
  • Summary 5:19

Transcription: Site Reports

I want to show you a very handy feature within Dreamweaver that can allow you to check for untitled documents, and also empty alternate tags, within your images.0000

Let's take a look at how we can access that and run that report, so we can correct those types of errors within our website.0012

As you are building your files, it is very easy to end up with those types of files; so it is important to run this report, especially before you are going to take your site live.0021

Now, up in the Window area, there is this Results section; and when I looked at the Find and Replace feature, that is actually what this Search piece is all about.0032

I can get to that through F7 on my system; your shortcut would be available there.0046

I am not too concerned about that one; but the one I would like to show you that is very handy is this one--Site Reports.0054

What I am going to do is not have a file open when I run this, just so you can see it a little bit larger.0061

Now, basically, all of these tabs down at the bottom (other than the Reference--and what the Reference is, is a reference--these are actually reference books built into Dreamweaver--but the rest of these tabs)--you will see, there is a green arrow in each one.0070

There is that green arrow: if you are unsure what the tab does, click the green arrow, and it will show you: this one in the Browser Compatibility--if I click the green arrow, you can see there is a Settings option.0089

And the idea behind this is: when Dreamweaver was launched, the browsers and the versions were available (such as are listed here); and the idea is: Dreamweaver is going to go out and check for any issues--which was fine when browsers weren't being updated very often.0104

But it seems that I get 2 to 3 updates a week now; so this Target Browsers in my Browser Compatibility tab--it is pretty tough to keep that up-to-date.0126

But the one I do want you to pay attention to is the Site Reports right here: I'm going to click the green arrow, and I'm going to (within this area) find any missing alternate text within my site and any untitled documents.0139

Now, this is going to be pretty extensive; I have purposely kept some of these ready for you.0157

Now notice, right now, it says "Report on current document"; what I want is site-wide; so I'll run it, and it will go through all of the files that I have created; and like I said, there will be a lot of them.0163

I wanted to have some available here to show you when I run this report; but don't worry, I won't be going through fixing them all in front of you.0177

But I will show you how to use this interface so you can go out and fix them, if you like.0187

I have chosen the entire current local site; I have my missing alternate and untitled; I am going to click Run; and look at that--Dreamweaver does its magic.0194

Now, how do you go about working with this?--you can see, a couple of these have default titles of untitled-document...0207

Now, my fontsquirrel-fonts doesn't really matter--that is not a part of my Wanderlust Travel website--but austria and fiji are, so let me fix these two.0216

And what you do in this area is just double-click it; what Dreamweaver does is make this very easy.0228

And you can see, my austria page is definitely untitled, because there is nothing on it--there is no content--so I won't worry too much about that one; clearly, that page is going to be fixed later.0236

Let me double-check fiji; and you can see, that is exactly the same: I just haven't built the page yet.0250

My slideshow I am not going to worry about within that area; but what about some of these others?0257

Well, spain is the same way; but my slideshow here...let me go out and add a title.0264

I'll double-click this on the right-hand side; you can see, it is untitled; and I am going to say this exact text; I'll copy, and I'll paste it up into my untitled area and save the page; and this page is all set.0272

I do a Save All and click back into Design; and now I have my title.0292

What you do is just determine which ones are relevant: within our website, I have a lot of files just to demonstrate information to you, but if this was a real website, what I would do is start at the top and just double-click and work my way down, saving each file as I go, to correct these issues.0297

That is how you can use the Site Reports tab within Dreamweaver; you get to that through the Window, Results area; and that is the Site Reports, right here.0319

It allows you to check for missing alternate text, and also untitled documents.0332

You don't want your site to go live if you have any of those issues on any of your pages, and Dreamweaver is there to help you.0338

That is the Site Reports tab within Dreamweaver that allows you to run reports to check for untitled documents and missing alternate text, so you can make those corrections on your web pages, right within Dreamweaver.0346