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Creating a New Page

  • There are a few different ways to perform most tasks within Dreamweaver
  • The idea is to use the method that works best for you
  • To create a new web page you can use 3 different methods
    1. Welcome screen
    2. Create a new page using ctrl/cmd n
    3. Go to File-> new page & show options within the new document dialog box, this can be a bit overwhelming for new users of the program
  • Save the new page
  • Dreamweaver makes it easy to create new web pages

Creating a New Page

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  • Intro 0:00
  • Keyboard Shortcut to Create New Page 0:49
  • Saving a New Page 1:21
  • Create New Page with New Document 3:27

Transcription: Creating a New Page

What I want to do now is talk about the different ways you can create a webpage in Dreamweaver.0000

In Dreamweaver, there are multiple ways to accomplish most tasks, but one of the important ones I creating a new page.0007

And I have had you create new pages so far in the course by clicking this create new HTML button, simply because is a quick and easy way to do it.0016

But, when you have a page open, you do not have access to this particular screen.0027

I also had you customize some preferences within Dreamweaver and, in case you have not done that yet, you will want to look over the customizing the dreamweaver preferences section, so you can have your set the same way mine are.0033

But, what we are going to do is simply use command-N for New or control-N for New, and you should get a brand new webpage.0049

Now, mine opened in Code view because the last time I was looking at a page it was in Code view, so I will click on Design view, here.0061

So, command N for New or control-N is another way to create a page, if I have one open and I try it again it just adds another one.0070

Now, by default, Dreamweaver always adds an untitled name to you page and usually you want to have a site to find before you start adding pages.0081

I have not paid attention to where I am at in the Files panel, simply because I am not going to be using this pages moving forward.0092

But, when we actually want to start creating pages within a specific website, we also want to define a site, which you would do up here, in the Files panel.0100

You can see as soon as I clicked the tab, it activated this section and right now I have two websites set up or defined in Dreamweaver, the Predefined CSS layout site and I also have another one for Wanderlust travel.0110

So, I set those up earlier and when I go to save a page in Dreamweaver -- I will do a file save -- you will see that whatever site is showing in your Files panel, that is where Dreamweaver is going to want to save that file.0127

If I cancel all of this and switch my website to Wanderlust travel ---now, I do a file save -- you will see that is where it wants to place it.0146

And you would not have quite this many files in your Wanderlust travel, depending upon the course files you have downloaded in the lessons you may or may not have done.0159

I just want to show you that whatever is showing in the Files panel as your website that is where it is going to default to save that specific page.0169

So, just be aware that always pay attention that you are in the correct website before you go to create new pages and it will be real simple and easy to add any new pages to your site files.0179

That is one way to add or create a new page and that is control-N or command-N, we also had in that Welcome screen, click create new HTML page.0194

There is one other I want to show you and that is known as the new document area, so I am going to go up to File, New, I will select that and if I start on the left hand side, I say blank page HTML, no layout create.0207

Now, that is four clicks to accomplish what a control-N or command-N will do, so I would to get you familiar with using that piece, it is going to save you a lot of time.0226

But, whatever method you use, you do have a new page being created and it is important, once you have created a new page, to save it in the correct location and add a title before you start adding content to that page.0237

I will try and get into that method and have it for you, just be aware, you create a new page, you save it, so Dreamweaver knows where it is located and add a title and then you can start adding content to your page.0253

But, those are the different methods for creating a new page, built into Dreamweaver.0268