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Downloading from the Web Server

  • In order to download files from the web server, we need to use the expand files icon within the Files panel, the last icon in this panel
  • This allows you to view both the files on your local machine and the files on the web server at the same time
  • Click the connect button, the first icon in the line
  • Once connected, you can now view the web server files
  • Good idea to clean out your web server files every so often
  • Use this to view files to download or use files panel with get
  • Now that we can view these files, we can select them & hit Get to get them off of the web server and onto our local machine
  • Be sure to choose the Expand files icon once again to get back into the standard Dreamweaver interface

Downloading from the Web Server

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  • Intro 0:00
  • How to Download Files from a Web Server 0:06
    • Get Files from Remote Server Function
    • Show Local and Remote Sites
  • Summary 2:33

Transcription: Downloading from the Web Server

I now want to show you how to work with downloading files from the Web server.0000

We looked at how to upload them; let's check out how to download them.0006

I am going to work with this button right here, directly under Local View; if you click on that (and you have connected to your Web server by clicking this Connect piece), what it allows you to do is check out the files that are on your Web server, and you can also see the files that are on your local machine.0011

What I want to do is download this latest file from my remote server (my Web server out on the Internet), and I want to pull it onto my local machine.0034

And what I do is select it on the Web server...and a word of caution here: don't delete a file if you don't know what it is on the remote server: you can cause some major server problems by deleting the wrong files.0047

I am going to choose about-us-complete; and to download the file, I simply click the green arrow--what that is going to do is get those files from the server onto my machine.0064

I'll go ahead and do that; you can see, this little arrow is in front of that file, saying it is being downloaded; should dependent files be included?--I don't need them.0078

I already have the images and everything this file needs on my system; I just need the HTML piece: so I'll say no.0091

You can see, the arrow is gone, and I now have that new file from the Web server.0100

The Get allows me to choose a file on the server and pull it into my local files; the Put takes it from my local system and moves it into the remote server.0108

Now, once I move into this interface with both of these listed, I will click on this icon again, and it pops it right back into the Files panel.0122

This last icon right here is the one I clicked in order to be able to see both my Web server files and my local files; that allows me to upload or download as I need, using the Get or the Put arrows.0134

That is how you can download--not just download, but view the files on your Web server, and also download them, or even upload them to the Web server, depending upon what you need to do.0153

Just make sure you click that button again to collapse back into the Dreamweaver interface.0167

That is how you can download files from the remote server, using Dreamweaver and the expanded Files view to be able to view both sets--those on your Web server and those on your local machine.0174

Thank you for watching; see you in the next lesson!0191