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Lecture Comments (4)

0 answers

Post by Mukhammadi Safarali on November 12, 2013

thanks u b

0 answers

Post by jackson normil on January 2, 2013

Logarithmic and ExponentialFunctio Derivatives
Additional example 5
I can't understand it. Can,please, I have some explanations about it

0 answers

Post by felix michoutchenko on October 24, 2011


log_5(xe^x) = (1/ln5(xe^x)) multiply by ((1)(e^x)+x(e^x))

0 answers

Post by Augusto Hill on October 9, 2010

Thyis is basic, but what about a problem like
f(x) = log_5(xe^x)
this doesnt go in depth enough for combinations like this>..

Logarithmic and Exponential Function Derivatives

  • You should memorize these results – they are important!
  • One type of problem here simply incorporates logarithmic and exponential functions into differentiation problems involving, for example, the Chain Rule.
  • You can use the derivative of the exponential function to derive the derivative of the logarithmic function.
  • In this topic you may also work on problems involving the technique of logarithmic differentiation.

Logarithmic and Exponential Function Derivatives

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  • Essential Equations 0:12
  • Lecture Example 1 1:34
  • Lecture Example 2 2:48
  • Lecture Example 3 5:54
  • Additional Example 4
  • Additional Example 5