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CFC Placement

  • The application.cfc file is where you record the code to run for these methods
  • You do not have to use them
  • This is also the file you use to set up your error handling for the entire application
  • This file is a CFC or ColdFusion component
  • But it is a special one
  • Has a preset syntax
  • We will build an application.cfc file
  • Create the Application.cfc file here
    • Create a new component called Application.cfc
    • Define sitewide application level variables
      • Dsn
      • <cfset this.dsn=”scubaVac”><cfset this.name="scubaVacations"><cfset this.sessionManagement = "True"><cfset this.sessionTimeout = "#createtimespan(0,0,10,0)#"><cfset this.clientManagement = "No"><cfset this.loginStorage="Session"><cfset this.setDomainCookies = "Yes"><cfset this.scriptProtect = "Yes"><cfset this.ApplicationTimeout = "#createtimespan(0,1,0,0)#">