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Importing a Word Document

  • It is possible to import a Word document into Dreamweaver if you are on a PC & have Microsoft Office installed
  • This method will always provide a very clean way to import text from a Word document
  • Create a new page & name it import.html
  • Give it a title of Importing a Word Document
  • Place the cursor on the page
  • Go to File->Import->Word Document to use this command
  • Save the page

Importing a Word Document

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Create New and Save 0:42
  • Add Title 1:11
  • Import Word Document 1:32
  • Summary 2:38

Transcription: Importing a Word Document

What I want to talk about now is importing a Word document.0000

You can copy and paste directly from Word into an HTML page and control the formatting within it.0005

But if you are PC only and have Office on your system there is another way to go about doing it that really creates nice clean code on your HTML page and that is what I want to go through.0015

So, this is a PC only feature and if you are on a Mac you are welcome to just sit back and watch just in case at some point you will be using Dreamweaver on a PC site.0030

But what we are going to do is create a new page and that is control our command-N and I am going to name this page -- so do a save -- I am going to name it Import.0042

Dreamweaver will add the HTML piece for me, so I will just type Import and you should now see Import in your Files panel within the Wanderlust travel website and have it open on your page.0057

And I will be proper and add a title saying importing a Word document and that is exactly what we are going to do.0071

I am going to place my cursor on the page, wherever my cursor is located that is where it is going to start the content.0083

I will go up to the File menu and go down to Import and you can see on my system, importing a Word document and an Excel document are available to me, they are not greyed out.0092

Now, if you are on a PC without Office on it these would greyed out or if you are on a Mac they are greyed out, it is not available to get this on the Mac side.0107

I am going to choose Import Word document and I do have a document to use within the Text folder, so I am going to open that up and Import specials is what I am going to be pulling in.0119

I will choose that Word document, click Open and I will instantly have a webpage and there it is.0134

Now, this webpage does not have any formatting on it and that is purposely, I am going to be adding formatting moving forward to this page and as I add that formatting I will go ahead and style the content.0143

But that is how you can import a Word document, I will do a quick save here, import a Word document directly into an HTML page.0158

Now if I had dropped that onto a page that had content, wherever my cursor was that is where this upper corner with start.0169

So, it would say Travel specials at Wanderlust travel exactly where my cursor was placed on the page amongst the content.0178

But it is a very simple and easy process to use the Word Import feature built into Dreamweaver and you get to that using File, Import Word document.0188

The only requirements are that you must be on a PC, first of all and have Office installed, second of all.0201

Provided you have those two, this is available to you, if this is not available to you, then you can simply use the Copy and paste command from anything you can copy, you can paste onto your HTML page.0209

But that is how you can import a Word document directly onto an HTML page using Dreamweaver.0224